Best blue paint colors from Behr: serenity, depth, and charm

Best blue paint colors from Behr: serenity, depth, and charm

Blue has always been a go-to paint color for designers, being a no less favorite among homeowners. The color itself, inducing harmony, connection with nature, serenity, and endless calmness, has various shades that offer a wide range of features to be part of your interior or exterior. Wait till you discover how many undertones a single blue variation can hide. Regardless of what shade we speak about, dark, light, cool, or warm, one feature belongs to all blue shades – a charming depth that adds individuality to any space. 

So far, so good. Now you know that blue indeed stands out. It is time to dive into the blue palette from Behr and discover the best options. If you wonder why Behr, we hasten to inform you that this brand has the widest palette of blue variations. According to designers, there is something special about their blue shades. Whether it is the base color they use or the meticulous work with undertones, their blues reflect the earlier mentioned features to the fullest. The following list of blue shades includes every variation of blue, from the lightest to the darkest, referring to the best versions of this paint color. We hope you will enjoy this journey of charm and tranquility!

Little Dipper 560E-1

A very light blue with an icy base radiating slight purple undertones; although it is so light, it replicates natural notes and reveals a special mix of blue and purple that charms with its uniqueness and precise combination so that blue prevails without suppressing the purple scents. 

This splash of refreshing delight would perfectly work for any room by enriching it with even more light and making it look spacious. Furthermore, the irreplaceable combination of notes offers the space a sleek touch of individuality, besides the limitless serene effect. 

Cumberland Fog 560E-2

A slightly more intense shade of blue than the previous one, replicating a purple vibe with all the previously mentioned features doubled. The more visible blue notes offer this shade a unique depth paired with tranquility, while brightness and a spacious effect are undoubtedly related to this paint color.

If you are looking for light blue yet with more body, this shade sounds like a perfect choice. Still, be careful with its slightly intensified notes that may appear differently in different spaces. Experiment with a sample and see what direction it takes in your interior.

Prelude 740E-3

A medium shade of blue penetrated by slight gray notes with a very soft surface. It is relatively cool, although impressively soothing and relaxing. It works impeccably with white shades or dark wood, taking entirely different directions.

Prelude is a no-fail choice for the background, which seems refreshing when bathed in daylight and exceptionally balanced and slightly more intense once a single shadow touches it. In particular conditions, it may even appear gray or at least a very neutral blue.

Blue Willow 570F-4

A medium-tone blue with a cool base diluted with a few soothing particles; this shade is not that far from the previous, although this one prevails in intensity and shows a smaller number of gray notes.

Blue Willow is a win-win option for those looking for a neutral background full of intensity for a balanced accent. This paint color is more profound than the previous ones, impressing with its sleek contemporary air and touch of originality.

Smokey Blue 540F-5

A dark blue with intense blue notes and visible gray undertones responsible for the smokey effect; in full daylight, it seems a bright shade of blue slightly cooled down by the gray particles, while, at night, it appears to be a very dark blue with more intense gray notes.

This shade is quite bold for the background color. Still, an approach of this kind would take your interior to another level unless we speak about small spaces. An accent is what this color requires for a balanced touch of depth. It looks no less outstanding for the exterior, whether these are the house walls or the front door.

English Channel PPU14-19

An even darker blue with intense notes of the kind combined with soothing gray; this shade reflects depth at its finest. The more you look at this paint color, the more hypnotized you are by its unprecedented range of charming notes.

Designers suggest applying this shade as a base color for a unique result. Still, one should ensure an appropriate amount of light. You can also consider it for an accent within a neutral palette for a contemporary effect. This one works impeccably for the exterior.

December Eve 580F-7 

A very dark shade of blue with intense blue notes resembling naval blue; this paint color is devoid of any undertones and a very imposing hue with a slight foggy effect. Regardless of its impressive intensity, designers suggest using it as a base color for an environment that inspires you to dive deep into your thoughts. Still, one should not forget about lighting, which is required to the maximum. On the other hand, you can safely apply this paint color for an accent and be sure that the interior will not feel draining.

It works perfectly as a background for less intense yet light shades and as an accent on very light backdrops. Add a few white accents to balance this imposing color if you use it as a base color. There is probably no need to speak about its use for the exterior since this shade is a no-fail option in this context.

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