An organic crop-yellowish tan paint color that softly connects to nature and makes a cozy and safe abode out of any house; a new-generation neutral and a great asset in contemporary design.

LRV 55
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In such uncertain times, we are all looking to strengthen the sense of home in the space we live in. We want to feel welcome, secure, and at peace while being home. In color theory, comfort and home are associated with earthy shades. That’s why, at Dulux, you can find the new Connect collection of paint colors dedicated to the outdoors. Most tones of this selection reveal earthy notes that help us reconnect with original matter and nature. Find your way back home with Beaten Track, a soft tan shade that celebrates perfect imperfection and brings us closer to where everything is simple, understating, and supportive – nature. 

Beaten Track Paint Color Features

Part of the Yellow family, BT (allow us to shorten the name) is a mid-tone yellowish tan with a soothing and soft allure. Almost falling into the beige sea of colors, it stands out as a gentle shade of pale brown. Even the name indicates a solid connection to earthy colors. Still, there is a hidden meaning. They say this paint color is “off the beaten track”, meaning far from the hustle, and this is precisely what we all need right now – an escape. 

Besides its immaculate neutral character with a unique twist, BT will bring a sense of organic and natural harmony to your interior or exterior design. Using its healing and calming properties, this yellow-tan shade will double up comfort, balance, and safety in your house. Even in the middle of urban bustle, you can feel nature through every particle of this color, especially when used in large doses. Stay simple, safe, and original with the best of the best – Beaten Track from Dulux.

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Beaten Track: Is It Warm or Cold?

Without looking at this color’s sample, we can understand that BT is a warm paint color. The description above is more than enough. Besides, a paint color inspired by nature, with earthy traces that meet our need for comfort and warmth, cannot help but instantly reveal its temperature, which is undoubtedly warm. 

How Does Lighting Affect Beaten Track?

When dissolved in natural light, BT becomes lighter and less saturated. We can witness an even brighter beige shade with earthy brown undertones mixed with warm yellow when using BT in a room fully bathed in sun rays. Expect a subtle green-yellow trace under the tan veil in spaces flooded with cold natural light. Overall, BT is a light paint color, and you can safely use it in smaller and larger spaces to bring in an unpretentious and cozy vibe. 

Beaten Track LRV

All professional colorists and designers know about the light reflectivity value of colors so that they can choose the right shade. There is a scale from 0 (black) to 100 (white), depending on how much light a color reflects. BT has an LRV of 55, the golden mean, as they say. Positioning itself in the middle of two extremes, BT is relatively good at reflecting light. Don’t hesitate to use this paint color even in a small space. 

Beaten Track Undertones

This flawless shade of pale brown is diluted with tiny yellowish particles, making it seem lighter and warmer. Additionally, a handful of green undertones camouflaged by yellow appear out of nowhere under the proper light exposure (you won’t see any green trace on the color sample alone). 

Similar Colors

When gray stepped back and allowed other neutrals to take the lead, tans emerged with unprecedented popularity among designers. No wonder we can now admire a wide range of available pale brown shades, and most tend to take after our precious Beaten Track paint color.

  • Savannah S14E3 by Dulux Australia – almost the same soft tan, yet devoid of the yellow undertones, matching the vibe of the wild Savannah landscape;
  • Bracken Salts 3 by Dulux – an even closer tan shade to BT; use it as an alternative, and you won’t see a difference;
  • Sun City X-84 by Behr – an impressively similar, maybe lighter, brown shade that would perfectly replace Beaten Track;
  • Shakespeare Tan 228 by Benjamin Moore – a slightly deeper and less warm tan, closer to earthy shades, yet still very similar to BT;
  • Ecru SW 6135 by Sherwin-Williams – a powdery soft tan, almost fading into a soothing beige shade, less yellow than BT;
  • Canvas Satchel PPG12-20 by PPG Paints – a few-notes-darker tan with even more emphasized yellow undertones;
  • Warm and Toasty DET 646 by Dunn-Edwards – a somewhat cooler tone of light brown, perfect to use as an alternative to BT in rooms constantly bathed in warm sun rays;
  • Cache of Camel M254 by Valspar – a substantially darker and more yellowish tan recommended as a substitute to BT in rooms with northern exposure.

Coordinating Colors

Regardless of what brown shade we speak about, they are all regarded as neutrals that pair with whites, beiges, grays, and others alike. You can also use tan combined with more vivid colors, such as blue, green, coral, purple, or other earthy shades. On Dulux’s website, you can find a few perfect matches for BT:

  • Natural White SW1F4 – the perfect white shade, as they call it, this is the brightest warm white at Dulux and a flawless canvas for contemporary design;
  • Stowe White SW1E9 – a pleasant creamy white with a tricky yellow undertone that plays its warm magic on interior and exterior design;
  • Stonecrop S14D5 – an accent mid-tone brown with yellow undertones that work equally successfully inside and outside;
  • Namadji SN4G8 – a high-demanded earthy charcoal with an almost black effect, perfect for accent features.

Use of Beaten Track in Interior Design

If you cannot forget neutrals, which are slowly yet firmly going out of trend, try BT as a trendy alternative, the new generation of neutrals, as colorists like to call them. It literally goes for any design style and color palette. Designers prefer Eco-style and Rustic for this earthy paint color, and you should give it a try. More design ideas with Beaten Track as follows.

Modern Rustic

Choose this trendy design style combined with BT, and you’ll love your new interior redecoration. Choose an earthy color palette with warm neutrals. Of course, BT goes for walls and even the ceiling. Switch from bold prints to richly textured textiles of organic linen and wool, jute, or sisal. Consider wicker, rattan, or wood for furniture. Remember, naturally textured elements are the best asset. By the way, such a mood board sounds pretty sustainable and up-to-date with the new Eco-style trends. 

Cozy Bedroom

A light and soft color like BT on walls requires a pastel and bright color palette. Choose white, soothing blues or greens, and deeper browns for furniture, bedding, and decorative pieces. Let the room breathe and enjoy the relaxing and restoring mood.

Kids Room

BT is a gender-neutral color, so designers love it so much. You can use it as a base color in your kid’s room and accessorize it with everything you want; any color, shape, and pattern are welcome. This light brown shade feels cozy and helps you focus on the moment.

Kitchen and Dining Room

As fast as designers laid their eyes on Beaten Track, they knew this was the perfect paint color for a Cottage-style kitchen. They didn’t hesitate to connect this light brown shade with Mid-Century Modern style and even Modern design. Paired with wood, gold cabinet handles, and an overall decluttered feature, BT becomes the coziest and softest color you can choose for the kitchen.

As effortlessly, BT integrates into the dining room, where it shares its indisputable beauty and charismatic individuality with the homeowners. You’ll always feel relaxed and connected to what matters when surrounded by such a supportive color.


You can use this versatile light brown from Dulux for any design style. Still, professionals decided to choose Cottage, Vintage, and Traditional as the go-to styles for BT. Accessorize the trendy brown shade with a free-standing bathtub, wood paneling, and vintage bathroom fixtures. You’ll live a real-life fairytale while bathing in a space that seems to have stopped in another century.

Use of Beaten Track for House Exterior

BT looks stylish on traditional wooden houses paired with white trim. You are free to choose any color for the front door, whether a similarly neutral or a statement one. Although BT seems brighter on exterior walls, it doesn’t stop reflecting that welcoming yellow sparkle that will call you home from the first second you spot it. 

Dulux’s Beaten Track is a new-generation tan paint color that will efficiently help you reconnect with the outdoor world and redefine balance in your house. Benefit to the fullest from such an organically beautiful and relaxing brown color.

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