A slightly warm shade of gray, not devoid of cool notes, and definitely calming. Its delightful softness is nothing else but a reason to fall in love with another shade of gray.

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Although a neutral color, gray is indeed complex and choosing among its various cool, warm, and medium-toned shades is an entire process that involves a thorough analysis. This is why our list of color reviews referring to different shades of gray is quite wide. Yes, today, we are dwelling on another beautiful gray, this time from Behr. Dolphin Fin has been known as one of the most popular shades of gray at Behr, and not without a reason- its pretty sophisticated composition opens up a sea of design possibilities. 

The newly discovered shade is a light gray that stands out with its combination of soft and cool notes. Let’s start with the name itself! Dolphin Fin – what an inspiring pairing of words that makes us instantly refer to a soft gray. One may even mistake this color with a greige, which is a combination of gray and beige. Nevertheless, this shade from Behr is gray, although not a true one due to its slightly perceived scents of warmth. Let’s find out what stands behind such a popular color!

Dolphin Fin paint color features

Dolphin Fin is a slightly warm shade of gray, not devoid of cool notes, and definitely calming. Its delightful softness is nothing else but a reason to fall in love with another shade of gray. A seemingly coolish shade, this enchanting gray feels like a balanced splash of color that refreshes the space and offers an appealing comfy feel. You will simply be amazed by how calming a shade of gray can be.  

To give you a better understanding of its essence, we would like to refer to another popular shade of gray – Silver Drop 790C-2 from the same paint manufacturer, which is practically a shade lighter than Dolphin Fin. One should note that the latter has a more emphasized gray base. Nevertheless, a unique hint of softness can be perceived at both shades that seems rather unnoticeable on the sample but is surely visible when the colors are put into practice.

Dolphin Fin: is it warm or cold?

Nobody canceled its coolish notes, although Dolphin Fin is nothing else but a warm shade of gray. Whether you like it or not, its standout softness contributes to the warm scents that this shade radiates. It is quite confusing: you see it as a coolish color but feel it as a warm one. What do we do then with this information? Nothing else but except the fact that Dolphin Fin is an unusual color that reveals particular cool or warm undertones depending on the neighboring colors and lighting.

How does lighting affect Dolphin Fin?

Do you remember what we always say? Lighting is the boss. Undoubtedly, this factor plays an essential role in the way we perceive Dolphin Fin. Let’s tackle it from a narrow perspective! First comes natural lighting. Of course, it will make this shade shine to the fullest, revealing its light and airy notes. If we speak about west, east, and south-facing rooms, the color is slightly penetrated by beige undertones. In north-facing rooms, it appears more grayish. Nevertheless, you can always use artificial lighting with particular undertones to offer this paint an appearance that fits your preferences. 

Dolphin Fin LRV

A small reminder: LRV is used to determine how light or dark a color is on a scale from 0 to 100, depending on its ability to reflect the light, where the latter stands for a true white color. Back to Dolphin Fin! It reaches a value of 59, which means that it is part of the medium-toned shades, directed towards the lighter end of this category. What does it mean? Well, it is nothing else but reliable proof of its ability to reflect the light all over the space with a relatively outstanding intensity besides its no less impressive expanding effect. That’s right! The gray notes absorb a particular amount of light but not as intensely as the color itself bounces back a great part of the light that penetrates the room.

Dolphin Fin undertones

As already mentioned, Dolphin Fin is diluted with a few drops of beige responsible for its slightly soft effect. What about its coolish notes? Well, gray stands for its balanced feature, while the subtle coldish scents are radiated by a few slightly visible blue undertones. There is more to come! In a room that receives enough light, this color seems like a foggy shade of white with extremely soothing notes. This is the trick the undertones of this color are playing on us.

Similar colors

There are so many shades of gray that there is probably not a single one that would not have at least a few cousins at the same paint manufacturers, and the list gets longer once we refer to other manufacturers as well. Do you know what is more impressive? As similar as they may look, as unique they are, each coming with an original approach to the same combination of coolness and softness. Let’s start with Behr and go further while discovering alternatives to this shade!

  • Sawgrass N350-2 – a noticeably more intense shade of gray with a higher level of warmth and devoid of blue notes;
  • Soft Secret PPU25-10 – a foggy version of Dolphin Fin with a slightly lower LRV;
  • Whitewash Oak PPU24-12 – a slightly darker alternative to Dolphin Fin due to a more perceived gray base;
  • Titanium PPU24-16 – a shade darker gray than the previous one;
  • Foggy London PPU25-09 – a nearly visible darker alternative to Dolphin Fin with a few fog particles;
  • Light Year N370-3 – a noticeably darker variation of gray with intense gray notes, although not devoid of softness;
  • Skylight 205 by Farrow & Ball – a slightly darker shade of gray devoid of warm undertones that makes it look noticeably cooler;
  • Desert Light 1004 by Benjamin Moore – a slightly lighter gray with more pronounced beige undertones responsible for its warm scents;
  • Unfussy Beige 6043 by Sherwin Williams – identical to the previous shade, the difference being noticed when referring to its slightly higher LRV;
  • Thimble Case by Dulux – a highly perceived lighter variation of gray devoid of the gray intensity noticed at Dolphin Fin.

Coordinating colors

As with most shades of gray, this color cooperates with a wide range of hues both as a background and an accent. First of all, one should consider neutrals whose undertones complement the ones contained by Dolphin Fin. In the second place come soothing shades, or let’s say – pastels followed by their bold alternatives; quite an array of possibilities we have here, and all due to the surprising versatility of this impressive gray. Let’s go through the list of coordinating colors that experts from Behr happily shared with us!

  • Silver Ash GR-W11 – light gray with a soothing base and slightly silverish notes;
  • Jungle Camouflage N350-4 – dark green penetrated by intense notes of gray with a soothing yet coolish surface;
  • Mulberry Stain – pastel shade of lavender diluted with a few particles of warmth;
  • Half Sea Fog N470-3 – pastel blue with pleasant soft notes, resembling a soothing variation of lavender;
  • Best In Snow N550-3 – despite its name, a soft shade of cool purple covered by a foggy veil;
  • Flagstaff Green N400-3 – medium shade of green with an impressively soothing base, resembling a soft shade of gray;
  • Raspberry Crush M120-7 – bright shade of purple with slightly cool notes, extremely deep and delicious-looking at the same time;
  • Helium M480-1 – very light blue with a delicate and soft surface that radiates a fresh splash of calmness;
  • New Orleans S570-6 – a slightly soothing shade of bold purple with subtle notes of cool;
  • Green Scene S350-5 – pastel shade of green penetrated by a few particles of beige, although not devoid of slightly visible intense notes;
  • Smokestack N220-3 – pastel shade of light purple, resembling a faded variation of lavender diluted with a few drops of softness;
  • Dutch White MQ3-31 – crispy white with blue-gray undertones that resonates with a slight foggy effect;
  • Little Bow Pink P130-5 – a pretty shade of slightly coolish pink with a soothing surface;
  • Ice Sculpture BL-W02 – frosty white with a soft bluish base that radiates frozen notes of calmness;
  • Beach Foam S450-1 – pastel blue, impressively light and refreshing;
  • Evening in Paris N560-4 – pastel purple that mesmerizes with its rather cool base but exceptionally calming feature;
  • New House White RD-W10 – soft shade of white penetrated by warm beige scents that resemble a rather pinkish shade with an extremely light base;
  • Vanilla Mocha N260-1 – very pale shade of light pink combined perfectly with a dusty effect;
  • Raspberry Smoothie M130-4 – pastel purple, neither too light nor too dark, with an extremely natural appearance;
  • Ultra Pure White UPW – classic shade of white devoid of any undertones;
  • Explorer Blue 790C-3– bright blue with a subtle refreshing note that feels exceptionally calm but no less positive;
  • Misty Lavender S570-1 – very light shade of lavender covered by a haze veil;
  • Unwind GR-W05 – neutral white penetrated by a few coolish scents of gray;
  • Eucalyptus Wreath N390-5 – neutral shade of green with clearly perceived gray undertones that resembles a rather gray shade with soothing notes.

Use of Dolphin Fin in interior

When it comes to gray, it is quite appropriate for any room of your house, particularly if it is a slightly soft shade that enriches the space with warmth, which homeowners and designers strive for today. It seems that this color is one of those hues that offer a contemporary look to any space, and its versatility is responsible for its cooperation with a variety of shades within various spaces, be it as a background when painting the walls or an accent when choosing it for a piece of furniture or other elements of the room. Let’s see what the best design solutions are!

A new perspective on accents

We are used to the idea that an accent should immediately be a bold color but not according to contemporary standards. Considering that more and more neutrals are penetrating the interior, such a shade as gray with more emphasized notes is no less appropriate for an accent. Consider Dolphin Fin for the interior doors, trim, or even an accent wall if it is decorated with wood paneling, particularly on a lighter background. The result is a sleek interior decorated in an exquisite way that replicates nothing but an exceptional sense of contemporaneity.

Living room

Are you looking for a perfect background to implement an original design idea? Dolphin Fin is more than welcome to help you and even add a bit of individuality with its unusual scent of softness. Functional contemporaneity, elegant Art Deco, natural Eco, comfy Scandi, flamboyant Provence; which one feels closer to you? Or, is it a completely different style that you have in mind? No problems, the versatile gray from Behr will serve as a canvass for any of your design preferences. A perfect partner for neutral shades and no less impressive companion for bolder accents, Dolphin Fin will simply enter the space and look as if it was meant to be part of your interior, regardless of what direction you go.


It seems that experts from Behr were thinking about this space in particular when they came up with Dolphin Fin. Such a soft and calming shade doesn’t suit any other space better than the bedroom. The design project is easier than you thought: Dolphin fin for the walls and lots of white shades for the rest, considering an additional splash of wooden texture. Keep it simple, and this impressive gray will reveal its soft notes to the fullest, enriching the space with a confident feel of comfort. You will simply not want to leave your bedroom filled with unusual scents of calmness accompanied by an irreplaceable sense of ease. If white feels closer to you, consider it for the walls, and opt for Dolphin Fin to paint a piece of furniture, such as the dresser. Even a tiny splash of this color is enough to spread a delightful feeling of coziness all over the space.

Kitchen and dining room

Have you noticed the increasing popularity of painting the kitchen cabinets in gray? It is a perfect time to give it a try yourself unless you have already done that. Nevertheless, nothing will combine so impressively freshness, softness, invigoration, and calmness the way Dolphin Fin can. It seems that the latter is quite friendly to metallic hardware. It must be the rather coolish and soft undertones that try to penetrate the surface. Well, why stand in their way? Consider steel or brass hardware for the already painted cabinets, adding a splash of wood texture to dilute an overly neutral setting.

As with the living room, feel free to use Dolphin Fin as a background and put into practice your design ideas for the dining area and remember: the more individuality it acquires, the closer the environment feels to you.


Bathroom walls painted in Dolphin Fin? Yes, without any doubt! Cabinets painted the same way? Why not? Either way, don’t forget about the old friends – a few bass elements or invite some new companions – a few black accents. While brass will add a feel of balanced delicacy, the latter will surely enrich the space with a surprising sense of depth. Of course, calmness will be a constant feature in any case. In such small spaces, lighting has an increasing influence. Therefore, you can surely go with particular light undertones to achieve a rather coolish or softer environment. 

Use of Dolphin Fin for house exterior

Make an impressive statement and outstanding introduction to your interior with a no less contemporary and inviting house exterior. Of course, Dolphin Fin is a go-to option for those who appreciate the exquisite combination of formality and comfort. You could paint the walls in this shade of gray and consider a contrastive color for the trim, or opt for this color for the door and shutters on a lighter background. Do you know what is common between those two options? A unique stately yet welcoming effect.

The Dolphin Fin (790C-3) paint color from Behr is the most popular source of stimulation and calmness in terms of color effects. Do you feel that your interior or exterior would benefit from such features, additionally to the standout contemporary sense that this color bears? Don’t hesitate to make them part of your design with appropriate integration of this color.

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