An earthy eggplant purple with a cozy and luxurious cast that mirrors the royal love for the fine things in life and organic beauty traced to the outdoor world.


Purple has made a grand comeback, and we can notice many new purple shades at our beloved paint manufacturers. When compiling its 2023 Color Forecast, Behr made sure to add a one-of-a-kind violet tone to its collection. The dark purple Aubergine reminds us once again that the best colors are the ones inspired by the outdoors. Everything feels organic in the interior and exterior design when paired with such hues. Discover why you should give Aubergine a try this season!

Aubergine Paint Color Features

Let’s start with the name! Aubergine is the same eggplant, and the Aubergine paint color is the same dark purple color you can notice on the egg-shaped fruit. By the way, the Pantone Color Institute regards aubergine as the perfect shade of purple. Quite a good start. How do we achieve such a natural aubergine shade? This sophisticated color hides a complex combination of red, blue, brown, and a few particles of black. In the past, aubergine color was a favorite in royal courts. Today, this is the color of confidence. However, it is pretty versatile. The Aubergine paint color feels thrillingly comfortable and irreplaceably luxurious when applied to home decor. 

Aubergine: Is It Warm or Cold?

We always refer to precise figures to back our statements. On Behr’s website, you can find the RGB value (the concentration of Red, Green, and Blue). We have found a value of 88 for Red, 75 for Green, and 77 for Blue. The amount of Red slightly prevails. While colorists struggle to determine if other aubergine shades are cold or warm, this one is undoubtedly warm.

How Does Lighting Affect Aubergine?

If you want to experience the best of the earthy purple tone from Behr, consider it in a room flooded with sunlight. The paint color will be rich and organic, full of warmth and coziness. Additionally, Aubergine is an eminent color in a living room or bedroom with north-facing windows. Although slightly reduced by the cold natural light, its comfort-inducing notes will enliven the space. Note that the purple paint color gets injected with gray scents in rooms with northern exposure. 

Aubergine requires a large amount of natural light during the day. Just imagine how much light it needs during the night. If you cannot ensure this, go with violet accents rather than all-purple makeovers. 

Aubergine LRV

Do you know how dark Aubergine is? Consider this: on a scale from 0(black) to 100(white), the eggplant color enters the dark group with a value of 8. We wouldn’t recommend this paint color in small rooms with small windows. Yet, an accent wall or cabinets painted this way and paired with many lighting fixtures should work.

Aubergine Undertones

The dark violet paint color has organic brown undertones that resurface once bathed in sun rays. On the other side, the cold natural lighting can bring a blue-gray effect on the natural purple shade.

Similar Colors

You can find almost the same aubergine shade at Behr with the same LRV, yet slightly warmer and with a different name – Deep Aubergine. Make sure you don’t mistake them if you are looking for Aubergine specifically. Let’s see what other options there are!

  • Piano Brown MQ1-43 by Behr – a blue-violet brown, impressively dark and deep, resembling the black piano keys;
  • Aged Bark C40-15 by Behr – a much darker violet shade that feels less warm and better used in well-lit rooms;
  • Instant Classic MQ1-38 by Behr – a dark paint color resulted from combining blue, violet, and brown, oriented to black; a more neutral alternative to Aubergine;
  • Vintage Wine 2116-20 by Benjamin Moore – with a 98% similarity to Aubergine, this is a slightly darker brownish violet tone;
  • Plum Brown SW 6272 by Sherwin-Williams – a dark plum purple with brown and blue undertones, deeper and darker than Aubergine;
  • Black Walnut PPG1014-7 by PPG Paints – a slightly more brownish eggplant violet with a cozy, earthy effect.

Coordinating Colors

The dark shade of purple from Behr is regarded as a perfect pairing for lighter purples if you go with monochromatic interiors. Darker paint colors work with Aubergine to create high-end luxury design concepts. And, our favorite, eggplant violet and gold shades, since they bring out the best in each other. Don’t forget about a canvas-clean white on the trim for walls painted purple. All the precise color matchings from Behr are here:

  • New House White RD-W10 – a clean and undisturbed shade of white, perfect to use for the trim paired with any paint color;
  • Wax Sculpture PPU7-17 – a very light yellow with a brown-biased effect;
  • Moxie MQ3-35 – a very light beige diluted with a few drops of lavender;
  • Plumville N120-5 – a soothing shade of plum violet, as if diluted with water, yet warm and comfortable;
  • Ink Black N490-7 – an inky blue-traced black that adds to the luxury effect of Aubergine;
  • Secluded Woods S420-7 – a dark and deep green tone with a subtle tinge of blue, reflecting the mysterious wood ambiance that hides behind majestic trees;
  • Riverdale N410-3 – a light mint green with refreshing and softening undertones;
  • Mauve It N120-3 – a medium mauve color with a pastel effect;
  • Jean Jacket Blue S510-4 – a saturated shade of cool blue resonating with the denim color of your new pair of jeans;
  • Ginger Jar M300-5 – a golden ginger tone with sparkling notes of brass.

Use of Aubergine in Interior

Aubergine is a great paint color for bedrooms and living rooms. It collaborates impressively with wood texture and gold accessories. Since it is a versatile paint color, designers have a bunch of inspirational design concepts incorporating the dark purple color. 

Girls Room

Get the look: a royal purple girl’s room. Paint the walls in Aubergine. Choose light-colored textiles. You may introduce a few floral-motif accents. Creamy neutrals are the best friends of purple here; you can opt for cream-colored furniture, rugs, and window treatment. The defining element is a centerpiece chandelier with crystals to add the royal designer mark.

Luxury Design

Regardless of what room you decide to redecorate and your design style, you will be amazed by how stately your future family room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom will look. If your interior seems too formal, add naturally textured wood furniture, and the space will instantly feel cozier.


Aubergine boosts your self-esteem. If you need a bit of colorful validation, this natural purple shade is always at your disposal. Moreover, Aubergine is a pretty dark and soothing color and will effortlessly induce secluded comfort in your private space. 


The dark aubergine purples are not very popular in the kitchen, and not because they don’t fit such spaces. On the contrary, they are among the best intriguing paint colors to add to your cooking space if you fancy originality. Beautifully decorated cabinet facades or ultra-modern touch-to-open cabinets work for this shade of purple, especially when paired with gold hardware.

Living Room

We are not surprised that Aubergine is one of the high-class color choices in the living room. Apparently, its subdued effect makes for a tremendously isolated and personalized ambiance to enjoy while spending time all by yourself or having company. Velvety textiles and bright-colored furniture, such as a vivid orange accent chair or a vibrant gold sofa, look amazing on the dark backdrop. 


Another ready-to-go look: a Contemporary bathroom with aubergine-colored walls decorated with molding, white bathroom fixtures, gold hardware, and the room’s highlight – a sizable free-standing bathtub. This is when Aubergine reminds us of its love for the fine things in life.

Use of Aubergine for House Exterior

You can use this paint color any way you want for your house exterior. Does your front door require a repaint? Do you plan a full exterior makeover? You may also want a few drops of purple on the window shutters. And guess what! Aubergine works for everything. 

The Aubergine N100-7 paint color by Behr adapts the old-time royal purple to contemporary design and gives us a taste of nature. You cannot skip this earthy purple this season when violets are a must in interior and exterior design (they have a timeless potential; you will not have to worry about repainting for years).

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