Velvet furniture & decor: a touch of luxury and class

Do you think velvet is outdated and no longer in fashion? We refute this and will show you in this article beautiful modern interiors using this material.

For some time such a fabric went out of use, but not so long ago returned to the interiors. And this must be used, because velvet can diversify and improve the appearance of any room.

What is velvet good for?

This dense silk fabric is used for upholstery of upholstered furniture and the creation of textile decor: pillows, curtains and covers. Velvet makes the interior cozier, therefore ideal for the cold season, but also is an aesthetic and very pleasant to the touch material. You can, for example, spend evenings in the classic armchair with a cup of hot cocoa.

Due to its very thick pile, velvet has a special color depth. Moreover – he is able to change his color depending on the time of day and lighting. And it perfectly absorbs noise. Dense velvet curtains or carpets cope with this function.

How not to overdo it?

Use velvet carefully. It is unlikely to be suitable as the main material in the room, but is good for accents. It is better if in one room there will be no more than two items in velvet upholstery, and let one of them be small. For example, a nice armchair fashionable in purple hue and soft geometric carpet. 

In a small room it is better not to use this fabric at all – it visually reduces the space.

For which styles is it suitable?

There is a myth that velvet is suitable only for chic interiors like classics or empire, but this is not so. It is also added to the loft to slightly soften the daring and brutal character of the style. And in minimalistic and bright Scandinavian interiors to add coziness. Of course, velvet is appropriate in such bright styles as boho or eclecticism. But it certainly will not be suitable with the country or Provence interior style.

What color scheme to choose?

Designers often use bold, deep, and noble colors like emerald, violet, blue, or burgundy. It is not easy to select such shades, you need to build on the overall color scheme of the room.

If you are afraid to go too far with color, choose gentle pastel shades of beige, blue or dusty pink. 

What to combine with velvet?

With fluffy carpets and decorative pillows, copper, brass and against the background of the marble coffee table.

It is not necessary to choose products from the same fabric to velvet. For example, next to a velvet sofa, a matte chair and a pouf with a metal base will look great.

Velvet furniture and curtains

Velvet sofas

You can put a sofa in velvet upholstery in the room. It will look more original than usual fabric and even leather. It will be very nice to relax. And put a separate lamp over this sofa – under different lights, velvet can slightly change its color.

Combine a burgundy velvet sofa with dark green wallpaper to create a calm and luxurious setting in the living room in muted colors. But use burgundy only in a large room, because due to the depth of color, dark velvet visually narrows the space.

Velvet goes well with fur and fleecy materials – especially if you choose the right palette. For example, stylish a dark gray velvet sofa is when combined with a white pile carpet.

A great idea is to combine bright velvet furniture with fabric furniture made from simpler materials. The design of the room will become more comfortable due to the abundance of soft fabric. And velvet will stand out brightly from the rest of the furniture, adding to the interior variegation.

Velvet blends with lace fabric and decor. This is an economical option, so as not to spend money on more expensive materials close to velvet. In addition, lace will bring simplicity and homeliness to the interior, and velvet furniture will add its own highlight.

Velvet armchairs and pouffes

The advantage of a velvet armchair in front of a sofa: due to its small size, it does not take to much space and does not attract all the attention to itself. Although it can still become the main bright accent of a light interior, if you choose a rich color.

You can fit a velvet armchair into the interior without highlighting it. To do this, select the appropriate color for the area where you want to put it. Dark gray upholstery will not attract much attention, but it will still add luxury to the living room – even if it is decorated in a modern design.

By the way, a velvet armchair will look good not only in the living room, but also in the spacious bedroom. Especially if you place it on a fleecy carpet and next to the lamp so that the material shimmers beautifully under artificial lighting.

Along with a armchair, you can use a velvet pouf or a bench. And not only for sitting, but also as a table – you get an original composition that will decorate the interior. Choose colorful material, such as yellow, to maximize highlight this cozy corner of the living room or bedroom.

Velvet contrasts beautifully with a loft design. 

The long chair from velvet fits well into the classic hallway, especially in combination with a fleecy carpet of a similar shade. It will play the role of a decorative detail, which does not take up much space and at the same time emphasizes the richness and grace of the interior.

For a modern combined interior, eclecticism or kitsch, choose a neat ottoman of bright color so that the velvet surface is combined with a wooden or gold base. This will enhance the overall contrast.

Velvet chairs

Velvet upholstered chairs are also in fashion. Such chairs can be placed in the dining room or even in the kitchen, adding a little charm and elegance to the interior. The design of the room does not have to be classic – velvet fits into the modern interior. If the background is light, pick up the bright colors of the chairs that serve as accents.

In the dining area you can put a whole set of chairs with velvet upholstery. And combine them with a minimalistic wooden design and a rich chandelier to get a contrasting eclectic interior. 

You can use velvet furnishings even in a black and white modern living room – again to get colorful accents. For example, putting chairs in pink velvet covers in such a room: will bring brightness, but at the same time will not make the situation too eccentric.

Velvet curtains

Velvet curtains are very massive, do not let in light and even sound, but beautifully shimmer in the sun and create an original interior. For an apartment in a modern design, colder and more unusual tones are suitable – for example, aquamarine. 

For a more austere interior, you can choose plain curtains. It will not stand out in color, but it will still become noticeable due to its characteristic luster. So velvet in any case will not be lost against the background of the overall interior.

You can pick up curtains from velvet of the same color as the walls in the room. The material will still stand out against the background of wallpaper or paint, and the living room’s palette will become more saturated and bright.

How to care for velvet?

Velvet is very whimsical to care for: it easily collects dust and pet hair. At the same time, it is quite difficult to remove stains from it, it is impossible to clean with aggressive detergents, wash and vacuum. 

In the sixties of the twentieth century, velvet was at the peak of fashion, and recently has again become a trend. So, to be sure about your choices, find below a series of photos for inspiration. 

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