Bathroom tile trends 2021: latest design ideas

If you plan to renovate your bathroom next year, then knowing 2021’s top tile trends is a must. A strong advice from interior designers is that ceramic tiles are better replaced – stylists having a special preference for marble, wood imitation, and natural colors for next year.  

In the article below, we come to your aid with some ideas and trends in bathroom tiles. We hope that our advice on the trends of 2021 will inspire you and help you in the process of remodeling or renovating your bathroom.

Black marble

In the interior, black looks elegant and luxurious. You can successfully combine marble with other finishing materials. Most manufacturers offer deep black tiles today. To decorate a bathroom, you can choose not only natural marble but also its imitation.

Black fits perfectly into modern bathroom design concepts. Such tiles are suitable for decoration if you want to end up with a refined, austere interior. It is essential to understand that the abundance of black can overwhelm the interior, so the bathroom should be filled with the decor in lighter shades or combined with other finishing materials.

The main advantages of black marble in design:

  • respectability;
  • practicality;
  • easy care.

You can use marble tiles on the floor, walls, and even on the work surface. Designers recommend using two contrasting tile colors in the interior. Therefore, black often acts as a complement to the light shade. This design option harmonizes the space and looks elegant.

Black tiles are an excellent option for decorating a shower stall. It can also act as a contrasting finish, a small fragment, or a mosaic. The only thing worth remembering is that you must not wash such tiles with aggressive agents.

3D effect

You can create the illusion of three-dimensional space in a room with the help of a trendy 3D effect in 2021. This option is suitable for a small area when you need to expand the dimensions visually. In the bathroom interior, designers recommend combining 3D tiles with solid colors. In a small bathroom, a small separate fragment with this effect will look good.

Embossed volumetric tiles will be an excellent solution for decorating a wall panel. With such a cladding, you can lay out an image, which will look very unusual in the interior. If you are an adherent of a dynamic modern style, volumetric tiles are the right choice.

With the tile’s help, you can turn a bathroom into a beautiful ocean, a fairy forest, a tropical island. The tiles are manufactured using new technologies. A special carbon layer is applied to the surface of the material. Microlens technology allows you to simulate geometric shapes or volumetric images.

The so-called “live tile” is an excellent option for creating unusual images and finished pictures. With the material’s help, you can create a unique interior that you will never find in any other house. If you want to get rid of the mundane and add an unusual modern twist to your bathroom design, 3D tiles will become your faithful assistant.

Wood imitation

Wood imitation remains at the peak of popularity for many years. Such tiles have a textured surface, perfectly imitate natural wood, and are ideal for decorating a shower cabin, work surfaces, and particular interior areas.

A floor made of tiles that imitates parquet, board, or wood mosaic looks very impressive in the bathroom. This option is widely used in vintage style. The material is also suitable for wall cladding and sinks decoration.

Textured cladding allows you to create an original interior with aesthetic notes of natural wood. A large number of manufacturers have included wood imitation in their collections. For bathroom decoration, will be perfect:

  • old board with cracks and scuffs;
  • rough wood;
  • artistic parquet.

Woody motifs look appropriate in the country and rustic styles. Ceramic would also be suitable for an ethnic style. Imitation allows you to equip a bathroom in the manner of a modern sauna. You can combine imitation wood tiles with bamboo panels and natural stone.

Wood imitation creates a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. The material can be used to create the necessary accents in the interior and highlight functional areas. You can decorate the remaining areas with tiles in a neutral color.

Plant pattern

Bright walls with elements of tropical plants and blossoming flowers will allow you to plunge into the beautiful world of flora. The floral pattern is a new trend in 2021 that not everyone decides to use in the bathroom’s interior.

However, this type of tile looks impressive and fits perfectly into a single piece. Using a floral pattern, you can accentuate certain areas. The tile with this pattern looks original and refreshes the interior.

The multifaceted botany has many fine lines and rich colors that look elegant and subtle. This popular trend gives the bathroom a certain appeal and further emphasizes the basic color scheme. 

The floral ornament is not limited to simple lines only. Flowers on a tile can have a bizarre shape and attract attention with their brightness.

Botanical print tiles are an excellent option for a bathroom without a window. The material is suitable for facing a niche in which a bath or shower stall is located. Designers do not recommend using tiles to decorate the entire space.

Bright shades

The bright color in the bathroom creates a unique atmosphere and is used to create contrasts. Such courage will allow the room to look extraordinary and bold.

Unusual combinations of various shades are in fashion. In 2021, for the bathroom, use:

  • bright tangerine;
  • yellow ocher;
  • amber;
  • violet;
  • blue;
  • green;
  • burgundy.

The correct placement of color accents allows you to create juicy zones that look good in the overall interior. 

Brightly colored tiles create a multi-colored interior. It is only necessary to choose the correct palette to use. Achromatic, cold, and warm shades are in trend. You can find the right palette in the latest tile collections from well-known manufacturers.

Large pattern

Imitation of waves, geometric ornaments, plaid, zigzags, meander are in fashion. Such a large pattern is used in the patchwork style captivating the eye and creating an exciting effect. This ornament has been widely used in interior design for many years that designers have created a wide variety of simple and versatile designs.

You can combine several large ornaments in the bathroom interior. However, it is essential to place certain accents correctly. If space’s monotony gives calmness and serenity, then the large pattern provides the room with austerity and creates a mysterious atmosphere.

Geometry allows you to select single zones in space, and it is suitable for decorating walls and floors. The pattern is made up of repeating elements. The check pattern is widely used in the interior of the bathrooms.

The use of tiles with a large pattern is a safe bet for the English style. 

Metal imitation

Another trend of the season is tiles that resemble a metal panel. This cladding is ideal for loft style. Many manufacturers offer rust-effect tiles. The collections also feature samples of oxidized copper.

Shades that are very relevant:

  • platinum;
  • white gold;
  • steel;
  • aluminum;
  • silver.

The use of such cladding creates a unique and exciting bathroom design. After the renovation, the room will begin to cast with a cold metallic sheen. Walls, floors, work surfaces, countertops,  metallic tiles give a lot of room for design imagination. You can experiment with the material in different ways.

The metallic sheen is suitable for high-tech, industrial, minimalism, modern styles. The cladding also looks attractive in any urban project, vintage retro interior. 

When decorating a room, consider the combination of the metal imitation tiles with decor and various accessories.

Waxed effect

A relatively new trend is tile patting. Microcracks are applied to the paint structure, which provides the desired effect of the material’s aging. As a rule, the cladding has no additional decoration.

Waxed effect tiles create an interesting plain background in the bathroom and act as an expressive independent accent. The waxed effect is suitable for retro styles and ethnic designs. 

The artificially aged veneer retains its texture and palette for many years. Designers are sure that fashionable antiquity will not lose its relevance for several more seasons. The tile creates slight negligence in the interior and adds a touch of the country style. The cozy atmosphere will allow you to relax while taking water procedures.

It is better to use warm shades in 2021:

  • light green;
  • cornflower blue;
  • sand;
  • pale yellow.

Designers do not recommend using dark juicy colors for decorating a bathroom in a similar style. In an unusual interior, you should pay a lot of attention to the various halftones.


Ceramic mosaic continues to be in trend in 2021. Mosaic cladding allows you to decorate a room with a unique flavor. With such tiles, the bathroom looks attractive, stylish, and modern.

You can use mosaic both in small rooms and in large spaces, and it is not necessary to tile the entire room with mosaics. For a patchwork bath, you can choose a mosaic with an ornament. The tile is used for:

  • mirror framing;
  • arches design;
  • wall decoration.

A large mosaic allows you to create a volume effect in the interior.

Hexagonal tile

For bathroom decoration, not only standard square tiles are suitable, but also hexagonal ones. Such tiles create an imitation of a honeycomb, so it is better to choose a single-color material without a print.

Hexagonal tiles in their properties and texture are not inferior to standard cladding options. With its help, you can create a unique cozy interior that will delight for many years and remain relevant in subsequent seasons.

White or blue hexagonal tiles will look great in a classic style, where there are no unnecessary details and pretentiousness. 

You can use the honeycomb for various design experiments, and you can be sure that the tile will look elegant, revive the room’s space, and create comfort.


When choosing bathroom tiles, you should focus not only on trends but also on personal preferences. You should not rush to select an option, but thoroughly consider the future design of the bathroom. A well-designed room will give you many pleasant minutes while taking a shower or a warm bath.

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