By the name Favorite Jeans, one can assume that it refers to shades of blue - perhaps blue, perhaps even a little grayish. In fact, however, SW 9147 is full of surprises.

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More than 100 years have passed since jeans were invented, but we remain in love with them to this day – so much so that we are ready to devote many aspects of our life to denim. We are no longer talking about clothes, shoes, and bags made of jeans – this has been popular for a long time. We will not mention the design of notebooks and office supplies and even airbrushing on cars in the spirit of denim – we thought of this a long time ago. The renowned paint manufacturer Sherwin-Williams has gone a step further and introduced a color tribute to the fabric loved by millions – SW 9147 under the name Favorite Jeans.

Today, among the epithets that this shade is awarded with, the most common ones are “airy,” “weightless,” “elegant,” “technological,” and even “classic.” And, we would add one more characteristic – “varied.” However, let’s not speak in riddles: we suggest getting to know the wonderful shade from Sherwin-Williams better.

Favorite Jeans paint color features

By the name Favorite Jeans, one can assume that it refers to shades of blue – perhaps blue, perhaps even a little grayish. In fact, however, SW 9147 is full of surprises that lie in the original base color combination.

The fact is that this shade from Sherwin-Williams in the RGB model does include almost 69% blue – but at the same time, it has 63% green and about 54% red. This means that this beautiful blue is a mixture of azure, magenta, and gray, creating a different perception depending on the lighting, and we’ll take a closer look at this original feature in a moment.

Favorite Jeans: is it warm or cold?

Sherwin-Williams denim blue is 202 degrees, which in turn qualifies as an excellent color. At the same time, the presence of gray and red gives it a certain softness, and therefore it is very comfortable for the eyes and seems cool, airy, and a little dusty or diffused.

How does lighting affect Favorite Jeans?

Favorite Jeans color requires the utmost attention to itself, as it is incredibly dependent on lighting. And in different conditions, it can manifest itself in completely different ways, which, on the one hand, is intriguing. On the other hand, it implies a particular caution in selecting colors for the decoration of premises.

So, for example, this shade becomes truly denim in clear daylight – a slightly dusty light blue-blue with a slight gray echo. However, if it is cloudy outside the window, it gradually begins to go into purple and violet, and at dusk, it even becomes closer to gray-lilac. It is no less interesting to observe it under artificial lighting: in cold white light, it manifests itself as a heavenly blue, and in warm light, mesmerizing azure tones come to the fore.

Favorite Jeans LRV

The LRV coefficient of light reflection for Favorite Jeans is 35, with a lightness of 62%. This indicator is noticeably closer to the border between medium and medium-light shades, which means that it can reflect a certain amount of light and even affect the visual perception of the size of the room. However, be careful: due to the complex mix of subtones at a certain angle, this color can look different and even become a surprise, so carefully calculate all the risks and match them to your wishes.

Favorite Jeans undertones

As we said above, the shade SW 9147 pleases with the richness of undertones that appear depending on the lighting. It is especially azure, gray, and purple notes that make Favorite Jeans color quite complex – but at the same time delightfully charismatic and influential.

Similar colors

Colors like Favorite Jeans have been exciting the minds of designers for years. It is not without reason that similar shades can be found both in the Sherwin-Williams palette and from other manufacturers:

  • Aquitaine SW 9057 – light azure with a slight grayish dustiness;
  • Debonair SW 9139 – medium blue with strong gray notes;
  • Dried Lavender SW 9072 – soft lilac with gray-blue undertone;
  • Baby Blue Eyes SW 9070 – airy gray-blue;
  • Daphne SW 9151 – calm blue-gray with purple notes on the horizon;
  • Cable Knit Sweater CSP-650 by Benjamin Moore – blue-gray with an azure echo, especially visible in bright light;
  • Chambray RAH-72 by Behr – a rather dark blue with a steel undertone.

Coordinating colors

Colors complementary to this beautiful shade of blue can be seen as elements of the triad and its direct opposite. Depending on whether you require sophisticated or rich and expressive contrasts, you can choose any of the following tones:

  • Threshold Taupe SW 7501 – despite its name, a light brown tone that is very pleasing to the eye;
  • Audrey’s Blush SW 9001 – light brown with pinkish and slightly noticeable purple undertones;
  • Great Green SW 6430 – a soft olive tone with an apparent influence of gray;
  • Copper Mountain SW 6356 – bright reddish-brown with a reddish undertone;
  • Soft Apricot SW 6352 – an enjoyable pinkish-creamy tone.

Use of Favorite Jeans in interior and exterior

If you prefer to look for new facets of what seems familiar, then Favorite Jeans is the perfect solution for you. This color is fraught with so many halftones, mesmerizing moods, and unexpected accents that you will never be bored in a room where it is present enough. In addition, its sufficient softness, tranquility, and friendly character turn out to be appropriate in any interior. Let’s see under what conditions it looks especially attractive.


The room where you relax and gain strength is perfect for Favorite Jeans to show its charming character. So, in daylight, it will look clean, restrained, and elegant. Thanks to the manifested purple tones, the coming twilight will create a very sensual, mysterious, and somewhat even magical atmosphere. In addition, the SW 9147 is especially good in modern, elegant combinations. And therefore, having painted the walls with such paint, do not forget about white ceilings and baseboards, dark brown cabinet furniture to match the floor, as well as light textiles and such accents on the walls. Perhaps this is what an ideal refuge looks like, where you can hide from everyday worries and dream about something important.

Living room

Designers love to use Favorite Jeans in bedrooms; however, it shows itself as an excellent base tone in living rooms. Moreover, breathtaking prospects open up before you: for example, by picking up light textiles, light transparent curtains, and furniture of laconic forms to such walls, you rethink the Scandinavian style, adding gray accents – you emphasize your ability to highlight the best in minimalism, and, having made a choice in the use of ceiling beams, brown wooden pedestals with inlaid facades and a colorful carpet – create a stylish mix of retro and modern. Metallic accents look good against such a background: silver metal gives clarity and modern style, gold tones bring unconditional chic.


Hardly anyone can stop you from using this excellent shade of blue in the kitchen as a color for the walls, but the decision to paint cabinets in it promises much more success. Such furniture looks great against a white, beige, or brown background, creating a feeling of purity, lightness, and delightful summer on the Mediterranean coast. You can also venture into contrast by pairing these cabinets and the island with unpainted wood countertops in warm colors.

Home office

Like most blue tones, Favorite Jeans is great for decorating spaces that imply productive work. Try balancing a wall of this color with your desk chair upholstery by choosing a fabric of the same shade, and complement the composition with solid wood furniture in a classic style, a table lamp with a light lampshade, and a writing set with a metal finish.

House exterior

In the case of the exterior of your home, you have two ways – paint the door in Favorite Jeans color or use it to decorate the facade. The second option offers much more exciting solutions – from the complete painting of the walls and their combination with white architectural elements to the combination of denim-blue decorative wood panels with brick walls (believe me, it looks really adorable). However, in the second case, you will not be disappointed: the door in the hospitable shade of Favorite Jeans is excellent both against the background of light and dark painted walls.

Favorite Jeans by Sherwin-Williams is an example of sophisticated and relaxed, but also an intriguing and eye-pleasing shade. Using it in various combinations, changing textures and lighting, you can create real magic within your interior.

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