How to Choose the Best Art Deco Wallpaper for Your Home

Are you looking for that roaring flair of the ‘20s and ‘30s, as described in The Great Gatsby, which changed the design world forever? And we are not speaking about interior design only. Still, we tackle Art Deco wallpaper design now. We’re sure you’ve heard about the style. Yet, there are a few elements you should know before committing to this astonishing design concept. Moreover, experts agree there is no easier way to add the glamorous art deco fragrance to your home than decorating it with themed wallpaper. Simply put, you set the right mood instantly. 

Thus, feel free to dive into this ultimate guide on choosing the best art deco wallpaper for any room in your house. Discover key features, use our expert hints, and get inspired. What’s more, it promises to be tremendously motivational.

What is Art Deco in Interior Design

We won’t get you bored. Yet, a brief intro wouldn’t hurt. If you decide to decorate your home in the Art Deco style, you’ll have to celebrate the elegant functionality of geometric forms, bold colors, redefined wildlife, sparkling metals, easy-to-access materials, expensive-looking accessories, and large-size and imposingly elegant furniture. Maybe that’s how people found refuge in those uncertain times. They delighted their eyes with beautiful sights right in their house.

Art Deco Wallpaper Features

Look for the following defining elements:

  • Key colors: black, gray, bold blues, greens, yellows, reds, and pinks or soft beiges and creams;
  • Accents: dazzling gold and silver;
  • Print: geometric shapes, emphasized exotic motifs, animal print, zigzag, chevron, sharp-edge and curved-edge forms, elegant lines, floral print, champagne fountain, tropical;
  • Additional features: expensive material replications (marble), murals, illusionary repetitive patterns, and moody color palettes.

Where to Use Art Deco Wallpaper

Is there one room in the house that works best for this wallpaper? You can use this wall covering type for any room, even the tiniest utility room. It shouldn’t necessarily be a complete art deco makeover. So, underline your taste and bring authenticity to your home through petite art deco accents, such as wallpaper only. Honestly, the more practical a room is, the more suitable it seems for such unusual accessories. Think of a bathroom decorated with moody art deco wallpaper that reveals personality through art deco prints. 

Enough with theory. Let’s get to the practical part. We researched trends, design ideas, and real-life projects and came up with a narrowed-down list of the best art deco wallpaper ideas that are trendy and timeless at the same time. 

Modern Art Deco Wallpaper

This idea is for those who want to add a bit of glamor to their sleek modern interior. Preserve the art deco-specific wallpaper print and pair it with mandatorily soft or neutral colors. Thus, let it make a subtle interpretation of the ‘20s.

Focus on Green

If you find it hard to pick a design, focus on one particular color. In this respect, green wins as a style-representing tone and one of the season’s trendiest colors. Moreover, pick a print you like – geometric, tropical, animal, floral.

Luxury Blue Art Deco 

Undoubtedly, next in line is blue. What a perfect color to make an art deco statement. Designers like to pair it with gold and lend any room a true and irresistible sense of elegance that celebrates every moment.

A Botanical Fairytale

Embrace greenery to the fullest with a botanical-themed wallpaper for your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Art Deco likes flamboyant solutions. Therefore, opt for lush wallpaper patterns inspired by wildlife.

Gold-Polished Noir 

Lovers of dramatic color palettes will definitely like this one. The classic black and gold art deco wallpaper intrigues and impresses with its dramatic and unforgettable charm. Still, use it in well-lit spaces.

Pink Tropical

Who’s in the Barbie mood? Aside from the glorious pink trend, this color is a defining feature of contemporary Art Deco. What’s more, it best pairs with green, and we instantly see the pink tropical theme. We are absolutely in love with this wallpaper design in bathrooms.

Into the Wild: Animal Print

One of the trendiest wallpaper ideas is nature-inspired elements, colors, and prints. Combine them with the Art Deco bold colors and decorate your home with the trendiest wallpaper ever. Frankly, exotic motifs are a great asset.

Gold Rush

It’s no surprise gold, one of the key representatives of luxe and elegant, is one of the main features of art deco. Moreover, experts see no problem in opting for all-gold wallpaper with repetitive patterns that allure and enhance the space visually.

Minimalist and Art Deco

Can Minimalism pair with Art Deco? Modern Art Deco wall decoration will prove it right. Choose wallpaper in black and white that preserves the style-specific prints under a neutral color code. And voila, you can easily integrate the updated art deco wallpaper into your sleek and minimalist interior.

Moody Art Deco Wallpaper

Art Deco wallpaper is the right design option to set a moody ambiance in any room. Thus, choose the two art deco favorites, black and gold. The print is up to you. Moreover, for bathrooms, experts recommend gold animal print on a black background. It looks luxurious and intriguing.

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