A charming light gray paint color from Behr diluted with a visible note of beige that stands behind the exquisite softness.

LRV 61

As strange as it may sound, gray paint colors are the most difficult to choose. The range of shades is so broad that one may simply get confused. Wait till you reach the undertones, which are so many that you can simply get overwhelmed. Well, this is why we do color reviews to help you dive deep into their essence. Our list of gray reviews is quite extensive, and we continue to add new shades. Today, we will tackle one of the coziest grays from Behr – Toasty Gray N320-2. The name itself refers to a warm shade of gray with pleasant beige undertones, which is true about this hue. Still, this gray has more than warm notes. It is hard to understand where it comes from, but the N320-2 paint color is very refreshing and airy. What stands behind this mystery? Let’s find out together!

Toasty Gray paint color features

The charming paint color from Behr is a light gray diluted with a visible note of beige that stands behind the exquisite softness. Still, this color should not be mistaken with greige, a mix of gray and beige where both colors are equally perceived. Toasty Gray has a gray base penetrated by beige scents. On the sample, it looks like quite an intense shade of gray. Once applied within the interior design, it takes on a very stimulating and fresh appearance. The space instantly fills with freshness and softness, resulting in a welcoming environment.

Toasty Gray: is it warm or cold?

Toasty Gray is a warm shade. Despite the cool gray base that comes to the surface when applied within the interior design, N320-2 cannot help but show off its soft beige notes. Still, there is something special about this paint color. As warm as it seems, one cannot fail but notice the exceptional sense of ease that offers space for contemplation. 

How does lighting affect Toasty Gray?

In north-facing rooms, daylight brings the lighter version of this shade, although the intense gray base and soft beige notes are preserved. In the case of west, east, and especially, south-facing spaces, Toasty Gray seems warmer than ever, and it feels like coziness is limitless. Similar undertones in artificial lighting bring similar results. One should also not forget that this gray tends to slightly reflect the neighboring colors and even the outside greenery, taking on a subtle greenish appearance.

Toasty Gray LRV

Despite its light appearance, the LRV of Toasty Gray, which reaches a value of 61, places this shade in the medium tone group, leaning towards the light colors. To have a clear image, consider that 100 stands for a true shade of white. Although its LRV is not so high, Toasty Gray is excellent at reflecting light within spaces that receive an appropriate amount of daylight or artificial light, even expanding the borders a bit. Still, the reflecting abilities are not so high, but this is the price it has to pay for its extra cozy notes of beige. 

Toasty Gray undertones

It is clear this far that Toasty Gray has a slight hint of beige, which serves as a balance for the cool gray base. Nevertheless, the color is very flexible and can take on various undertones depending on the colors surrounding it. This is why you should be very careful when choosing companions for Toasty Gray. 

Similar colors

It is no surprise that there are plenty of shades similar to Toasty Gray since the combination of gray and beige is popular, and particular pairings seem almost identical to this one. Still, nothing is perfect, and there is no other color that would replicate the same balance of freshness and comfort the way Toasty Gray can, which does not reduce the uniqueness of its similar shades. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent alternatives at Behr and other manufacturers!

  • Chic Gray PPU26-10 – slightly cooler gray with an LRV of 60 and less visible notes of beige;
  • Dove Gray 1439 –  almost identical to Toasty Gray with a nearly perceived lower LRV and a slightly higher prevalence of gray notes;
  • Desert Light 1004 by Benjamin Moore – darker variation penetrated by a larger amount of beige notes;
  • Agreeable Gray SW 7029 by Sherwin-Williams – identical to Toasty Gray, the difference being perceived only by its slightly lower LRV of 60.

Coordinating colors

Toasty Gray is one of those shades that goes with almost any color. Neutrals, pastels, bright colors, dark shades – the surprisingly flexible gray that experts from Behr came up with will not skip a single group. Depending on its purpose to serve as a background or accompanying accent, Toasty Gray will adapt to each situation in part. The color palettes from the same manufacturer offer a wide range of possibilities both for a monochromatic and contrastive effect. Let’s discover some of the best shades to pair with Toasty Gray!

  • Camping Tent N320-4 – a much darker shade of gray with more intense gray and beige undertones that would harmonize perfectly with their lighter counterparts from Toasty Gray;
  • Tanglewood N320-3 – a gray shade between Camping Tent and Toasty Gray, serving as a perfect transitional shade within a space where the earlier mentioned colors are used;
  • Gray Squirrel N320-5 – dark gray with a combination of gray and beige similar to the previous shades, although offering a more intense alternative that would contrast amazingly with N320-2;
  • Polar Bear 75 – very soft shade of white with clearly visible pinkish notes that resemble a very light peach color;
  • Mauve It N120-3 – pastel purple with a relatively cool base yet incredibly soft notes;
  • Sturdy Brown MQ2-48 – pastel brown with an intense base and pleasant notes of calm;
  • Light Truffle PPU5-06A – cool brown penetrated by a haze effect that offers this shade an exceptionally refreshing feature;
  • Watery HDC-CT-26 – pastel shade of cool blue resembling the deep sky reflection on the ocean;
  • Chivalrous S550-3 – intense lavender with coolish notes yet not devoid of softness that would contrast impressively well with the neutral Toasty Gray;
  • Jojoba N390-3 – very light green with a cool pastel surface, perfect for accents on a gray background ensured by N320-2;
  • Mourning Dove OR-W12 – very light beige slightly cooled down that would harmonize at an unexpected level with the beige notes found at Toasty Gray;
  • Dignified Purple N110-6 – very dark purple with cold scents and a slight foggy effect, resembling ripe grapes covered in dust;
  • Juniper Berries PPU13-02 – dark green with cold blue notes and a deep sense of tranquility;
  • Fantasia S550-5 – cold purple with dark notes, which serves both as an accent and source of deep reflection;
  • Gray Ashlar N170-3 – dusty pink diluted with particles of gray with a soft pastel surface.

Use of Toasty Gray in interior

Despite its complex combination of cool gray notes and soft beige scents, Toasty Gray is very flexible, working perfectly with a wide range of shades within different styles. Would you like to embrace tradition? Or, modern settings seem closer to you? Not sure which way to go? You can as well stick to a transitional style since Toasty Gray works in all these cases. Let’s look at this aspect from a narrow perspective by going through a range of design solutions!

Modern Farmhouse

How can we speak about one of the coziest grays and skip Modern Farmhouse? Consider Toasty Gray for the walls and go with the basics: wood floor, furniture in other gray shades, open wood shelves, wood beams on the ceiling, which is not mandatory, and comfy textiles. Additionally, you can opt for dark accents, such as a dark blue sofa or black painted elements on furniture. The irreplaceable pots with greenery will complement the style and the fabulous gray in particular, offering it a greenish appearance. 

Did you say Minimalism?

Everyone is obsessed with the simple design that adds functionality, not devoid of aesthetics. We suggest adding comfort to the overly simplified style so that every return home will feel even more pleasant. Consider a monochromatic palette with Toasty Gray as a background and pastels or neutrals as accents. Mix the palette with a few pots with greenery.

Living room

When we said that Toasty Gray goes with any style, we meant it literally goes with any style. The explanation is simple. It is a neutral and quite efficient one, and the additional notes of warmth are just a compliment for contemporary settings. What other room will serve as a better place for such experiments than the living? Would you like to soften the cool Scandi background? Are you looking for a perfect paint color for your Farmhouse shiplap? Haven’t you found a companion for your rustic wood units yet? Don’t hesitate to choose the warm gray from Behr for these and any other direction.


Undoubtedly, Toasty Gray goes for the walls, and its best friends are the functional use of space and wood elements. Consider wood since its texture harmonizes with the warm undertones of the gray shade for an extra splash of comfort, which cannot have any limits in such spaces. As regards functionality, we suggest avoiding unnecessary details to let this color bloom and spread its softness all over the space. For the rest, you are free to decorate this personal space in the most individual way.

Kitchen and dining room

You are a bit limited here, but the result is simply outstanding. Consider Toasty Gray for a traditional kitchen, yet with contemporary elements. The gray shade goes for the walls that will serve as a background for white cabinets. This shade works no less perfect for the cabinetry, while the background requires a slightly cooler variation of gray. Once we reach the dining room, designers suggest opting for gray walls and natural wood furniture for a sleek contemporary look not devoid of a welcoming effect.


Usually, gray goes for both the walls and cabinetry in the bathroom. This gray is kind of unusual. It requires larger space to reveal its entire range of notes. Therefore, applying it to the walls will keep you on the safe side. White and wood replications as companions, a few pots with plants to enliven the space, silverish hardware, and your contemporary bathroom with an appealing sense of comfort is ready.

Use of Toasty Gray for house exterior

Toasty Gray is a perfect neutral with soft and fresh notes that would suit the house exterior. Furthermore, its warm scents will keep your exterior no less impeccable on cloudy days. One of the approaches that are gaining popularity is painting the brick walls with neutral colors. It feels aristocratic and modern at the same time, where such a shade as Toasty Gray serves as a perfect transitional color. The scenario gets more interesting as we reach the front door. One particular design solution cannot be beaten by any other – the front door painted in the same gray on red brick background. The play of undertones reaches unprecedented levels of finesse, and your house will radiate irreplaceable notes of flair.

The Toasty Gray N320-2 paint color from Behr is a classic shade of gray with a pleasant note of comfort that goes with any style. From the most traditional to the most modern designs, it finds ways to collaborate with a wide range of shades and enriches the interior and exterior with what all designers and homeowners are looking for – a timeless effect.

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