A summertime-kissed pale green with subtle yellow undertones resembling the seasoning wasabi plant color that will add scent to your design and help you rediscover peace at home.

LRV 69

If you’ve always dreamt of a countryside life full of natural colors and beauty, yet you cannot simply allow yourself the liberty to leave everything behind, you can always bring the outdoors closer regardless of your location. Colors have proven for a long time their ability to meet our need for any emotion. Dilute your daily routine and urbanistic hustle with a light palette of natural tones. The trust-worthy paint manufacturer Dulux comes to our rescue and offers one of the most successful green colors – Wasabi. You won’t be able to find a more relaxing and uplifting shade than this light yellow-green scented with natural flavors. 

Wasabi Paint Color Features

Like its namesake, a seasoning plant that naturally looks light green, Wasabi is a pale green shade mixed with a yellow scent. Don’t mistake it for the bold yellow-green Wasabi from Benjamin Moore. As a green tone, Wasabi from Dulux is a calm, peaceful, and harmonious pastel tone whose yellow notes bring joy and cheerfulness to today’s uncertain times.

Undoubtedly, it stands primarily for nature and renewal, yet we cannot deny the pleasant combination of logical and perfectionist treats this color bears. Wasabi will ensure a reserved and explorative ambiance in your home. It perfectly suits places for relaxation and those requiring creativity and support. 

Wasabi: Is It Warm or Cold?

We usually use the RGB value to precisely determine whether a color is warm or cold. Wasabi shows a concentration of 217 of Red, 213 of Green, and 173 of Blue. Therefore, we can firmly state that this yellow-green is a warm paint color since the red pigment outruns even the base color green. 

How Does Lighting Affect Wasabi?

When fully lit by natural light, Wasabi feels bright and gives off a subtle yellow hint. The slightest shadow touch makes it read more profound, a starker yellow-green, and we dare say, an olive-traced green. Be prepared to encounter a warmer and joyful green in rooms fully flooded by sunlight and a relatively paler wasabi green in rooms with cold natural light, such as north-facing spaces. 

Wasabi seems more comfortable at night when the lack of natural light offers a cozy cocoon effect filled with natural energy and healing properties to recharge your batteries for the next day.

Wasabi LRV

On a scale with two well-defined extremities, 0 for true blacks and 100 for pure shades of white, Wasabi fits in between medium and light colors. The Light Reflectance Value of 69 shows that this green hue perfectly reflects light during the day. You can easily use it in smaller spaces with poorer light conditions if you enjoy a substantial olive-green effect. 

Wasabi Undertones

We’ve said this so often that we are sure you got it. Wasabi is a green paint color. Yellow is its defining undertone. One more thing, you can barely notice a gray drop of color diluted with the green base, as if this color had been washed out, ensuring a gorgeous pale yellow-green shade.

Similar Colors

Green is one of the most loved colors on earth. If you like this yellow-green particularly, you can always consider one of the following substitutes:

  • Apple Cucumber S17E1 by Dulux Australia – a considerably lighter and paler green with the slightest tinge of yellow that keeps this shade relatively warm;
  • Tidal Green S17E3 by Dulux Australia – a more intense and saturated yellow-green that seems much deeper than Wasabi;
  • Primitive Green MQ4-40 by Behr – a vintage green tone with a more pronounced yellow undertone and a more emphasized color personality than Wasabi;
  • Modern Zen M340-3A by Behr – a 97.7% similar yellow-green to Wasabi with a warmer and brighter yellow-biased green base;
  • Celery SW 6421 by Sherwin-Williams – a substantially lighter and paler green, almost fading into a yellow-green off-white shade;
  • Misty Moor PPG1116-4 by PPG Paints – almost the same olive-scented yellow-green as at Wasabi; you can safely use it as an alternative.

Coordinating Colors

As experts say, if you choose the correct shade, almost any color works with green. Its favorites are white, blue, and earthy tones. Don’t skip brighter shades of purple and pink. Additionally, such a lemon green like Wasabi favors crisp whites rather than warm. Professionals also advise considering layers of green, including this yellow-green from Dulux. Colorists suggest two no-fail options. The rest is up to your imagination.

  • Snowy Mountains Half SW1F3 – a versatile, almost neutral white with no disturbing undertones to be used as a main or feature color in interior and exterior design;
  • Amazon Depths S20A9 – dark and neutral muddy green with subtle yellow undertones resembling organic jungle depths.

Use of Wasabi in Interior Design

This organic lime green gives off an eco vibe alongside its deep trace to calm Provence interiors. The start reveals a promising paint color. Dive into our comprehensive guide of design ideas with one of the best green shades available.

Modern Eco

Wasabi is an impressively organic and ecological green tone that designers would most likely choose for an Eco-style interior. It pairs excellently with natural and rich-grained textures like wood, stone, rattan, sisal, linen, and indoor greenery. If you want a modern paint color for your new eco living room or bedroom other than white, Wasabi will meet your needs.

When Traditional Meets Modern

This modern yellow-green reveals the beauty of contemporary veggie colors and the vintage tinge of yellow tones. Consequently, Wasabi is a go-to paint color for interiors that pay tribute to traditions through familiar patterns and shapes and breathe contemporaneity via stylish and new colors. Transitional, Mid-Century Modern, Neoclassical, Modern Rustic, Mediterranean, and many other styles match this flexible yellow-green.

Zen Bedroom

Pale yellow-green has often been seen in Japandi interiors or other design styles with Japanese traces. According to experts, Wasabi resonates with the old-time peace and harmony of a calm oasis that people used to go to for meditation. Regardless of the chosen style, try this organic green in your sleeping space and recharge your social batteries.

Mediterranean Kitchen

Pale olive green kitchen cabinets of wood, terracotta tiles on the floor, natural wood furniture, open storage system, additional shades of yellow and green, and plenty of natural light – that’s how the trendy mood board sounds. Interestingly, you can always get the look even if you don’t live anywhere near the Mediterranean Sea. That’s how skillful and accurate Wasabi is.


We are used to whites, grays, and beiges in the entry area. What if we told you that designers suggest more pigmented and saturated colors for the space that makes the introduction to your interior? Undoubtedly, Wasabi is one of the best hallway paint colors. It immediately shows the world that you stand out with your own design concept.


Green feels at home in the bathroom. We all need this small dose of relaxation during our morning or night bathroom routines. The most fantastic news about Wasabi is it seems warmer than other green shades, and your winter bathroom sessions will always feel like summer. Wasabi pairs well with wood, marble, stone, and sparkling hardware. We recommend silver hardware since brass or copper makes the space intimidatingly warm.

Use of Wasabi for House Exterior

Wasabi is a light paint color; professionals mainly use it for exterior house walls paired with accent colors, such as orange or blue. Consider the fact that direct sunlight may lead to a much brighter yellow-green than the one you see on the color sample. This color can also vary in intensity based on location and weather. Generally, Wasabi excellently blends into the surrounding greenery. 

Dulux’s pale olive green Wasabi is an impressively relaxing veggie shade seasoned with sun kisses that will help you rediscover harmony and renew your interior and exterior color palette.

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