Wood-look porcelain stoneware: comfort and elegance

Natural wood is a timeless finishing material that will perfectly fit into interiors decorated in any style. However, at least for a while, a worthy alternative for the natural wood was found – wood effect porcelain stoneware.

Features of porcelain stoneware tile

Natural beauty

One of the factors contributing to its unrelenting popularity is, of course, its stylish look. The wooden floor brings a lot of warmth and comfort to the interior. At the same time, it is a material that never goes out of style. Thus, hardwood flooring is an investment for many years, which can serve us for a very long time, despite changes in other decor elements.

Unfortunately, the wooden floor also has disadvantages. First of all, it is a relatively expensive solution that not all of us can afford. Also, they require regular maintenance: polishing with special agents and systematic renewal by grinding and varnishing. For this reason, more and more people are choosing wood effect porcelain stoneware. It is much less troublesome and, at the same time, has the same aesthetic qualities as natural wood.

Convenience and functionality 

Wood-imitating porcelain stoneware is an environmentally friendly material, which means that it is made from natural raw materials such as clay and sand. This feature makes it ideal for allergy sufferers and anyone who values closeness to nature. Another great advantage is the convenience: porcelain stoneware tiles are easy to wash with water, like any other floor tiles (in the case of wood, this is impossible), do not require maintenance and impregnation, which entails additional costs. Porcelain stoneware is not damaged by moisture, sand, or dirt. Therefore it is suitable not only for the living room or bedroom but also for the hall, kitchen, and bathroom. It is also resistant to stains, mechanical damage, and high temperatures to which it can be exposed, for example, near a fireplace or underfloor heating.

Which interior design style suits wood-look porcelain stoneware?

Wood imitation porcelain stoneware is as stylish and versatile as the wood it simulates. It will successfully warm any composition, adding coziness and atmosphere to the interior. Among other things, light shades with visible rings are suitable for Scandinavian or country style. On the other hand, in modern and glamorous rooms, tiles in bright colors will be appropriate. Dark tones are suitable for both oriental and traditional environments. However, in industrial and rustic interiors, gray or untreated dark wood porcelain stoneware is a good option.

The advantage of wood-look porcelain stoneware is that it does not need to be replaced with every renovation. Fans of frequent décor changes can choose a classic tile look that will suit almost any design.

Not only indoors

One of the main advantages of wood-effect porcelain stoneware is its durability and strength. This floor is highly resistant to water, dirt, sunlight, fading, scratches, high temperatures, and frost. These characteristics make it suitable not only for houses and apartments but also for balconies and terraces. Besides, safety and resistance to damage make this tile ideal for parents of young children and pet owners.

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