Modern gray industrial living room with eclectic accents

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The most unusual mix arises when the Industrial living room reveals a Traditional hint. Modern furniture and decor pieces complete the design in the company of the most refined Mid-Century and Boho accents that soften the raw textured interior.


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The exceptional approach to Industrial style that this living room radiates goes beyond limits and sets a unique sense of beauty. The once Traditional walls decorated with sleek molding on the top acquire a new appearance with the raw concrete surface. The light wood flooring adds to the eclectic effect.

The rest is all about industrial values. As soon as one enters the room, the accent pendants of gold and black steel with modern bulbs steal the show with their striking design that keeps pace with the no less contemporary geometric mirror on the wall. All in all, sleek lines and simple shapes bring the most modern look to this living room.

A seemingly simple sofa in a neutral color that almost fades into the background serves as the center element of the space, yet its design is traced to the flamboyant Mid-Century. The seating area is completed with a true Industrial coffee table.

The interior design would not be complete without a few touches of softness that bring comfort to the overly simplified arrangement. In this case, a neutral-colored Boho area rug and an accent knitted footrest add just the right amount of coziness without risking the Industrial feel, enhanced by the raw textured chair and gray curtains that completely fade into the concrete walls.

The place would still look like missing a piece. This is when a seemingly ancient vase, instantly brought to contemporary trends with its texture that perfectly replicates concrete, adds the final touch to the overall design.

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