The balance between pleasant and soft light gray and not less charming beige is shifted towards the second.

LRV 56

The phenomenon of gray-beige shades never ceases to amaze both professional designers and ordinary owners of houses and apartments who follow trends in the interior – both intently and from time to time. Indeed, it would be pretty logical to observe how these calm, soothing, restrained, and neutral-neutral-neutral tones become dull over time or go out of fashion. However, year after year and decade after decade, nothing like this happens. What is the secret of this palette, surprising restraint and, at the same time, popularity?

In fact, the power of gray-beige tones lies precisely in their essence, which we described above. They are really calm and comfortable for the eyes. They are truly neutral and undeniably versatile. However, they can never bore us for another reason: they are incredibly complex. Different ratios of gray and beige with the addition of additional undertones give rise to a vast number of color gradations, and each of them has its characteristics, advantages, and, of course, fans. So, today let’s get acquainted with another worthy representative of the gray-beige family from the Behr company – color 720C-3, also known under the charming name “Wheat Bread.”

Wheat Bread paint color features

The very name of this beautiful shade is associated with something cozy, warm, slightly delicious, and even a little rustic – and if you felt something like this, it means that you were able to discern the very essence of this color, in which the balance between pleasant and soft light gray and not less charming beige is still shifted towards the second.

Examining the palettes of other paint manufacturers, as well as of Behr itself, you can find many shades that are surprisingly similar to it – for example, HC-172 Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore. However, if you compare them closely, you will notice that the latter is still cooler and gravitates towards gray. Moreover, Wheat Bread has a certain indescribable antiquity charm, which is achieved by a slight antiquity effect obtained through a yellowish undertone. However, more on that below.

Wheat Bread: is it warm or cold?

When looking at a surface painted in Wheat Bread, it is impossible not to feel the warmth and friendliness it radiates, which leads us to assume that this shade is on the side of the warm spectrum. And this assumption is very correct, as evidenced by dry numbers – the value of the shade of 35 degrees with a lightness of 76% clearly indicates that we can safely use Wheat Bread as a warm color.

How does lighting affect Wheat Bread?

If you’ve chosen the mesmerizing 720C-3 shade from Behr, then you need to think carefully about the lighting, as well as the placement of the surfaces that will be painted in this wonderful gray beige. The fact is that, due to its complexity, Wheat Bread reacts differently to different lighting, and therefore it is crucial to understand that it will not always be as you expect.

If you are painting the walls in a room with windows facing the sunny side and are looking for an unusual shade of beige, Wheat Bread will make you fall in love at first sight as it looks very warm and light. However, if you dare to move it to poor lighting conditions, then here it will fully manifest its gray side. Of course, it will be quite soft and light gray, but if you were counting on something more beige, you risk being disappointed. However, for those who foresaw such an effect, the 720C-3 will be full of charm emanating from the slight ambiguity and blurry feeling that distinguishes this shade.

Concerning artificial light, the behavior of Wheat Bread, in this case, will depend on its warmth and intensity. So, in the soft and dim light of the lamps, it will go into beige; in the lighter one – it can find the perfect balance between beige and gray; and, under a bright chandelier, it can even turn into light ecru.

Wheat Bread LRV

Wheat Bread is perceived to be reasonably light, and an LRV of 56 confirms this. That is why surfaces painted in this color can reflect sufficient light and make the room visually more spacious and airy. In sufficient, but not excessive lighting, this gray-beige will be exactly what you see it on the palette, and if there is not enough light, Wheat Bread will be perceived as gray – albeit light, but at the same time more austere. That is why it is necessary to carefully analyze the color behavior using a paint sample and determine if its capabilities match your wishes.

Wheat Bread undertones

As we mentioned earlier, the key Wheat Bread undertones are gray and beige in a particular proportion – and there is noticeably more beige, which provides this color with warmth and unobtrusive, somewhat old-fashioned softness. At the same time, it is impossible not to notice a little yellow undertone in it, which in clear daylight creates a subtle and very sophisticated golden-creamy glow in clear daylight.

Similar colors

The Wheat Bread shade is undoubtedly unique; however, in the Behr palette, like in the palettes of other manufacturers, you can find similar, although not identical, shades. If you want to create a calm and serene interior with sophisticated and natural gradations, look at the following similar colors:

  • Natural Twine S310-3 – a quite rich beige with a subtle gray undertone;
  • Casual Khaki N300-3 – a lighter gray-beige shade with an unobtrusive greenish undertone;
  • Almond Butter MQ2-23 – very pleasant beige with an intense creamy undertone;
  • Sandstone Cliff 750C-3 – lighter gray-beige with the noticeable drift towards cooler gray;
  • Sculptor Clay PPU5-08 – discreet and slightly darker shade with a clear dominance of gray;
  • Baja PPU7-08 – very natural sandy color with notes of gray and beige;
  • Unfussy Beige SW 6043 by Sherwin-Williams – an even lighter and warmer variation of gray-beige with a creamy undertone;
  • Alphano Beige 989 by Benjamin Moore – gray-beige with the same light reflectance but with a slightly more pronounced gray.

Coordinating colors

Behr’s Wheat Bread is in perfect harmony with pastel colors, even if they are cool, and in some cases may even try to create a union with richer and more intense contrasting tones. Designers continue to search for the perfect match and today suggest using 720C-3 color in the following shades:

  • Cotton Sheets RD-W15 – pale cream color with subtle peach notes;
  • Flax Straw S300-4 – a quite rich brown with a slight tinge of gray;
  • Standing Ovation N570-2 – very smooth gray with a noticeable purple undertone;
  • Urban Raincoat N440-2 – light, mysterious, and slightly dusty shade of blue;
  • Masterpiece MQ5-08 – beautiful moderately dark gray shade of a thundercloud;
  • Seedling PPU9-09 – a very calm olive green.

Use of Wheat Bread in interior and exterior

We will not bend our hearts if we call Wheat Bread a kind of chameleon. The fact is that this shade, like most neutral tones, is highly adaptable, and therefore can be successfully used in various styles and directions, as well as current design solutions. Let’s talk in more detail about the most inspiring ones.

Shabby style

Designers unanimously recognize shabby chic as the ideal environment for Wheat Bread. In a neutral position, it looks pretty modern. However, getting into an environment where the charm of antiquity reigns, it completely transforms, becoming a little more faded, blurred, and therefore more refined. This gray-beige shade will be an excellent backdrop for light-colored solid wood furniture, colorful upholstery, rugs and curtains in peach, dusty blue, and pale green tones, as well as solid wood cabinets with a lot of adorable knickknacks.


Harmony, tranquility, relaxation – Wheat Bread can create just such a mood in your bedroom. You do not need to rack your brains looking for the right furniture, textiles, and decor: the friendliness of the taupe shade knows no bounds, and it fits perfectly into both classic and modern solutions. However, it is better not to overuse bright colors, especially since this color is already charming in combination with a dark, neutral, and pastel palette. But the lighting is worth thinking about: exquisite lamps with muffled warm light will come in handy.

Dining room

Moving away from shabby and retro motifs, let’s go back to using Wheat Bread in modern design, particularly in the dining room. This color is ideal for creating a harmonious atmosphere, where hospitality meets noble restraint and elegance meets stylish simplicity. Complete your interior with light or white wood furnishings, elegant roller blinds, and designer chrome fixtures – and be amazed at how easy it is to create your dream home.


Have you ever heard that all ingenious is simple? Well, thanks to Behr’s Wheat Bread shade, you can see it again. All you need in this case is painting the walls in this wonderful gray-beige color, kitchen cabinets in a soft white shade, and quite a bit of glass, chrome, green plants, linen, and cotton. This is precisely what the recipe for creating the perfect bright, minimalist kitchen sounds like.

Kids room & Nursery

If you yearn to turn your adored child’s room into a cozy nest, then you can hardly imagine a shade better than Wheat Bread. It is warm enough to create a comfortable, serene, and safe atmosphere but at the same time sophisticated enough not to look trite and flat. You can paint the walls in this color, try furniture in this shade, or even prefer a total look. However, the first option seems to us much more practical: as your child grows, such a background can be adapted to any decor and furniture.

House exterior

Behr’s 720C-3 shade continues to be the perfect choice for exterior wall painting. It most often fades into beige in natural daylight and looks incredibly warm and welcoming, giving the home a classic welcoming feel. Designers often advise combining this shade with a gray roof, as well as snow-white window frames and columns. Platbands and doors in the color of the roof will complete the picture, making it more harmonious.

If your home is made of stone, Wheat Bread is just as appropriate for an impeccable Spanish-style interior.

Behr’s 720C-3 Wheat Bread is a fine example of the gray-beige palette that remains at its peak today. Don’t be afraid that you will get bored with it: its understated affability, soft friendliness, and unconditional warmth make it the perfect solution for both primary and accent palettes.

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