A shade of blue that has a rich and diverse composition, playing with our imagination based on particular lighting

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Paint colors inspired by natural phenomena have been gaining a lot of attention lately, not that they are not worthy of it, but the paid interest is impressive. Designers explain their choice by the fact that the last months have changed our perspective on the time we spend outside. Therefore, the latest design trends tend to bring the outdoors indoors. Paint colors have never been skipped in this respect before, and the influence of natural elements can be felt in the colors that various paint manufacturers came up with. This is the case with a beautiful shade of blue from Sherwin Williams that impresses with its enchanting appearance. The name itself – Blustery Sky makes us think about a cool, crispy, and refreshing color.

Colors are not always given names that reflect what they really look like, for instance, in nature. It is more about the way you feel during a particular experience, whether you witness a mesmerizing landscape or admire the sky in a particular part of the day. Thus, Blustery Sky opens to us a splendid picture of a cloudy sky. Maybe it is about to rain or snow. Who knows? What we can say for sure is the fact that the sky is definitely predicting a change in the weather. Let’s put it this way: the calm before the storm. This shade seems to be calm, but there is still a bit of drama in it. We hope we have sparked your interest and desire to discover this fantastic shade since what is coming is no less surprising.

Blustery Sky paint color features

One could assume by the name itself that it is a shade of blue, but which one is it in particular? SW 9140 is full of surprises, and we are here to reveal them. We like to work with facts, and here are some of them: in the RGB color model, Blustery Sky has a red value of 43%, a green value of 51%, and a blue one of 54%. Therefore, it has a rich and diverse composition, playing with our imagination based on particular lighting, and this is what we will tackle from a narrow perspective later.

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Blustery Sky: is it warm or cold?

Sherwin-Williams Blustery Sky is 196.6 degrees. Quite an excellent result. Nevertheless, the subtle gray notes throw a slightly dusty cover on it, making it look soft, airy, and comfortable for the eyes. All in all, this impressive color is directed more towards cold shades, although the feature of being “cool” suits it better. 

How does lighting affect Blustery Sky?

This rich and, at the same time, cool color depends impressively much on the lighting. It is not that complicated but rather intriguing.  A slight change in the lighting leads to a completely new variation, which offers new possibilities for designing a space. 

Let us give you a clear perspective on that: Blustery Sky appears to be a greyish blue with airy notes in daylight; when there is a lack of natural light, the blue and gray notes intensify, bringing a rather bluish-gray shade to the surface. The game takes a whole new turn when artificial light is considered; the gray undertones are ready to take the scene. 

Blustery Sky LRV

The LRV reflectance value of this shade from Sherwin Williams is 22. It means that Blustery Sky can reflect a particular amount of light, although the expanding effect cannot be considered. One should note that lighting plays its trick regardless of the LRV. Under a particular angle, this shade may look like it has always been gray or even show off some green notes under artificial lighting with warm undertones. 

Blustery Sky undertones

Considering the above-mentioned information, a blue shade like that comprises a surprisingly wide range of undertones. It is noteworthy that most of them bloom under particular lighting. Generally speaking, gray is the one that lays beneath this color and decides to come to the surface when it finds such an action suitable, by which we mean, of course, lack of lighting sources. 

Similar colors

Designers have been excited with shades of blue for a long time, and it seems that paint manufacturers have tried to fulfill their dreams and have come up with a wide range of options for different variations. Even such an intriguing color as Blustery Sky has made some new friends. Let’s discover them!

  • Refuge SW 6228 – pale blue with slight cold gray undertones;
  • Bracing Blue SW 6242 – light and cool blue enriched with a soothing effect;
  • Storm Cloud SW 6249 – cold blue with a noticeable gray underlayer;
  • Blue Dusk 1644 by Benjamin Moore – soothing shade of light blue with a subtle touch of gray;
  • Smokestack Gray 2131-40 by Benjamin Moore – airy blue with a pronounced gray cover;
  • Artifact PPG10-16 by PPG Paints – light blue penetrated by a subtle shade of gray;
  • Puddle Jumper PPG 1035-5 by PPG Paints – soothing shade of cool blue with pale gray notes.

Coordinating colors

The complementary colors are meant to bring the best in our shade of blue. Sometimes, picky, other times, adapting, Blustery Sky is playing the game by its own rules, but it is always open for collaboration. If you strive for perfection and a thoroughly thought-out decision with a successful result is what you look for, you should pay attention to the coordinating colors suggested by experts from Sherwin Williams. Let’s see what they have prepared for us!

  • Nuance SW 7049 – crispy shade of white with subtle notes of gray;
  • Gray Area SW 7052 – soothing gray with slightly visible undertones of brown;
  • Mountain Air SW 6224 – refreshing shade of white with a soothing blue echo on the horizon.

Use of Blustery Sky in interior

Bold enough not to get you bored, soothing enough to keep it serene. This spectacular shade is a perfect fit for both modern and traditional styles. Are you looking for a perfect match for a minimalist design or a suitable option for an extravagant arrangement? Both cases will benefit from such a color as Blustery Sky. Let’s see what it has in store for us!


Blustery Sky is perfect for a room that requires comfort as much as style. From walls painted in this shade to a whole cover, including the ceiling, such a soothing color is the last element a bedroom needs to complete its design. During the day, this space will radiate light blue notes for an enchanting environment. Once artificial light is on the stage, the warm undertones will bloom in an unexpected way and charm you with their relaxing feature. Whether it is a modern bedroom or a traditional one with elements of wood, our spectacular color will adapt to the situation and enhance the initial environment rather than spoil it. Once you keep it cool with the paint, go light with textiles for a balance. And last but not least is the dreamy effect of this shade from Sherwin Williams, which seems to be the defining aspect in convincing you to integrate Blustery Sky in your bedroom.

Living room

Although perfect for such spaces as the bedroom, why not give it a try in the living? Paint the walls in SW 9140, accompany them with gray elements for a modern look or contrastive colors. One should note that white is perfect for a rather cold shade of blue. Does it feel too cool for you? Add a splash of wooden texture, and a balanced environment is guaranteed. Furthermore, you could try something new. Blustery Sky will work as a perfect background for your boldest ideas. A functional Scandinavian design and an Industrial-style coffee table; why not? Go even further with sparkling details such as metallic accessories for an unconditional elegant note. 


Don’t get us wrong! Nobody can stop you from painting the walls in this shade, but painting the cabinets this way sounds like a more promising variant. Mostly suitable for the traditional style, but not skipping the modern one, a combination of cabinets painted in our already beloved shade and a white backsplash, particularly with Subway-style tiles, is what we call perfection. Additionally, you can think of wooden elements for texture and brass hardware for a feel of elegance. The result promises to feel fresh and stimulating during the day and comfy and charming during the night. If you are the owner of a kitchen with an island, don’t hesitate to integrate it into the overall design by painting it in the same Blustery Sky. 


Blue is always welcome in bathrooms, but particular shades require particular approaches. Our shade of blue is rather cool and can lead to a draining effect. Don’t worry! You can still go with this color but in slightly smaller amounts. Paint the cabinets in Blustery Sky with a neutral background or opt for a partial cover of the walls. What would you say about half-blue, half-white walls or wood paneling painted with blue? It is up to you, or, to be more precise, to the style of your bathroom. 

House exterior

When it comes to the exterior, Blustery Sky is no less impressive. Do you fancy a rich yet balanced color to offer your house a stately look? This soothing shade of blue is at your disposal. Furthermore, you can go more than one way: a blue facade for your house with white window frames or a blue front door on a light-colored background. Particularly charming on sunny days and surprisingly inviting on rainy weather. Isn’t it what every house owner dreams of? 

Blustery Sky by Sherwin Williams is a fascinating mixture of relaxed and intriguing. If you wonder how the two features can be part of the same color, here is the answer: lighting changes the rules. Considering various textures, colors, and lighting, you can integrate this color in any style and ensure an up-to-date result.

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