This fabulous shade from Behr has a minty green base diluted with a subtle blue hint and covered with a smoky surface that offers a soft effect.

LRV 68

When it comes to shades of green, designers suggest paying attention to rather earthy or smoky variations that offer a new perspective on the beloved approach “to bring the outdoors indoors”. In this sense, one of the most popular colors of the kind – Brook Green N410-2 paint color from Behr is a go-to option. 

The new neutrals inspired by nature are a trend, and passing by such a prominent representative and not diving deeper into its essence would be a shame. The beautiful sparkle of freshness and softness that colorists from Behr came up with is a real find for creative minds that want to find peace with themselves and the outside world. Is it possible for a single paint color to replicate so many features at once? Let’s find out!

Brook Green paint color features

What kind of green is Brook Green? Let’s start with the base! The fabulous shade from Behr has a minty green base diluted with a subtle blue hint and covered with a smoky surface that offers a soft effect. It may even look like a light shade of blue in some spaces with the same foggy effect. On one side, it feels exceptionally invigorating and inspiring. On the other hand, one cannot fail to notice its soft notes that feel so calming – our beloved combination of freshness and softness, which is highly required within contemporary interiors.

Brook Green: is it warm or cold?

From one perspective, it is definitely cool, yet we cannot doubt the soft wave that spreads all over its surface. It depends on the lighting and other factors on how this color appears. Still, the mix of fresh and soft notes is always there. Furthermore, we cannot call it cold or warm by any means. Why do we tackle the warm side as well? The thing is that, under particular conditions, Brook Green can even reveal a slight creamy effect. 

How does lighting affect Brook Green?

Brook Green looks just a bit lighter than on the sample in full daylight, preserving its soft and fresh notes for an appealing foggy shade of light green, particularly a minty variation. Still, it depends on the exposure. If we speak about rooms with northern exposure, we have to mention that Brook Green seems rather blue, slightly muted, yet no less fresh and soothing. On the other side, in spaces with southern exposure, this paint color preserves its base and both refreshing and softening scents while revealing the same creamy hint we spoke about. It is all about the sun rays that bring this effect. 

Before applying this shade to your interior, experiment with a sample and make sure it reveals itself the way you want. Still, you can always play with the lighting undertones and bring the desired effect.

Brook Green LRV

For those who are new here, LRV stands behind the Light Reflectance Value, which determines, on a scale from 0 to 100, to what extremity a shade belongs. One should note that 0 stands for a true variation of black while 100 is all about a pure shade of white. In this context, we can firmly state that Brook Green is a medium shade gravitating towards the light side with an LRV of 68. Still, it looks slightly lighter than the LRV implies, showing impressive abilities to reflect the light and make the room seem spacious.

Brook Green undertones

There is nothing new to state besides summarizing the mentioned facts. Brook Green is penetrated by a subtle blue undertone that reveals itself in particular conditions while preserving the relatively minty effect. One would say that there is also a slight gray hint to be mentioned, yet this is the magic that the smoky particles are playing on us. If you wonder about the creamy effect, it is due to particular lighting conditions.

Similar colors

Since this shade can be easily mistaken for a light variation of soothing blue, the list of alternatives gets wider. Luckily, we can go beyond Behr’s borders and offer you similar options that look impressively identical or bring a new perspective on the beloved green shade. Enough with the intro; let’s get to specific representatives!

  • Silver Grass Half S23A1H by Dulux Australia – surprisingly identical shade; one would not spot a single difference if it weren’t for the unnoticeably higher LRV;
  • Gentle Calm Half S22A1H by Dulux Australia – almost the same shade of green; even its LRV of 67.7 cannot doubt it;
  • Murmur 12-5203 TCX by Pantone – the same as with the previous shade; only the slightly lower LRV would distinguish between the two variations;
  • Hurricane 408-2 by PPG Pittsburgh Paints – a slightly lighter shade, yet very close to Brook Green with an almost unperceived higher LRV;
  • 10 GG 72 by Dulux – another impressive, almost identical shade; again, only the slightly higher LRV would distinguish between them;
  • Window Pane SW 6210 by Sherwin-Williams – a bit more noticeably lighter alternative; still, very close to the inner beauty of Brook Green.

Coordinating colors

Designers suggest combining Brook Green with white shades that show tiny green particles, darker green variations, and gray shades with subtle green undertones for monochromatic approaches. Still, you can use this beautiful shade of smoky green as a background for bold accents, whether pastel variations or bright shades. However, one should not go too extra with the latter in order not to disturb the peaceful environment set by Brook Green. Luckily, experts from Behr came up with a list of exact color matchings to make it easier for you.

  • Unwind GR-W05 – crispy shade of white with almost unnoticeable notes of green for an exceptional sense of natural freshness;
  • Pesto Green PPU11-05 – a medium variation of soothing green with hidden yellow notes for perfect replication of the pesto sauce;
  • Mocha Ice N150-1 – pastel shade of medium-to-light pink penetrated by slight smoky particles;
  • Pale Cornflower S520-1 – pale shade of light blue slightly diluted with a few creamy notes;
  • Spring Bouquet S100-1 – pastel lavender penetrated by the most charming scents of warmth yet featuring a balanced base;
  • Nature’s Reflection N430-2 – medium shade of green-blue combined with slightly noticeable gray scents for a perfect sense of soothing softness;
  • Thai Basil N400-5 – medium-to-dark shade of green with gray undertones and a rather cool base;
  • Glazed Pot PPU3-15 – bright brown with vibrant orange notes and exquisitely warm look;
  • Charcoal Blue N490-5 – dark blue diluted with gray, resembling a navy blue shade covered with a foggy surface;
  • New Orleans S570-6 – medium shade of purple gravitating towards the dark side with a vibrant base devoid of undertones;
  • Sawgrass N350-2 – medium gray penetrated by a slight green hint and showing a relatively earthy combination of notes.

Use of Brook Green in interior

As a neutral shade, Brook Green opens a wide range of possibilities. Still, there are a few styles it throws new light on. It serves as a perfect background within monochromatic interiors that rely on the green color, although bold accents are also welcome. Furthermore, its integration is relevant within any space, each revealing a particular side of this beautiful color. Let’s see what design solutions go best for this shade!

New Farmhouse

We usually suggest painting the walls within Farmhouse interiors in warm shades. This time, we came up with a unique suggestion of painting them in a relatively cool variation, not of gray or beige, but green. The nature-inspired shade perfectly resonates with the prevalent wood texture and sets harmony within any space. Particularly welcome, this paint color is in the kitchen. Be it for the walls or kitchen cabinets. Combine it with brass to enhance the warm effect if you feel it close to your sense of beauty. Brook Green offers a new perspective on the style that is all about comfort.

Updated Coastal

Since Brook Green may reveal a slight blue hint in particular conditions, it is a real find for a new perspective on the Coastal. It seems to be the usual light blue that perfectly underlines the style, although the relatively green base adds originality and brings any Coastal interior to the next level. The contemporary approach implies a slightly monochromatic palette with a prevalence of white shades and light wood texture. Don’t forget the defining elements of decor that emphasize the coastal lifestyle.

Living room

Consider Brook Green as a backdrop and take any style direction that feels close to your taste by appropriately choosing the matching colors. One should note that the smoky green from Behr works for modern and traditional interiors with the same sense of perfection. Don’t hesitate to add wood texture to enhance the natural effect and harmonize with the nature-inspired neutral background. This shade of green works no less impressive with white for an interior full of freshness and contemporaneity.


Regardless of the style, stick to a monochromatic palette with Brook Green for the walls and white for the other elements. Still, the fabulous shade of green is ready to collaborate with wood texture and soft textiles. You can expose vintage pieces or flamboyant units of decor on such a background and enjoy the contrast. Either way, Brook Green will fill the space with calmness in the evening and inspiration in the morning.

Kitchen and dining room

Be it the walls, kitchen cabinets, or island. Brook Green is a real find for naturally refreshed and comfy interiors, even when it comes to the kitchen. Combine this paint color with white or add accents depending on what result you want: is it to make a statement or keep it low-key? Once we enter the dining area, we cannot help but point at the relevance of Brook Green in combination with wood for a contemporary dining space that radiates comfort, sticks to modern design rules, and offers an exceptional sense of calmness.


It is simpler than you thought in the bathroom. Consider Brook Green as a background, stick to a rather neutral palette by adding white, and skip the decorative part. Keep it sleek and modern, letting the soothing shade of green prevail over the space and enriching it with softness, freshness, calmness, and not least, comfort. Nobody said that Brook Green does not suit the cabinets, although it works better for the walls in this room.

Use of Brook Green for house exterior

The new neutral is on its way to conquering your heart and becoming your all-time favorite for the house exterior. Add gray for the roof, black for accents, and white for the trim, and you will instantly notice how the house is reaching this classic level of confident look. The same goes for the front door if painted in Brook Green on a slightly contrastive background. In both cases, the nature-inspired shade perfectly harmonizes with the outdoor background.

The Brook Green N410-2 paint color from Behr is a new find and an exceptional one. The seemingly neutral base goes with almost any design solution, while the nature-inspired green notes replicate the natural beauty in the most authentic way.

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