A new-era neutral standing behind a gorgeous brown tone with a soft character that will add timeless style to your home design.

LRV 43

The current color trends undoubtedly stick to the idea that the best inspiration comes from the outdoors. We can say the same about the stylish Biome color selection, a list of natural hues meant to help you restore harmony in your home. Earthy tones are an indispensable element for this color collection, where the soft and neutral brown Antler Velvet by Sherwin-Williams is a true natural shade. 

We invite you to discover the expert-pick paint color with this comprehensive Sherwin-Williams’ Antler Velvet paint review. Moreover, you’ll have the possibility to explore the design prospects of the new-era neutral shades.

Antler Velvet Paint Color Features

“A warm and melodic brown.” That’s how SW colorists describe Antler Velvet. Interestingly, AV is part of the Yellow color family, while experts see it as a soft mid-tone brown. The thing must be its undeniable warm undertones that bring this color pretty close to yellow. It gets even more engaging when we analyze the name. Combining the soft velvet texture and the color of an adult deer’s horns, we achieve the most fabulous light brown that feels confident and relaxing simultaneously.  

Antler Velvet: Is It Warm or Cold?

Sherwin Williams’ Antler Velvet is seemingly warm. But how do we establish this for sure? On the SW official website, you can find any paint color’s RGB (Red, Green, Blue) value. At Antler Velvet, the red amount indeed prevails. Thus, AV is a warm brown tone that will considerably soften any color palette.

How Does Lighting Affect Antler Velvet?

This attractive neutral paint can reveal various interpretations, from khaki to tan and taupe. Colorists say we should expect a warmer and yellow-biased brown in rooms with southern exposure and a more neutral, somewhat grayish, brown in spaces with north-facing windows. Either way, the color stays soft and charming. The surrounding colors play a great deal, such as the outdoor greenery from the other side of the window. 

Antler Velvet LRV

Short for the Light Reflectance Value, this term stands behind a number that shows how much light the color can bounce back. Moreover, it points out how light a particular color shade is. The LRV of Antler Velvet is 43. AV enters the middle-tone group on a scale from 0 (black) to 100 (true white). Neither dark nor too light, this melodic brown perfectly represents the new-era neutrals.

Antler Velvet Undertones

Despite being a neutral paint color, this gorgeous brown tone shows an impressive collaboration of undertones. Thus, the Sherwin-Williams’ Antler Velvet undertones include subtle yellow, soft gray, and even a tiny sparkle of green. No wonder some lighting conditions make it seem khaki and others – a warm tan or deep taupe. 

Similar Colors

If you’re looking for Antler Velvet alternatives, you can safely use one of the following paint colors. Get to know them closer:

  • Nomadic Desert SW 6107 by Sherwin-Williams – unlike AV, this impressively similar brown tone has a slightly warmer sandy effect, more yellowish, we would say;
  • Favorite Tan SW 6157 by Sherwin-Williams – it seems as if AV is just a dusty version of this paint color, which makes them pretty close to each other;
  • Riviera Beach PPU7-07 by Behr – this sandy brown tone is more than 99% close to AV, and what keeps it slightly different is a less grayish color base;
  • Open Canyon N300-4 by Behr – we can notice the most subtle green undertone that prevails here more than at Antler Velvet;
  • Kangaroo AF-145 by Benjamin Moore – a less brownish khaki shade, a perfect alternative to AV if you want a more yellow-green tone with a similar soft effect;
  • Egyptian Sand DE 6207 by Dunn-Edwards – a less grayish and more sandy-yellowish brown that gives off a more noticeable green undertone;
  • Moose Mousse 3003-10A by Valspar – an impressively similar brown shade with a less dusty feature that reads warmer and equally soft.

Coordinating Colors

According to SW colorists, this unique neutral tone effortlessly pairs with various nature-inspired hues and not only. Let’s discover together the best Sherwin-Williams’ Antler Velvet coordinating colors from the same brand.

  • Divine White SW 6105 – a truly sublime white shade with a sun-kissed beige glowing effect that brings warmth to any space, aside from being part of the Top 50 Colors collection;
  • Kilim Beige SW6106 – a mid-tone neutral with brown undertones, another top pick, perfect for creating an entertaining and welcoming ambiance;
  • Autumnal SW 6361 – a stark pumpkin orange that feels like a mid-autumn morning, awakening yet astonishingly comforting.

Besides these top expert picks, you can pair AV with lighter or darker taupes, tans, or khaki shades, as well as whites or creams, for a monochromatic palette. Or, choose analogous matching colors, such as soft pinks, violets, and greens, for an organic mix of colors. Moreover, you can go bolder with vivid rose and mint colors for vibrantly natural color palettes to achieve contemporary pairings.

Use of Sherwin-Williams’ Antler Velvet in Interior Design

Antler Velvet from Sherwin Williams is part of the 2023 paint color trends. Adding it to your home’s interior design is a valuable investment. Even more, colorists shared a secret: it has timeless potential, and you’ll stay trendy for more than one season. Generally speaking, AV is a versatile neutral color, and you can easily add it to any room you want as long as you don’t mind its natural and soft style. 

Living Room

An Antler Velvet living room is like an oasis of relaxation and calmness. You simply won’t have the slightest desire to leave the room. In addition, pair this brown paint color with a white shade and witness the state of serenity for yourself. Experts suggest it for lounge areas that often host large gatherings since this earthy shade is impressively entertaining.


If you plan to paint the bedroom walls this color, we proudly recommend our top choice – AV combined with other creamy neutrals. Uplift coziness to the fullest, and let your bedroom become your favorite space in the house. Even more, we’ve seen Antler Velvet in Boho bedrooms, and the picture got even better. 

Kitchen and Dining Room

Both modern urban kitchens and traditional rustic cooking spaces are suitable for this versatile and contemporary paint color. Use it primarily on the kitchen cabinets. Yet, when it comes to the dining room, it looks perfect as a background color paired with light wood articles. 


Antler Velvet from Sherwin-Williams is a no less perfect choice for bathroom decoration. It looks equally great on the walls and the vanity cabinet. Use this expert-pick paint color to make your bathroom feel a few notes comfier.

Use of Sherwin-Williams’ Antler Velvet for House Exterior

If you plan an exterior house redecoration or a brand-new design, and neutrals are your first choice in terms of paint color, don’t overlook this stylishly appealing and inviting brown with organic notes of yellow and brown that flawlessly blend with the outdoor surroundings. On top of that, you can safely use Antler Velvet for the exterior house walls or front door.

Sherwin-Williams’ Antler Velvet is the kind of color that you find once and stay true to it for the rest of your life. This timeless hue inspired by the best of nature is a timeless and irreplaceable paint color that will ensure your home looks both inside and outside the best way possible. Make your house feel like home with the right color choice.

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