Timeless green paint colors from Behr: trendy splashes of naturalness

Timeless green paint colors from Behr: trendy splashes of naturalness

Green has made a fabulous comeback and seems to stay as one of the leading hues for a long time when it comes to color trends. Of course, such a return is not without reason. Green is the first color that comes to mind when referring to natural shades, which are increasingly popular now. If you wonder where it comes from, here is the explanation: the pandemic made us rethink our lifestyles and even the environment we are surrounded by. The great amount of time spent in the house led to a limitless desire to embrace the whole range of outdoor features. This is when the principle “to bring the outdoors indoors” was paid more attention than ever. Is there any other color that would replicate this concept better than green? Undoubtedly, green is the pure reflection of naturalness, connection with nature itself, and harmony with oneself. Besides that, this color includes a wide range of impressive features that positively affect both the interior design and the homeowner’s state of well-being. 

The inner beauty of Green

One thing is to look at this color, which is very pleasant to the eye, invigorating, and full of energy. Another thing is to discover its inner beauty and comprehend the effect of this color at the subconscious level. Let’s go through some of the most prominent features!

  • Freshness, positivity, energy, stimulation. Green feels like a breath of fresh air, inducing the idea of renewal, development, and limitless possibilities. 
  • The color of harmony. Considering that green is nature-inspired, it perfectly replicates a balance between the positive and negative natural forces, thus, being a source of balance itself.
  • The most restful color. That’s right! Be it a bold or soothing variation; green is the most relaxing color due to its strong sense of calmness and ability to ensure a peaceful environment;
  • Restorative atmosphere. This is the first thing green ensures when applied to interiors, which usually supposes soothing shades that are a reliable tool for redefining the style and setting an environment full of hope and ease.

Now that you are acquainted with the real value of green, it is time to discover the best options you could consider for your interior. We will refer to one of the most popular paint manufacturers that has proved to have fabulous color palettes, and we are sure that the green one will not disappoint you as well but rather inspire you for a change. Let’s find out the best green paint colors at Behr!

Nature’s Gift N410-4 

A standout medium green with an inspiring earthy base and impressive soothing notes, at first glance, a light variation, N410-4 is slightly darker, penetrated by blue and gray undertones that play differently under different conditions. It looks very appealing in full daylight and surprisingly calming under artificial lighting. This shade is this exact variation that replicates the natural beauty pleasing to the eye and appealing to the soul. If we were to refer to interior design, we would classify this color in the category of shades that work both as an accent and main color, serving as a point of interest and a perfect background for bold splashes of color. 

Laurel Tree S390-5

A sage variation with a perfect balance of green and gray notes, it is slightly darker than the previous shade, although it prevails in intensity. Laurel Tree may seem bright enough to catch your attention. Still, the gray undertones ensure that it doesn’t transform into a neon shade. As already stated, it is a balance of bright and soothing scents for quite an accent that stays within limits. Such a shade that appears to be slightly bright is perfect for the kids’ room to set a positive environment, although it is no less appropriate within other spaces if you plan on adding visual interest. 

North Woods N410-7

It is a dark shade of green, impressively deep and refreshing, that feels like a stroll through the forest on an early morning when it is about to rain, and you are embraced by freshness. N410-7 is full of intensity that hides behind a foggy veil. It is quite bold and would go better as an accent, although a whole makeover using this shade would look no less appropriate but rather impressive since a strong sense of depth will spread all over the space inducing peace of mind.

Trailing Vine S390-7

A soothing shade of green, a bit lighter than the previous one, although not devoid of a similar sense of freshness. More intense green notes penetrate it. We would call it a rather balanced green with hidden bright notes diluted with a few particles of gray that ensure the soothing effect. It is eye-catching and sets an unusual connection with nature so that you feel the forest environment in your interior to the fullest. 

Meteorological N430-6

An exceptional shade of green with a cold base and rather dark than light, although full of refreshing scents. At first glance, it seems sage, but the more you look at it, the more pronounced the green notes become, although the gray ones are responsible for balancing the bright green accent that tries to penetrate the surface. It is definitely a go-to color for an accent element, be it a wall, piece of furniture, or trim. Surely, you can opt for a whole makeover using this paint color, although a contrastive partner is required, such as a slightly creamy shade of white to soften the cold green notes.

In The Moment T18-15

Medium green with a relaxing haze effect and extremely cool, making you stop and appreciate the moment. Therefore, In The Moment is a very pleasant paint color that enters your interior like a breath of mountain air enriched with particles of green. If you are looking for a color to set your space as an escape from the crazy world but not disconnected from nature, this particular shade is your true companion for the interior, although it looks no less impeccable for the exterior of the house. Don’t hesitate to paint the walls entirely in this fabulous green and enjoy every moment.

Rainforest M440-7

A true green color devoid of undertones that stays true to its values in any circumstances. It is quite dark, although the rich base offers this shade an authentic appearance that acts as an accent and a soothing color at the same time. This shade is reminiscent of the bright green rainforest, which makes it bold enough to serve as a point of interest. Rainforest would go better as an accent, be it an accent wall or wall paneling for additional texture and replicating the forest environment. Still, the house exterior cannot stand but integrate this color to the fullest for a harmonious connection with the outdoor background. 

Black Bamboo N380-7

An earthy sage shade with an intense green base and soothing gray undertones, there is surely a hint of warmth that offers a soft and appealing sense of comfort. Even the name suggests integrating this paint color in Boho interiors, where its undertones would work harmoniously with the natural textures that this style implies. One should note that Black Bamboo is quite imposing, and the most appropriate way to use it in your interior is by opting for an accent, while the exterior of the house would benefit from the use of this shade to the fullest.

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