Art Deco living room: practical tips and design ideas with photos for inspiration

Art Deco living room: practical tips and design ideas with photos for inspiration

The current style of interior decoration called art deco is by nature an influential trend in the field of decorative and fine arts of the first half of the 20th century. This trend manifested itself in France in 1920-1930 and by 1935 it had become popular internationally. However, at the end of the Second World War, the popularity of this trend fell sharply, the wealth, chic and penchant inherent in this style contrasting with the living environments of many states in collapse and economic decline after the war. Currently, the art deco style has regained its former popularity and is often used in interior decoration, not only for bedrooms but also for living rooms.

We hope it sparked your interest because we will like to give you now an insight into what art deco is in means of living room decor, as well as provide you with practical tips on how to implement this style, and more than 50 photos to inspire you.

Art Deco style: peculiarities and constituent elements

The modern Art Deco style is a perfect combination of sharp geometric forms, wood furniture with inserts of glass and metallic handles. All types of decoration shapes can be used when it comes to art deco style, especially popular being the floral ornaments, symbols denoting the African culture, pictures of animals, or even constituent parts of a vehicle. 

When it comes to decoration, there is a universe of possibilities. You can opt for such elements as objects made of wood or leather, semi-precious stones, ivory, bamboo. These luxurious materials will offer your living room an aesthetic sense.

An art deco living room should be emphasized by bold lines, such as zigzag. Furthermore, such elements as glossy floorings, lacquered furniture, metallic shades, and glass objects will give your room a sparkle of luxury.

Art Deco color range: basic rules

The color range of an art deco living room comprises calm and bold colors at the same time. For instance, there can be such a contrast as the one between beige and dark colors. The soothing colors add comfort, while the bold ones lead to a luxurious look of the room. 

Nevertheless, this does not mean that the art deco style includes the use of only two colors. In fact, it is more complex than you might think. You can opt for several shades and combinations. We suggest you take a look at juicy and bold colors, as well as deep dark nuances to offer your room an extraordinary atmosphere. 

Traditional art deco colors for the living room:

  • black;
  • white;
  • grey;
  • metallic;
  • brown.

These primary colors in strictly limited quantities can be diluted in shades of green, blue, red, and gold. Other colors may also appear, but they should not be dominant.

Art Deco wall decor

Bright shades of color should be used for the living room walls. Among the best ones, there are the next shades: white, beige, light and dark gray, pale olive, and café au lait color.

We suggest you stick to light colors for the walls to bring in a vintage look into your room and decorate them with paintings of large geometric ornaments to add a new perspective to the look of the room. 

Although ornaments are part of this style, you have to pay attention to the number of decorative lines that should not be overdone. For instance, if there is the same color for the walls, the furniture is to be chosen based on some more expressive colors. 

There is no doubt that bold color wallpapers with eye-catching patterns are a must in this sense. Therefore, you should opt for darker shades when speaking about the furniture.

Art Deco Lighting and Textiles

As art deco is all about extravagance, it means that the lighting should look as luxurious as possible. Chandeliers should be pompous and equipped with bold lights. As strange as it may sound, there are no restrictions regarding the lighting fixture type. The only condition in this sense is that they should have a regular and symmetrical shape. 

When we referred to the light as being bold, we meant that it should be as close to the daylight as possible. In this sense, we suggest you opt for energy-saving lamps with intense light. 

There is more to come. Do you know that there can be single-level and cascading lights? Now you know. Furthermore, they can be made of refined crystal or solid metal. We suggest you consider these oens as well if you want your living room to look comprised completely by this style.

As regards the textiles, it is peculiar to art deco to use classic fabric curtains and sophisticated drapery. When it comes to the common patterns in this sense, we suggest you consider peacock feathers, floral ornaments, and geometric patterns.

Art Deco living room furniture: main features

There is no doubt that art deco furniture should be made of expensive materials, or at least it should look like that. For instance, you can consider wood or leather, adding semi-precious stones. 

As regards the shape of the furniture, it should also be an unusual one. We suggest you opt for various lines and combinations. For instance, a mahogany table is a perfect choice for an art deco living room. 

At the same time, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that furniture should be massive and elegant. 

Every item of an art deco living room should either have a rounded shape or bold lines. For instance, you can opt for curved chairs. When it comes to the coffee table, consider one with curved legs as well, while the armchairs have to be retro-covered. There is more than this, you can also add some floor vessels to integrate the style into the room. In this sense, you can consider oriental Egyptian ornaments or female figurines. A previous rule applies here as well: don’t overdo it.

Art Deco living room: design and decoration ideas

We have prepared an array of design and decoration ideas, as well as various photos to inspire you. Take a look at them, consider our tips, and start implementing these ideas into the perfect art deco living room. 

Art Deco living room: Apartment style

This style of an art deco living room includes a combination of modern elements, when it comes to the main parts of furniture, involving such contrasts as the black and white one, and sophisticated units of decor, implying bold colors. The latter category may include such elements as interesting pictures, unusual figures, enormous lamps that would balance the contrast between two concepts within the same room. 

Art Deco living room: Contemporary style

Contemporary style includes the use of dark shades such as the brown one, especially for the furniture, which has to look modern. This stability is interrupted by shades of light color that introduce a new perspective. All this combination is accompanied by decor elements that either refer to pictures from the 1920s or decoration units that depict animals. One more thing had to be added. As you have probably thought, it is the lamps, which have to be enormous, becoming, thus, one of the main points of interest. 

Art Deco living room: Print style

This style incorporates the idea of something exotic within a usual environment. Therefore, animal prints on rugs or furniture covering will look fascinating in a room covered by neutral colors. It is a convenient way to bring this style into a room. Nevertheless, there is one thing to be considered, the color combination between these elements. It does not have to be an amalgam of concepts but a clear contrast between two different ideas: something modern, on one hand, and something exotic, in this case, on the other one. 

Art Deco living room: Geometric style

This style is inspired by navy colors and geometric shapes. The neutral colors preserve the comfort while the sharp lines of the geometric shapes bring stability and, at the same time, a new point of interest into the room, contrasting, thus, two perspectives. 

Art Deco living room: Midcentury style

It incorporates more than one style, thus, bringing a new perspective with each element in part. For instance, it can be a combination of modern elements of decor, art deco colors, and traditional furniture. 

Art Deco living room: Venetian style

This style involves the use of neutral colors for the background in order to draw all the attention to the main parts of the Venetian-inspired decor. Such elements as luxurious finishes, pieces peculiar to the fine period, and rare units of decor reflect a glamorous era and emphasize the style of the room. 

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