A bold orange-red with a vibrant color base that will add charm and dopamine to your lifestyle. Add it in small doses for a perfect effect.

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If pink was the “it” color of 2023 due to Barbiecore design, then red is the trend of 2024. You’ve probably noticed the popularity of red in all its variations – from orange-red to burgundy, in fashion and design. As of late, we’ve been seeing an emerging trend of integrating unexpected red pops, even in the most minimalist color palettes. It can be an accent chair, a bookcase, a nightstand, or any other statement piece. And if you’re not ready to opt for a vibrant red, colorists recommend warm, earthy orange-reds, and Fluorescent Fire from Dulux is a perfect choice. 

Fluorescent Fire Paint Color Features

Fluorescent Fire from Dulux is the brightest paint color in the Muse collection – a selection of bright shades meant to uplift any design. This orange-pigmented red is impressively saturated and catchy. It may not be the best choice as a primary color, yet it perfectly fits accents. To keep it short, FF most flawlessly suits the trend with unexpected red in interior design. Moreover, it offers a more approaching alternative to classic red – all due to the earthy orange note. If you want to update your home’s color code and add dopamine to your lifestyle, try an accent painted with FF. 

Fluorescent Fire: Is It Warm or Cold?

No doubt, FF is a 100% warm paint color. To understand how warm this shade is, check the RGB value (red-green-blue concentration). R – 150, G – 58, B – 37. The red value, responsible for warmth, considerably outruns green and blue. Now we know for sure how warm this red shade actually is. 

How Does Lighting Affect Fluorescent Fire?

Lighting is the key. However, Fluorescent Fire from Dulux is astonishingly saturated, and it hardly gives up. Let’s see how lighting affects it! In the warm natural light coming through south-facing windows, FF reveals its warmest variation – a radiant orange-red. Simultaneously, in a room with northern exposure, FF acquires a slightly more muted effect, yet it still preserves its vibrancy and warmth. At night, FF seems pretty dark. Either way, you’ll need large amounts of artificial or natural light to host this vivid red in your home.

Fluorescent Fire LRV

As bold as FF is, as dark it is. This orange-red has a Light Reflectance Value of 13, meaning it reflects 13% of the light it receives. Our best advice is to use FF in small doses. The last resort is an accent wall. Otherwise, you’ll need the largest windows to ensure enough natural light.

Fluorescent Fire Undertones

The only undertone that disturbs this vivid red’s vibrancy is orange. It adds the right amount of warmth, making this paint color more accessible and less daunting. 

Similar Colors

Considering that reds are so popular, let’s check some other popular shades, particularly ones similar to Fluorescent Fire from Dulux.

  • Hot Chillie by Dulux – dilute FF with more water, and you’ll achieve this slightly lighter red;
  • Copper Puzzle by Dulux – a deeper, earthy brown-red – a darker alternative to FF;
  • Brick Paver SW 7599 by Sherwin-Williams – a slightly more muted orange-red;
  • Merlot Red 2006-20 by Benjamin Moore – a less orange shade of tomato red;
  • Morocco Red PPU2-17 by Behr – a faded brick red devoid of the orange undertone at FF.

Coordinating Colors

Colorists state that the best matching colors for FF are complementary shades, which find themselves on the other side of the color wheel. These are blue and green. Next, they suggest soft neutrals. For contrast, choose dark browns.

  • Beige Artefacts by Dulux – a light, time-tested beige with worn-out gray undertones;
  • Empty Stage by Dulux – a considerably deep and dark shade of brown almost fading into black;
  • Passionate Blue by Dulux – a watercolor shade of vivid blue inspired the roaring retro period;
  • Bean Counter by Dulux – a deep, grayed-down green with a balanced yet vivid personality.

Use of Fluorescent Fire in Interior Design

We get you; using red in interior design may seem challenging. That’s why we gathered some expert design ideas on how to style such a vibrant red like Fluorescent Fire from Dulux.

Kids’ Room

Don’t overdo the colorful part. Use FF for an accent wall, bookcase, wall art, headboard, chair, or other statement. Next to neutrals, it will add style to this space. The kids’ room should be entertaining, and this vibrant red from Dulux will deliver this boldness.

All Red

That’s not a design idea for everyone. Yet, if you don’t mind an enormous dose of brilliant red in your interior, go for it. Apply FF to all walls in your bathroom, hallway, or even living room to make a luxe statement. The only condition is to use it in rooms with large windows or ensure enough sources of artificial light.

Modern Statement

The viral trend with red splashes of color and dopamine in seemingly neutrally colored home designs is getting out of hand positively. We are seeing more interiors updated through red accents. FF from Dulux will perfectly serve this role. Try a red-colored door frame, interior door, accent wall, bookshelf, vanity, or anything else in a modern, neutral interior.

Red in Classic

Some colorists said they think red should be referred to as neutral after its impressive popularity this season. We don’t know about neutral, yet it definitely can be called a timeless color. You’ll easily make it part of a traditional interior with classic wall molding and beautifully carved wooden furniture. 


Due to its earthy undertone, Fluorescent Fire from Dulux stands out as one of the best red paint colors for the kitchen. Of course, this paint color goes primarily for cabinets. Rustic, Modern, Traditional, Mediterranean, Classic, or any other style works.


FF may seem too bright for the bedroom unless you use it in limited doses, say an accent wall or a statement nightstand. The orange undertone in this red paint color adds comfort to the room.


If you want to stand out with a unique bathroom design, decorate it with FF. There is only one condition – ensure plenty of artificial light sources unless there are huge windows. 

Use of Fluorescent Fire in Exterior Design

Fluorescent Fire from Dulux is the brightest at the brand. You’ll absolutely stand out in the neighborhood. The greatest news is you can apply it to both exterior walls and the front door. Lighter and darker neutrals pair well with this orange-red.

Fluorescent Fire from Dulux is a cheerful and mysterious paint color at the same time. It entertains, appeals, and renders comfort simultaneously. Embrace the mainstream of the season with unexpected red accents in design.

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