A mix of gray and beige notes, called greige, on the verge of passing the threshold into the gray category. Is it gray or greige then? Actually, both.

LRV 66

The list of gray reviews goes on. Today, we would like to present another popular shade of the kind to you. Balboa Mist OC-27 paint color from Benjamin Moore is a favorite on the designers’ list and not without reason. This perfect light gray with warm undertones refreshes the space, leaving behind a touch of originality. As part of the Off-White Color collection, this paint color is a go-to option for serene environments and is no less appropriate within spaces with bold accents. It is a seemingly neutral shade of gray, but once you dive deep into the nuances of this paint color, you are simply amazed by what a sophisticated gray it is. Let’s discover its inner beauty!

Balboa Mist paint color features

The OC-27 paint color from BM is regarded as a natural gray, being part of the gray family within the color palette of this paint color brand. Still, even on the sample, one can notice the mix of gray and beige notes, called greige, on the verge of passing the threshold into the gray category. Is it gray or greige then? Actually, both. It depends on such factors as lighting and neighboring colors. Still, one thing we know for sure – Balboa Mist doesn’t cease to impress with its coolish yet soft scents for an effect that feels airy and full of personality.

Balboa Mist: is it warm or cold?

We have mentioned that Balboa Mist feels fresh because it belongs to the light group of colors. However, it doesn’t make this paint color cool since the beige notes are responsible for its warm features. Even in spaces where it seems grayer, the OC-27 paint color doesn’t lose its softness, proving that Balboa Mist is a warm paint color.

How does lighting affect Balboa Mist?

The more light it receives, the lighter and cooler it seems. In terms of daylight, Balboa Mist leans neutral gray in north-facing spaces, preserving its delicate softness. At the same time, the south-facing windows make this paint color appear impressively warm and familiar, while the east and west-facing rooms bring that delicate balance of gray and beige to the surface that gravitates towards one extremity or another depending on how the sun rays penetrate the space. In the same way, you can play with artificial lighting with cool undertones for a fresher result and warm for a softer effect.

Balboa Mist LRV

The LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of this paint color reaches the level of about 67 (67.37 on the official website), which places it in the middle tone group gravitating towards the light side. It is quite a low value for how light Balboa Mist appears to be, but an appropriate amount of light can have quite an effect. Therefore, Balboa Mist reflects a significant amount of light, making the room feel spacious.

Balboa Mist undertones

Undoubtedly, the gorgeous shade of gray is penetrated by beige undertones. What else does it hide? There is also a slight hint of purple that reveals itself in particular conditions, although it can also be considered the result of gray and beige working together. While some regard it as a neutral gray, greige, or even a soothing purple, we look at this objectively – Balboa Mist is a gray paint color with a soft hint of beige and tiny drops of purple that reveal themselves differently depending on lighting.

Similar colors

The variety of greige shades is vast, and the ones that replicate the specific variation met at Balboa Mist are no less in number. Let’s go through some of the best alternatives to this paint color, referring to Benjamin Moore and other manufacturers!

  • Athena 858 – slightly lighter shade of gray while the warm beige notes and slight purple hint are preserved;
  • Kitten Whiskers 1003 – incredibly identical to Balboa Mist, although a bit warmer;
  • Egret White SW 7570 by Sherwin-Williams – a lighter off-white preserving the same soft mix of beige and gray;
  • Silent Smoke PPG 1025-2 by PPG Pittsburgh Paints – almost identical to OC-27, only the slightly higher LRV proves it to be a bit lighter;
  • Campfire Ash N320-1 by Behr – identical to Balboa Mist, although it has a bit higher LRV, which makes it an unnoticeably lighter variation;
  • Khaki Mists 5 by Dulux – the same as with the previous shade goes here with an even closer LRV;
  • Warm Grey 2 by Patone – the closest shade this far, even the slightly higher LRV cannot stand how identical it looks to Balboa Mist.

Coordinating colors

Balboa Mist is a neutral paint color, which opens a wide sea of possibilities. You can go with other neutrals for a monochromatic palette or bolder accents for sophisticated contrasts. Still, we would like to draw your attention to white shades that should be considered for the trim. Let’s get more specific!

  • Simply White OC-117 – warm shade of white with slight yellow undertones not devoid of freshness that would perfectly resonate with the balance of cool and soft at Balboa Mist;
  • Chantilly Lace OC-65 – crispy white reminiscent of soft silk that would serve as a standout companion for a warm gray;
  • Oxford White CC-30 – a variation between Simply White and Chantilly Lace, which makes it no less perfect for exposing on a warm gray background;
  • Hampshire Gray HC-101 – dark gray diluted with earthy notes that may even seem green;
  • Sienna 2092-20 – dark brown with rich red undertones and warm notes that serves as a bold accent on neutrals;
  • Polaris Blue 1649 – medium blue with a deep base, devoid of undertones and slightly cooled down;
  • Black Bean Soup 2130-10 – as the name implies, a very dark shade of brown, almost reaching the black category.

Use of Balboa Mist in interior

What is best about this paint color? It goes with any style and brings a touch of personality due to its sophisticated undertones. Therefore, you can use Balboa Mist within any space of your house regardless of what design direction you go. It is impressive to witness how this neutral adapts to every case in part, seeming like a new paint color every time. Let’s take a closer look!

Living room

We simply fell in love with how Balboa Mist works within a monochromatic interior, relying on other greige variations and neutrals. We suggest you consider this approach within your living room for a modern look that feels serene and fresh at the same time. Do you fancy a few accents? The OC-27 paint color is happy to serve as a background for them. You can opt for bolder colors with undertones that resonate with the inner beauty of the warm gray shade or opposite colors for a contrastive effect. Don’t forget about texture. Rich wood surfaces would go hand in hand with the warm undertones of the walls.


You are free to display any accents you want on this neutral background, considering a balance. Start with wood texture. Be it dark or light wood. Consider it for the bed headboard, nightstands, and floor. Go on with a few bolder colors yet not too daring since such a space requires a peaceful environment. Balboa Mist will surely ensure the latter, while your work on this backdrop will make the place feel personal.

Kitchen and dining room

A slightly different approach goes in the kitchen. Consider this beautiful gray for the cabinets and accompany them with a marble or white backsplash. Be it a traditional or modern kitchen. This combination is timeless, and appropriately chosen elements for each style in part will complete the picture.

In the dining area, Balboa Mist undoubtedly goes for the walls. You are not limited in possibilities regarding the furniture and decor since this neutral background accepts anything. Still, designers suggest considering a glass table and black accent chairs for a sleek contemporary look.


Warm neutrals are perfect for entry spaces. They instantly make you feel at home, where everything looks familiar and welcoming. Sometimes, it is enough to go with this color only, and this space feels ready. Still, a vintage furniture unit or a modern gallery wall would definitely not spoil the picture. Once again, wood for flooring and doors, if possible.


Bathrooms usually feel cold, and a single splash of appropriate paint color can change the situation. Consider the warm gray for the walls combined with marble or wood for cooperative play with undertones. If there is a shower, don’t hesitate to opt for glass doors devoid of any additional colors to let the Balboa Mist paint color spread its softness all over the space.

Use of Balboa Mist for house exterior

This shade has an impressive effect on traditional wood houses, where Balboa Mist resonates with the warm and inviting notes of such exteriors. The true companion in this sense is a crispy shade of white that will keep the aristocratic look of the house, which is not necessarily a reference to the Classical but rather an interpretation of formality.

When it comes to the front door, the scenario changes entirely. Balboa Mist would simply reveal its inner beauty exquisitely when applied on a white background, ensuring the same inviting effect, although one should consider modern exteriors firstly.

The Balboa Mist OC-27 paint color from Benjamin Moore is a timeless shade of gray that would happily display any design solution of yours and even add a touch of individuality due to its complex mix of undertones that play with your imagination in the most unexpected and fabulous way.

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