Sofas 2020: The best trends

The sofa is the center and the determining factor of style in the living room. In the coming year, designers focus on comfort and a pleasant appearance. So, what models of sofas will fit into the interior trends of 2020?

The main characteristics of a fashion sofa

Interior trends are constantly changing. This does not mean that you should replace all furniture every season, but you should know the latest trends. The sofa in the living room should be primarily comfortable and functional – this is the central piece of furniture in the room, as people greet guests on it, relax, read a book. What sofas will be fashionable in 2020?

2020 will certainly go down in the history of design as the moment when, after more than a decade, the trend of minimalism and simple form, inspired by the mid-century style of modern upholstered furniture, was destroyed. During interior design fairs, representing the trends for 2020, many furniture manufacturers showed sofas in an amazing and unusual shape. Will they remain fashionable in the coming years? Of course yes. The most fashionable sofas today combine several modern trends:

  • velour upholstery;
  • bold but inspired by nature flowers;
  • smooth bends.

Sofas 2020: the most trendy colors

What colors of sofas will be the most fashionable in 2020? Manufacturers of upholstered furniture focus on natural colors of various shades. As a result, in their offers you can find sofas in such colors as:

  • gray;
  • pastel blue;
  • sage;
  • powdery pink.

For interiors with character, you can choose soft sofas in bright colors, such as:

  • emerald green;
  • dark blue;
  • burgundy;
  • deep purple;
  • mustard yellow.

There is also no shortage of proposals for the hottest shade of 2020, that is, coral pink (namely live coral), which was announced the Pantone Institute’s color of the year.

2020 Sofas Trend: Velvet

Velvet has not only returned to the world of fashion. In 2020, he will also prevail in the interiors, giving them style, elegance and sophistication. Velvet sofas are soft, delicate and very comfortable. Velor is a very durable material. Traditional weaving ensures that the furniture will be preserved for many years. The sofa will be easy to clean, as all you have to do is use a velor cleaner and a brush with delicate bristles.

In bright interiors, you should focus on velvet sofas in shades of pink, beige, delicate gray. If you like bright accents, you should choose a sofa in dark blue, bottle green, red or brown.

Mustard sofa – the main trend of 2020 in the living room

A warm mustard color triumphs in the interior design of 2020. It is fashionable regardless of the season. In the spring and summer, such upholstery will illuminate and warm the apartment, in the autumn it will emphasize the landscapes outside the window, will remind you of walks in the park full of yellow leaves, and in winter will bring back fond memories.

Before you buy a mustard sofa, you need to convince yourself of a rather avant-garde color. Such a piece of furniture in combination with gray accessories will create an amazing and fashionable layout of the living room. A yellow mustard armchair or sofa will blend perfectly with vintage style.

Seashell (curved) sofa – a little extravagance

The times when the sofa in the living room was the backdrop for other furniture, i.e, had a neutral color and an unobtrusive shape, were gone forever. Already several past seasons have shown that it is worth making an interesting sofa an important guide for the design of the entire interior. The past years were a period of domination of furniture in the style of Chesterfield and Art Nouveau of the middle of the century, as well as velor models in bright colors. In 2020, they will continue to be fashionable, but at the same time there will be strong competition in the form of sofas-sinks, which are covered with velour. These three- or two-seater sofas on metal or wooden slender legs-sticks will especially please lovers of good design around the world. Their biggest advantage is the upholstery, each of which ends in a semicircle. This furniture is so characteristic that only those people who do not like to often change the interior design should buy it. Why? Remember that multi-colored velvet sofas, although they correspond to different styles (for example, glamor, French, English, but also new scandi), will be a good background only for selected additions.

Design inspiration sofas 2020 – Photos

Sofas inspired by famous artists are very popular. They surprise with their original form, unusual performance. The most interesting of the sofas is the Candy model, created from the design of George Nelson. The sofa consists of 18 symmetrically connected pillows. The unique appearance of the furniture gives a refined character to any interior.

The history of the Barcelona sofa dates back to 1929. Despite the simplicity of appearance, it is often complemented by leather. The sofa fits perfectly into the interiors of elegant, luxurious apartments and hotels.

Nami’s sofa is a combination of classics with a touch of innovation. The minimalist form in harmony with oak legs makes this model suitable for classic, minimalist interiors and offices.

Passion for nature is manifested in modern interior trends, both in colors, for example, earth, and in natural materials. This season, furniture and decorative elements are becoming bolder. Many models of fashionable sofas in 2020 are universal. They can be successfully entered into a classic but moderately furnished living room, bedroom or even an office. They also go well with minimalistic but colorful interiors and new Scandi arrangements, presenting an interesting and bold accent. Thanks to its decorative form and suitable color, you can easily pick up a 2020 sofa to a glamorous or French style.

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