Silky White is a neutral white, very close to true whites, although the nearly noticeable creamy base is responsible for a relatively soft effect.

LRV 83

The list of color reviews that reveal the beauty of white shades is getting larger, and we add a new shade. Silky White PPU7-12 paint color from Behr is a favorite among designers due to its rather true white nature, although diluted with a few particles of silky softness. The name itself implies a tiny note of warmth that one may not see at first glance but definitely feel when staying longer within a space painted this way. We have mentioned several times in our articles that homeowners strive today to soften the sleek minimalist arrangements of contemporary settings. The white shade from Behr is the first to consider due to its neutrality and a refined splash of delicacy that cannot help but add comfort. What stands behind a seemingly simple shade of white that makes it combine such opposite features? Let’s find out together!

Silky White paint color features

Silky White is a neutral white, very close to true whites, although the nearly noticeable creamy base is responsible for a relatively soft effect. It doesn’t look silky. It feels silky. That’s right! In particular conditions, the amount of ease and coziness that this shade radiates is simply overwhelming (in a positive sense). One can regard it as a true white only from a general perspective. Still, when comparing its sample with an indeed true white, you can instantly see the difference. 

Silky White: is it warm or cold?

It is time to tell you that the beloved shade of white is also penetrated by crispy notes, which offer a quite coolish vibe. Nevertheless, the inner beauty, which consists of the silky notes of softness, cannot be beaten by any other scents. Still, it is not that simple. Once lighting enters the game, this color plays by different rules, and, in some cases, you can even notice a slight prevalence of cool undertones. 

How does lighting affect Silky White?

Silky White reaches its lightest variation in full daylight with soft notes of freshness in north-facing rooms and a whole range of warm scents in south-facing spaces. A single touch of shadow will offer this paint color a grayish appearance, revealing even a few blue notes. The commonly used LED lights will bring lighter gray notes to the surface. At the same time, any other source of artificial lighting with warm undertones will make the subtle yellow undertones penetrate the surface to the fullest.

Silky White LRV

On a scale from 0 to 100, where the latter stands for a true white, Silky White reaches a Light Reflectance Value of 83. You may probably wonder how a color so close to true whites doesn’t have at least an LRV of 90. Well, not everything appears to be what we think it is, and this is the beauty of a seemingly true white that is full of undertones that reveal themselves in particular conditions and open a sea of design solutions. Back to the LRV, which in the case of Silky White, stands behind a still impressive ability to reflect light and go far beyond the space limits, enlarging it. 

Simply White undertones

We have reached the point that clarifies everything. The PPU7-12 paint color is diluted with a few particles of yellow, which, combined with fewer drops of gray, are responsible for a balanced, creamy base. In particular circumstances, the first may even seem beige. As already stated, a slight shadow brings the coolest in this shade. It sets free the gray undertones that spread all over the surface, reading slightly blue in north-facing rooms. 

Similar colors

Of course, no paint colors would perfectly replicate the range of features mentioned this far. Still, the seemingly endless list of available white shades with a similarly soft effect surely brings a few similar hues to the surface. Both Behr and other manufacturers offer quite suitable alternatives to PPU7-12. Let’s go through some of them!

  • Swiss Coffee 12 – slightly lighter and noticeably warmer shade with more intense notes of softness than the ones perceived at Silky White;
  • Linen Ruffle PPG 1075-1 by PPP Pittsburgh Paints – identical to PPU7-12, unnoticeably lighter due to a slightly higher LRV;
  • Alabaster SW 7008 by Sherwin-Williams – almost identical shade of white with a slightly lower LRV due to more intense yellow notes;
  • Antique White U. S. A. 029 by Dulux Australia – a variation between the previous shade and Simply White, which makes it impressively identical to the latter;
  • White Mist by Dulux – a slightly darker alternative with more intense notes of beige and gray;
  • Whisper White by Dulux Australia – a delicate ivory-white tone, substantially deeper than Silky White.

Coordinating colors

Despite its neutral base, Silky White is collaborative towards other neutrals, such as deeper shades of gray and soothing variations of bold colors. Lighter whites and blues are also not to be skipped. Next are the accents – intense shades of vibrant colors slightly covered by a foggy surface for a balanced contrast. As usual, the colorists from Behr have already prepared a list of coordinating colors, and we are happy to share it with you.

  • Light Granite N340-1 – a medium-to-light gray with slight beige notes combined with gray that resembles the balance of undertones found at Simply White;
  • Silver Bullet N520-2 – medium gray with silverish notes and subtle purple undertones, reminiscent of a soothing lavender shade with gray scents;
  • Moxie MQ3-35 – very light and dusty shade of pink with a visible hint of gray yet penetrated by a few particles of softness;
  • Helium M480-1 – very light and vibrant blue with a pleasant touch of freshness and energy;
  • Dutch White MQ3-31 – crispy white penetrated by purple-gray notes, reminiscent of a very light lavender;
  • Ultra Pure White UPW – classic white devoid of any undertones, perfect for combinations with other whites diluted with particular undertones;
  • Dusty Olive PPU8-20 – foggy shade of brown with a cool surface, resembling a ripe olive covered in dust;
  • Rose Pottery S150-3 – appealing shade of intense pink cooled down by a haze effect, reminiscent of the pink rose petals in full bloom covered with a thin layer of dust;
  • Norwegian Blue N470-5 – naval blue penetrated by gray undertones with a slight foggy effect;
  • Fortune N100-4 – soothing shade of intense purple with soft beige notes;
  • Smokey Cream N190-1 – light creamy shade with slight pinkish scents penetrated by smokey notes.

Use of Silky White in interior

Silky White is this paint color that goes with any style. Yes, it is a bit picky as regards the matching colors. Still, it has an astonishing ability to adapt to any style by offering a much welcome note of softness and a sleek contemporary feel. Let’s take a look at its integration into the interior through an array of design solutions that imply approaches from various styles!

Living room

From an all-white living room to an eclectic mix of colors and textures with Silky White as a background, your interior will shine in a whole new way that radiates originality, comfort, and a contemporary sense of authenticity. If you decide to go with the first option, consider PPU7-12 for both the walls and ceiling to fill the free space with softness. The second would imply an amalgam of pastels and natural textures for a bold yet comfortable environment.


We usually do not start with “don’ts”, but this one simply requires such an introduction. Don’t suppress the slight note of softness hidden behind Simply White with bold colors and too much texture. This color implies an exquisite scent of easiness and comfort that requires more space to reveal itself. We promise the result will not disappoint. Consider a monochromatic palette, where Silky White is used for painting the walls. Opt for dark wood or black for particular units to dilute the palette without drawing too much attention if you cannot simply go without a few accents.

Kitchen and dining room

Although this unique paint color from Behr goes perfectly as a background in other spaces, it works better for the cabinets in the kitchen so that you feel its calming notes closer. Consider painting the cabinets entirely in this shade within a traditional interior for a clean appearance that embraces tradition exquisitely. Would you like to go the modern way? Consider Simply White for part of the cabinetry and a bold accent, such as naval blue or black for the other part, such as the lower cabinets or the island. Add a few metallic sparkles of brass, and your kitchen will shine in a whole new way.

The scenario changes entirely in the dining area. It is Simply White for the walls and large wooden table and chairs alike in their natural beauty. It may seem extra rustic, but the new alternative to a natural background will offer these pieces of furniture a sleek contemporary feel.


We will probably repeat the information, but it is definitely worth it – an all-white bathroom. Of course, Silky White should be used as a background and sparkling splashes of brass to warm up the environment in a north-facing room and steel to cool down the extra soft appearance of Silky White in south-facing spaces. At the same time, wood cabinetry and black accents for the mirror and plumbing would perfectly combine with the beloved shade of white for a contemporary sense of style and comfort.

Use of Silky White for house exterior

Silky White is a win-win option for the house exterior. It takes on an indeed true-white appearance in full daylight yet not devoid of an exquisite note of unique welcoming effect. This time, the white shade falls in love with dark gray that works perfectly for the roof. A similar variation of gray or even black suits the front door within this context. Speaking of the front door, Silky White is also appropriate for this exterior unit on a cooler background to emphasize its impeccable sense of softness.

The Silky White PPU7-12 paint color from Behr is a no-fail alternative to true whites, which seem rather cold within contemporary interiors. Still not devoid of freshness, the fascinating white brings a new feeling of warmth and coziness to any style, benefiting your interior and exterior and your comfort.

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