A Spanish beach-scented shade of warm white with sandy pink undertones that will help you restore the harmony and comfort in your house.

LRV 64

Our favorite color brands put at our disposal a rich selection of bright pops of color, just like the current trends dictate. At the same time, another beloved paint manufacturer of ours, Behr, surprises us this year with a collection of serene tones that take care of our well-being. Full of natural pastels and neutrals, the 2023 Color Forecast brings to our attention the importance of relaxation and finding peace with oneself. We have much to learn, especially from the harmonious white Spanish Sand. Find a balance between the outside world and your inner self this year with a new off-white paint color in your house.

Spanish Sand Paint Color Features

The fashionable neutral from Behr is related to the White color family. Yet, you can easily mistake it for a richly pigmented off-white or light beige shade. Similar to the warm and light-colored Spanish beaches, this controversial hue is a radiant white with sandy undertones that may read as a combination between gray, cream, and yellow-pink. 

Spanish Sand replicates the balance between warmth and light, empowering the urge for harmony and nurturing our need for connection with nature. Sandy colors are very efficient in combating stress and exhaustion. If mental and physical well-being is prioritized, consider decorating at least one space with this sandy paint color. With an unpretentious character, Spanish Sand creates a firm sense of tranquility and coziness without insisting on imposing personal features. 

Spanish Sand: Is It Warm or Cold?

On Bher’s website, you can find each color’s RGB value (the combined Red, Green, and Blue amounts to create a color). For Spanish Sand, the red concentration of color clearly prevails, proving that it is a warm shade of white. Some experts even attach such features as femininity and grace to it. 

How Does Lighting Affect Spanish Sand?

The lighter the color, the more natural or artificial lighting plays with its appearance. Spanish Sand, as a white paint color, is pretty bright, and you’ll be astonished to find out how it changes from under some light conditions to others. 

Say you have a room with windows facing the north side. Under the cold natural light, Spanish Sand gathers all its gray undertones and brings them to the surface. Now, the white shade seems darker and less pinkish. Still, colorists recommend the cozy tone in such spaces since it adds warmth to rooms with cold-temperature lighting. However, you can witness the comfiest version of Spanish Sand in a south-facing room. It turns into a much luminous white with delightful yellow-pinkish cream undertones, all thanks to the warm sun rays that stream in the room. 

Consider that Spanish Sand tends to lose its brightness at night when artificial lighting can ensure as much as a deeper greige (gray and beige) shade with a cozy cocoon effect that you won’t want to escape from till the morning arrives. 

Spanish Sand LRV

With such values as Light Reflectance, we are able to tell how light or dark a color is. Colorists use a scale from 0(black) to 100(white). Spanish Sand has an LRV of 64. Usually, white shades start with 82. Everything that comes lower enters the off-white group of colors. Still, having an LRV as high as 64 means that this paint color effortlessly reflects the light and can be safely used in smaller rooms with slightly poorer light conditions. 

Spanish Sand Undertones

If there is anything that holds this paint color close to white, it is the fact that this shade is very light. As for its composition, it is very complex. With a subtle greige appearance, Spanish Sand reveals gray undertones that balance the color, creamy sandy notes responsible for the warm feature, and pops of pink that add fluency to this neutral shade.

Similar Colors

To your attention – the most prominent whites, off-whites, beiges, greiges, and others alike that look similar to the trendy Spanish Sand from Behr, available to use as alternatives:

  • Canvas Luggage N300-2 by Behr – an unnoticeably lighter off-white with a less perceivable pink pigment; as for the rest – a perfect substitute for Spanish Sand;
  • Sentimental Beige YL-W13 by Behr – a very light and lovely beige with a slightly higher LRV that renders the same feelings of coziness and nourishment;
  • Pale Palomino HDC-CT-05 by Behr – a fresher shade of warm pinkish white that would perfectly replace Spanish Sand in north-facing spaces;
  • White Sand 964 by Benjamin Moore – a closer-to-white alternative to Spanish Sand with a more neutral sandy base;
  • Lambskin 1051 by Benjamin Moore – a more luminous and pinkish white devoid of gray undertones; used instead of Spanish Sand in poorer lit rooms;
  • Patience SW 7555 by Sherwin-Williams – almost the same warm off-white, yet this shade is less dusty and brighter;
  • Kestrel White SW 7516 by Sherwin-Williams – a pottery pink white with warm undertones, much lighter and more neutral than its Behr counterpart.

Coordinating Colors

Sandy shades can work as primary and accent colors in interior and exterior design. Since Spanish Sand is mostly used as a background tone, colorists from Behr prepared a range of accent paint colors to pair:

  • Palm Desert N310-6 – a dark soil brown with warm yellow-green undertones, very organic and earthy-like;
  • Blackberry Jam S100-6 – an intense and impressively bright blackberry purple, juicy and cheerful;
  • Juniper Berries PPU13-12 – a deep blue-green with a naturally bright appearance, fully emphasized and saturated;
  • Laguna Blue PPU14-18 – a heavy tone of bold watery blue of a gorgeous depth and serenity;
  • Pocket Watch N290-5 – a medium brown shade with very warm yellow undertones that resemble a neutral pottery tone; a perfect match for the traditional design style;
  • Cocoa Nutmeg S190-5 – a mid-tone pastel mauve with an impressively cozy effect that smooths any color transition;
  • Queen’s Violet S110-3 – a rich lavender purple with dazzling summertime scents that empower, restore, and encourage;
  • Ocean Boulevard PPU13-10 – a bright spring blue devoid of disturbing undertones that would undoubtedly stand out on any neutral background;
  • Boot Cut S510-2 – a boost of cheerful blue with a tinge of formal serenity, bright and slightly washed-out;
  • Minted Lemon PPU10-08 – a soothing pastel green with joyful yellow undertones covered in dust.

Use of Spanish Sand in Interior

Sharing with white the feature of making spaces feel larger and lighter, Spanish Sand is a top neutral choice for those who want to keep their interior luminous yet avoid the overused impartiality of grays or the extra-bright effect of whites. You can successfully achieve the coastal vibe by pairing Spanish Sand with pastel shades or enjoy its sole sense of tranquility if you crave a relaxed ambiance. Enjoy the summertime paint color during cold winter days and thrive in delightful freshness during hot summer days.

Sandy Rustic Style

The sandy white paint color from Behr favors Rustic interiors with traditional traces that keep us close to raw and natural. Try a Modern Rustic design with Spanish Sand-painted walls, untreated wood furniture, raw stone accents, sizable indoor plants, and an overall light and warm color scheme. 

Modern Coastal Living Room

A modern approach to the Coastal style, say a blend with Modern Farmhouse, can safely integrate the specifically designed living room into any interior. It works for those who fancy a particular ambiance in their family room. Pair the sandy white walls with a light and comfortable color palette. Add lots of organic textures, such as wood, sisal, wicker, or linen. Make a design statement with a blue-colored sofa, pale green cushions, or coral throw blankets.

Cozy Bedroom

Experts suggest using the comfort-inducing white shade in your sleeping area if you appreciate a complete state of relaxation. Frankly speaking, Spanish Sand is among the first color options for the bedroom. The cozy white tone will lend a familiar traditional touch to your bedroom when paired with natural wood, pastel shades, and classic shapes. Simultaneously, a modern monochromatic scheme with Spanish Sand as the primary color will help you create your dream minimalist personal space.

Home Office

Light sandy shades are considered to keep your mind clear and ready to take action. No wonder the home office is among the best rooms to apply the bright Spanish white to. You better paint the walls in your study in Spanish Sand, especially if you work hours per day remotely. Your mind will always stay focused and refreshed with nothing to disturb you from work. 

Kitchen and Dining Room

Currently, more vivid colors decorate contemporary kitchens, yet if you are on the side of minimalist and laconic design, a sandy white shade will 100% suit your cooking space. Luckily, if your kitchen has south-facing windows, you will benefit from the best Spanish Sand can offer. Designers highly recommend brass hardware on sandy kitchen cabinets. For a minimalist contrast in the spirit of simplicity, add white.

The summertime off-white from Behr behaves more versatilely in the dining room. Generally, it is a substitute for bright whites and outdated grays for personalized decor to entertain the guests.


Colors can make a space feel considerably warmer on a psychological level. If you’ve always struggled with a constantly cold bathroom, repaint the walls in the cozy white paint from Behr. Pair it with white or black bathroom fixtures and gold hardware for specific cases. The design concept suits Mediterranean-style bathrooms decorated with wood or stone.

Use of Spanish Sand for House Exterior

Mixed with pure whites, blacks, and blue, the sunkissed Spanish Sand makes for a great exterior house wall paint color. It gorgeously blends with the outdoor surrounding, resonating with a light beige or greige shade and giving off a subtle pinkish hint. It has enough pigment and positive energy to restore your house’s facade and make it brand-new. 

Are you looking for a new paint color for the front door? Switch from the outdated whites devoid of fragrance to the beach-scented Spanish Sand and set up a romantically stylish intro to your interior design. 

The Spanish Sand OR-W07 paint color by Behr will undoubtedly find its way to your heart. Fill your house with an all-year-round summertime coziness and add an optimistic note to your house exterior to delight your eyes every day.

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