An exceptional white - one that is not too bright and harsh to the eye and yet pleasing with its purity, which does not go into yellowness or blue tones.

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When choosing a palette to renovate our house or apartment, we often follow our own tastes and preferences. We ourselves determine which colors will make us feel comfortable. We can hate blue and adore dark blue, be against mustard and admire sunny yellow, avoid terracotta in every possible way and bow before lavender. But there are colors that you absolutely cannot do without, and one of them is, of course, white.

Choosing a shade of white is always a daunting task, as the number of shades of white is overwhelming. However, if you are looking for a soft and pleasant white, not very yellow and not at all gray, not faded and not dazzling and harsh, then the famous Behr company already has a beautiful solution for you. So, get acquainted – the color HDC-MD-08 or, which sounds much more romantic, Whisper White. From the moment of its appearance, it won such ardent love and dedication of designers and just of those who wanted to see their home bright, welcoming, and cozy that it would be too rash not to learn a little more about it. So, let’s not ignore the trends and talk in more detail about our Whisper White.

Whisper White paint color features

Even from the name, you can get at least a rough idea of what color is. The phrase “Whisper White” draws in our imagination something airy, light, calm, and very, very pleasing to the eye. And if you think so, then all your assumptions are correct.

Whisper White really captivated designers who were looking for some exceptional white – one that is not too bright and harsh to the eye and yet pleasing with its purity, which does not go into yellowness or blue tones, depending on the lighting, and at the same time can become quite expressive, albeit with a neutral background. The white shade from Behr fully meets all these requirements.

Even if you compare it with similar tones from other manufacturers – for example, the same Simply White by Benjamin Moore – you can see that Whisper White is much cleaner and more independent with the same softness. At the same time, it is more complex and friendly than the no less famous Ultra Pure White from the same Behr, which with a very high LRV 94 seems absolutely detached, neutral, and to some extent even sterile. It is basically impossible to say that about Whisper White, as it looks more down-to-earth, welcoming, and soulful.

Whisper White: is it warm or cold?

Even with a cursory and inexperienced look at Whisper White, it becomes clear that it belongs to warm shades. Even if not so prominent, but still noticeable influence of tones of red, which, according to the RGB model, contains about 94%, gives it this incredible warmth that can transform your interior in the most positive sense of the word.

How does lighting affect Whisper White?

Whisper White behaves in various lighting conditions in much the same way as any other white shade in the warm spectrum. That is why it is crucial to make sure that with the help of this tone, you will achieve exactly the result you want.

So, for example, in good daylight, Whisper White will appear as a very soft white, in which the cream and beige shades that make it warm will hardly be expressed. However, if the light is direct, sunny, and bright, it completely loses all subtones, becoming simple white. Still, you should not worry: it will not look either harsh or unnecessarily dazzling. In all these cases, you can try it in combination with other, more neutral shades of white if you want to make the warmth lurking in it noticeable.

Concerning artificial or insufficient lighting, in this case, surfaces painted with Whisper White will appear pleasantly beige – however, without excessive yellowness. If there are significant elements of bright and saturated colors nearby (curtains, furniture, accent wall, etc.), then the shade from Behr may seem much lighter.

Whisper White LRV

It is easy to guess that Whisper White’s LRV coefficient of light reflection will be pretty high. And this is really so: for the popular shade from Behr, it is equal to 89, which makes it possible to refer it to the group of white shades without undue doubt. This indicator suggests that surfaces painted with such paint reflect light very effectively and can make even a tiny room much lighter and more spacious. Note, however, that in low light conditions, Whisper White tones can become more noticeable, so carefully examine the sample painted with this paint from different angles and directions of the light beam.

Whisper White undertones

Above, we have repeatedly emphasized the ability of Whisper White to radiate charming and at the same time discreet warmth. This effect is created by the amazingly accurate dosing of beige and cream undertones. There are enough of them to make this white seem warming and soft, but at the same time not enough to make it look frankly yellowish. This is the uniqueness of Whisper White, admired for its friendly neutrality.

Similar colors

It is hardly surprising that there are a lot of shades like Whisper White – both in Behr’s palette and in other paint manufacturers. We bring to your attention the most interesting tones from our point of view:

  • Beach House  – very soft white with a delicious creamy shade;
  • Night Blooming Jasmine YL-W10 – even lighter white, but at the same time with a specific warm undertone;
  • Tibetan Jasmine M310-1 – white with the same lightness, but with a more noticeable yellow tint;
  • Fresh Popcorn BWC-11 – white with an even warm undertone;
  • Lychee S340-1 – attractive white with yellowish-green notes;
  • Cauliflower M340-1 – blue-gray with an azure tinge, especially visible in bright light;
  • Décor White SW 7559 by Sherwin-Williams – pleasant and warm light cream tone;
  • Orange Sorbet 057 by Benjamin Moore – slightly darker with a mouth-watering orange undertone.

Coordinating colors

Its softness and friendliness make Whisper White great in contrasting combinations – with dark and bright colors as well as light and cool shades. So, for example, the designers of Behr itself recommend making stylish color combinations and palettes with the following tones:

  • Dove HDC-MD-21 – calm white with a noticeable gray undertone;
  • Dandelion Wish MQ4-12 – very deep and warm yellow;
  • Carbon N520-7 – very dark gray with anthracite reflections;
  • Rave Raisin HDC-MD-13 – deep and natural brown with chocolate undertones;
  • Intrigue P160-6 – surprisingly warm and warming red;
  • Dew Point M450-1 – light and airy, icy blue.

Use of Whisper White in interior and exterior

The possibilities of using Whisper White in outdoor decoration are so vast that it would take a very long time to list all the design solutions in which it would be appropriate. Here are some ideas for using this fantastic white shade in the interior and exterior of your home – and leave the rest to your imagination!

Vintage style

If you are crazy about the charm of numerous trinkets and the unique charm of antique furniture, then Whisper White is the perfect solution for painting the walls in a room that you decide to decorate in vintage style. For all its softness, it does not look faded and worn out and looks clean and light enough to refresh the interior from the past and give it a more modern and relevant look.

A bit of Provence

Originated in the south of France, the style creates the ideal conditions for Whisper White to unleash its full potential successfully. Perhaps, when creating the color, the Behr designers were inspired by the delicate beauty of Provence? However, be that as it may, it is this shade of white that will perfectly set off graceful wooden furniture and unpolished floors, a brownish-pink, slightly naive check on linen or cotton curtains, and charming, colorful textiles in combination with forged and painted in a brighter white color.

With an accent

Is it possible to paint one of the walls in a bright accent color if Whisper White is already chosen for the others? The answer, in this case, is yes, since this shade of white pleases with surprising friendliness. You can use either warm or cool accent paints, without negatively affecting Whisper White, except it will look slightly lighter.

Kitchen cabinets

Designers and decorators love using Whisper White to paint kitchen cabinets, and it makes perfect sense. The reason lies not only in the fact that this shade is relatively light, moderately warm, and incredibly hospitable, which allows you to create a cozy atmosphere. The point is that it is surprisingly harmoniously combined with various metals. Whisper White works exceptionally well with gold, bronze, and brass. However, brushed black metal and chrome can give kitchen furniture a more modern look. In a word, almost any hardware is suitable for kitchen cabinets of this color.


If you are entirely conquered by this charming white and do not want to part with it, then you may well try to decorate a retro-style bathroom with it. Whisper White walls are the perfect base for dark brown wood furniture, beige floor tiles, or bedside tables and chairs in rich blue and green tones. Do not forget about blinds and stylish posters: for Whisper White, nothing modern is alien either.


Behr’s cozy and friendly Whisper White is also ideal for decorating a nursery – for both girls and boys. You can use it to paint walls as a background or for furniture. This color can be used in combination with richer and brighter tones of curtains, rugs, the same furniture fronts, or decor, as it will bring balance and help create a harmonious and comfortable palette for your child’s eyes.

House facade

Whisper White is beautiful in the interior and simply gorgeous in the exterior. It is neutral enough to look spectacular in bright sun and at the same time contains enough warmth to look good in cloudy weather. Designers propose to emphasize the complexity and depth of this white shade with the help of black or dark brown doors, frames, and platbands in combination with the same lamps at the entrance and complement the picture with a roof in light shades of gray or the same brown.

You may also want the opposite – that is, paint the doors and window frames in this color. This solution will be by no means worse, especially in combination with today’s fashionable complex shades of blue, green, and coffee.

Behr’s HDC-MD-08 Whisper White is one of the most captivating and versatile shades of white. Feel free to use it for any style and space if you want to achieve a light, cozy and welcoming atmosphere in which any accents can be appropriate.

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