Functionality, comfort, brightness, and individuality - all at once 9 views

An open-plan interior that combines two functional areas, focuses on comfort and freshness, and doesn’t skip a few individual features.

The large interior that brings together the cooking and dining area and still manages to leave lots of free space, alongside the enormous amount of daylight that penetrates the room through large windows, would feel relatively formal if it weren’t for the Traditional fireplace of stone that radiates comfort even during the summer. The dining area simultaneously acquires the cottage-like sense of coziness for pleasant diners and an appealing open view to the terrace, bringing a new mood each season. The cherry on this Transitional cake is the elegant chandelier of crystal that adds character, which can also be said about the silver mantel decor. The constantly sparkling details make the interior shine, breathing luxury into the contrasting wood elements.

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Alex Jolea Author
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