Modern living room design with storage cabinets and wardrobes

The living room is the center of the home. Today, Hackrea will focus on the furniture in this room and will explain what kind of cabinet can be in the living room. Hackrea will also provide you with 45 pictures ideas. It is in this room that the whole family meets for a pleasant hobby or a discussion of pressing problems. The living room is a ceremony room for guests and fun gatherings with friends. On this basis, everyone tries to design it in a modern, aesthetic, comfortable and interesting way. To do this, you must choose elegant, functional and comfortable furniture, which will create the interior design of the living room.

Modern living room cabinet options

By choosing a cabinet or wardrobe in the living room, we are faced with the task of choosing the one that will meet all our requirements and help complete the image of the room. The possible options can be:

  • sliding wardrobe doors;
  • cabinet with hinged doors;
  • wardrobe all along the wall;
  • corner cabinet;
  • glass cabinet;
  • hanging cabinets.
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Sliding wardrobe – 9+ Design Ideas

The sliding wardrobe in the living room has long been one of the leading ranks in wardrobes. It is spacious and its internal content can be so varied that it will not be difficult to find an option that suits you (or can be made to order). As for the front of a sliding wardrobe in the living room, it can be made of different materials: glass, wood, plastic, mirrors or combine several options. Thanks to this, you can easily choose the cupboard best suited to your living room interior.

The option with a mirror door will help visually increase the space in a small living room and make it brighter. You can also create a “fake” cabinet behind the door that you can hide an extra couch for guests or a place of work instead of shelves.

Wardrobe all along the wall

A wardrobe in a living room all along the wall is an appropriate option for a room with a niche or for large rooms. Note that if there is a niche, you can leave a place for a sofa in the center and hang paintings. To do this, you need to create a U-shaped cabinet. This simple gesture will help give originality to your living room.

If, by equipping your living room, you have opted for a piece of furniture in the living room on the whole wall, you can, as an option:

  • select in a special place for the TV (or hide it with a door);
  • showcase some of its doors (glass);
  • leave niches for shelves on which you can place flowers, photographs, figurines, books or other objects;
  • depending on the size of the room and your preferences, choose a swing or a sliding system to open the doors.

Modern Hanging Wardrobes In Living Room – Elegant Minimalist

For a long time, we moved away from the carpets on the walls and the cluttered pieces of furniture. More and more people are trying to create a sound minimalism with respect to the living environment. You can save the space reserved for installing a cabinet of a standard floor model by using modern wall cabinets in the living room. This type of cabinet does not interfere with your movements in the room and you also have the possibility to install other furniture under these cabinets. You choose the mounting location yourself, which allows you to hang them on the ceiling or in the middle of the wall. By using modern wall cabinets in the living room, you can create a complete wall composition of different shapes and colors.

Note that on the market you can find narrow wall cabinets, long, horizontal and vertical, as well as straight and angular models of different depths, with which you can easily make the interior of the living room interesting and modern.

Corner cabinet in the living room – Save space

If your living room is small but you decide to install a cabinet, the best solution is to buy a corner model. Thus, for the internal contents of the cabinet, you also use the corner of the room, which would simply be closed when choosing a standard rectangular model. Below, in the photo, you can see what the living room corner cabinet looks like in your living room interior.

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