Best exterior paint colors from Sherwin-Williams in 2022

Sherwin-Williams is continuously updating its list of paint colors, and the exterior ones are not an exception. Still, there are a few shades that designers and homeowners cannot simply give up on and promise to stay up to date for a long time. These so-called “timeless” hues do not cease to impress with their charm and suitability for a perfect exterior. In this sense, we compiled a list of the best exterior paint colors for the body, accents, front door, and garage door from Sherwin-Williams that will be popular this year and in the years to come. Moreover, the range of possibilities is so wide, comprising both neutrals and vibrant shades, that you will simply get overwhelmed (in a positive way). Get ready to fall in love with at least a few exterior paint colors we will present to you!

Exterior body paint colors

The best exterior paint colors for the body still stick to a rather neutral approach, including various gray shades, although bold accents of the kind are also [art of this top. Designers suggest that starting with a neutral is the first step to success while enriching it with particular undertones, cooler or warmer, darker or lighter, soothing or vibrant, is a reliable source of individuality. We kept this in mind and came up with the following list:

Snowbound SW 7004

A  gorgeous white shade with crispy scents and greige undertones (a mix of gray and beige) that stand behind its exceptionally bright and soft appearance. As the name implies, it reflects the light the same way snow does, making it a standout option for the house exterior. When applied to the house walls, it likes to play with pure shades of white for the accents to preserve its cleanliness and light look.

Eider White SW 7014

One of the most impressive exterior paint colors due to its fairly light white base penetrated by gray notes and a slight warm hint. Although not as striking as true whites, this one surprises with its rich notes that sparkle astonishingly in daylight. It perfectly works for traditional and modern exteriors, pairing well with dark gray and wooden details.

Alabaster SW 7008

There is definitely something charming about this paint color. It is a bright white shade with warm undertones. It is quite popular due to its slightly warm appearance that softens the exterior without seeming too creamy. It works particularly well for north and east-facing houses. Consider this color in pairing with black accents that fit traditional and modern exteriors, offering a slight contemporary air.

Shoji White SW 7042

The irreplaceable off-white comes to your rescue when you are looking for a perfect shade of almost white. It is [pretty warm, although without showing intense beige notes, particularly when bathed in daylight. When applied to the exterior, it goes with a dark brown or dark gray roof, depending on which side of this color you want to reveal. Be it the warm notes or the hidden cool scents.

Repose Gray SW 7015

If you are searching for a perfect gray to pair with white trim, Repose Gray is your go-to option. It is a light gray with a neutral base and a slight note of warmth that acquires different appearances under different lighting conditions, although staying true to its neutral nature. Colorists claim that white trim and a dark roof are the true companions of this paint color when applied to the exterior.

Tavern Taupe 7508

It has always been a popular choice for exteriors from the taupe category. The balanced combination of gray and brown impresses with rich notes and the ability to change its appearance during the day, depending on how the sun rays touch it. You can easily witness a lighter variation at sunrise, a balanced version during the day, and a slightly warmer shade when bathed in the soft rays at sunset. Consider crispy white trim and dark-colored roof to pair with this shade to keep pace with its stark notes.

Light French Gray SW 0055

Although not as light as the name supposes, an exquisite shade of gray. It is actually a middle tone paint color that looks pretty light when applied to the exterior. A slight hint of blue penetrates its surface, offering it a relatively cool appearance. Designers suggest pairing it with a brown roof for an aristocratic feel or a dark gray roof for a modern look. Either way, white trim is a must.

Accessible Beige SW 7036

The perfect beige shade for a fabulous exterior. This paint color has an intense beige base, and, unlike other beiges, which lean slightly yellow, this one reads greige, being slightly penetrated by gray notes. This fantastically neutral beige pairs with brown for an impressively welcoming look and works outstandingly with black for a fresh breath of contemporaneity.

Granite Peak SW 6250

An impeccable lighter alternative to the popular navy with a green-blue gray base. It will surely draw the attention of bypassers due to its exquisitely stately appearance. Perfect for a bold yet balanced statement. If you go for this standout paint color, consider pairing it with white or natural wood trim to complete the look.

Tricorn Black SW 6258

The most contemporary paint color to consider for the exterior. This classic shade of black devoid of undertones is a perfect option for modern houses. It is quite a bold step, although the result is fabulous. Your exterior will surely stand out, not only because of this striking color but also due to the impressively modern look that this black shade brings. The all-time favorites in this sense are white or wood for the trim that, in combination with the outdoor background, lead to an unforgettable result. 

Exterior accent paint colors

When it comes to the trim, window shutters, and window frames, one should pay as much attention to the paint color that can change the entire look. Furthermore, you can use particular shades to show your taste and underline your style. Let’s go through some of the trendiest paint colors to consider in this respect!

  • Inverness SW 6433 – dark green with a delightful base and rich notes penetrated by a slight hint of warmth for charming Spanish shutters;
  • King’s Canyon SW 3026 – dark gray devoid of undertones with a perfectly balanced base for a standout back deck;
  • Dress Blues SW 9176 – dark blue resembling an intense shade of navy that perfectly goes for the trim and shutters to ensure a standout yet stately look;
  • High Reflective White SW 7757 – timeless white with a pure base, regarded as the brightest shade of the kind at this manufacturer for a perfect contrastive trim on starker shades;
  • Foggy Day SW 6235 – dark shade of blue-gray with a slight foggy effect, impeccably suitable for shutters on a white background;
  • Roman Column SW 7562 – exceptionally warm white with soft beige-pinkish notes to perfectly complete the exterior with a timelessly colored trim.

Front door paint colors

Painting the front door is the easiest way to freshen the exterior. Designers suggest leaving the comfort zone and opting for bold accents to enliven the exterior. There are paint color trends for the front door to match any style and preference. Let’s scroll through the best available variations!

  • Hunt Club SW 6468 – dark green with an almost unnoticeable gray hint that offers this shade a slight foggy effect for a bold yet balanced accent;
  • Parakeet SW 6711 – bold green paint reminiscent of a vibrant pistachio shade slightly played down by a subtle earthy hint for a standout front door;
  • Soar SW 6799 – delightful shade of light blue resembling the early morning sky for a charming touch of softness on your exterior;
  • Quite Coral SW 6614 – very cheerful shade of coral with rich notes that hypnotizes with its juicy and vibrant base for a striking accent front door;
  • Decisive Yellow SW 6902 – bright yellow with an impressively positive hint of energy that charms with its decisiveness for an eye-catching statement;
  • Raucous Orange SW 6883 – vibrant shade of orange with rich reddish notes for an impressively outstanding accent.

Garage door paint colors

The garage door can serve as much a source of interest, while an appropriate approach to paint color can update your exterior quite impressively. Make the bypassers turn their heads and your guest be impressed with your taste with one of the following no less astonishing paint colors:

  • Extra White SW 7006 – pure white devoid of undertones for a timeless complement to a similarly white-painted house;
  • Luxurious Red SW 6314 – dark shade of red diluted with a few gray particles that stand behind its slight haze effect for a stately accent;
  • Downing Earth SW 2820 – medium-to-dark taupe with earthy notes for a balanced yet unique splash of color to enrich your exterior;
  • Honorable Blue SW 6811 – dark blue with vibrant notes devoid of undertones that strikes impressively while keeping it formal;
  • Misty SW 6232 – medium-to-light gray in its pure variation for a balanced accent for a no less neutral exterior;
  • Waterloo SW 9141 – blue-gray shade with a dark base, perfect to add a neutral yet striking accent for the exterior.
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