Interior decoration with vases

Many underestimate the decorative value of the vases inside. Someone regards the vases as useless trinkets. Someone holds them in a cupboard and only take it out to put flowers if necessary. But the vases, often acting almost imperceptibly, make the interior more interesting, more original and more elegant. Some designers claim that there are never many vases inside. However, this applies to cases where the vases and their locations are selected “with feeling, with sense, with arrangement”. Let’s talk about how to decorate the interior with vases – floor and table.

Vases for interior decoration: the choice is unlimited

From what do not make vases in our time! Glass, metal, wood, vines, rattan, ceramic, porcelain, plastic, bamboo… And what a variety of shapes! Elongated, “belly”, rectangular, conical, cylindrical, curved, cup-shaped, pitcher, pot or coffee pot … With such a wealth of choice, it is a sin not to decorate your home with two or even one dozen vases.

Ceramic vases

Ceramic dishes have long migrated from everyday life to interior decoration. Ceramic vases are available in a variety of shapes, textures, colors and patterns. They are made of refractory clay, which is why they have a simple, even rough, appearance. Therefore, they are particularly good in a rustic interior: country, Provence. The ceramic vases are also covered with glaze.

Porcelain vases

The porcelain vases are made from the highest qualities of white clay with special impurities. They are very durable and have an elegant appearance. High quality vases that are very expensive and speak of prosperity.

Glass vases

Modern manufacturing glass vases are made from durable laminated glass. Use paint for decoration. Transparent vases without drawing are very popular. They are filled with all kinds of decorations: stones, shells, glass balls, flower petals, nuts. The mosaic and frosted glass are magnificent. Murano (Venetian) glass products are very precious.

Crystal vases

Crystal vases are made from glass mixed with lead. The higher the percentage of lead, the more expensive the crystal. In different countries, there is a classification of the percentage of lead in glass. Crystal vases are handcrafted or stamped.

Metal vases

These vases are made of copper, silver, brass, gold and steel. Solid and openwork vases, as well as oriental vases with plush oriental ornaments of strange shapes, are popular. Metal vases are often covered with enamel or silver.

Stone vases

Stone planters are mainly used for outdoor decoration: entrance to the house, terrace, garden or city park. Less often, they are used inside spacious rooms, for example to decorate a nest in a wall or staircase of a house. For the production, granite, onyx, volcano, sandstone, marble are used. The surface is decorated with a pattern, stones or decorative inserts. In the assortment of stone vases there are different sizes and shapes.

Vases in the bones

For the manufacture of such vases, bone, horn and tusk materials are used (cow, elk, walrus or whale). The bone vases are incredibly beautiful and have a delicate shade.

How to choose a vase for the interior?

After all, the assortment is amazing – what to stop at? First of all, you need to decide which task the vases are going to solve and choose based on that. It should be noted that in a house, vases performing different tasks can perfectly coexist. In this case, vases will be completely different in shape, color and style. The combination in the same house and even in the same room of several different vases is not prohibited, but even welcome. If only they would fit well around.

The vases are for table and floor. The floor vases include vases with a height of about 40 cm. If the vase is lower, it is better to place it on a different level – on a table, a support, a shelf, a window sill.

If the vase is narrow and elongated, you can place a large flower in it. Compositions of branches, herbs, dried flowers, bamboo, etc. are also placed in such vases. But lush bouquets are best placed in loose vases. A single flower in a lonely, uninspiring “inflated” vase.

In addition to flowers, branches, herbs and twigs, artificial or real, the vases are decorated with LED branches and garlands.

Overall, if the vase is beautiful, it is absolutely self-contained, so there is no need to put it in at all – it’s optional.

Interior decoration vases: they can do a lot

Create a party atmosphere

Vases traditionally are taken out from pantries and cupboards before the holidays. Whatever the occasion, they are filled with flowers and, before Easter, branches with buttons and the first leaves. Fir branches with Christmas toys are placed in vases for Christmas and the New Year. The transparent vases are filled not only with flowers and branches, but also with fruits, berries, Christmas balls, etc. A vase with the appropriate decor brings a festive atmosphere inside, revives it.

However, the festive atmosphere in the house is always appropriate and not just on the eve of celebrations. For example, a dining table, at which the family gathers, is worth decorating without reason. A beautiful vase in the center of the table, with flowers, branches or even a vacuum, is a magnificent decoration of the dining room. Decorated dining room stands out from the common area. It is a “transparent” zoning in the kitchen or living room.

The vase in the center of the table makes the dining room more elegant and solid, majestic. If the table is large, you can install a group of vases in the center.

Fill emptiness

Unlike nature, which does not tolerate vacuum, the interior can very well do without completely filling the open spaces. However, it is important to maintain balance and not go to extremes: interiors that are too full and too ascetic are also uncomfortable. An indoor vase – this is the decorative element that best fills the voids, without leaving an “overflow” effect.

Vases are good everywhere. Corners, niches, alcoves, shelves, empty counters can be decorated with vases. In all the tight spaces where no piece of furniture can hold, you can put vases. They will decorate this part of the interior and make it more comfortable.

The simple vases and groups of vases are placed under stairs, in niches of false hearths, on pedestals. The wall shelves are also filled with vases of different shapes and sizes. The collections of vases are exhibited in group niches, on shelves, in display cases. Traditionally, fireplace shelves are also decorated with vases.

Focus on style

The vases as decoration are beautiful in their diversity. If desired, you can choose any style of vase or group of vases. In addition, the vases will not simply integrate into the interior, but define the style with other interior elements.

So, for example, glass and metal vases are perfect for a modern style interior. They are perfectly compatible with the aesthetics of high technology: they reflect and transmit light, give the interior a shine, an additional shine, attracted by the novelty of their shape, while giving them a modest and minimalist appearance.

To emphasize the ethnic style, use vases with national ornaments, traditional painting – for example, with the Greek meander, hieroglyphs, the image of the Egyptian pyramids or sacred animals for a particular people, etc. Products of primitive forms and objects of traditional materials also declare style.

For ecological, tropical and marine vases, for interior decoration, lined with shells, wicker, wood and bamboo. The mosaic vases will become a fabulous decoration of the Arab interior. Ceramic terracotta vases, reminiscent of the gardener’s or farmer’s pots, accentuate the Mediterranean and country styles.

In all these cases, the vase plays the part of the last violin by far, as it serves as an element of style.

Bright accents

Vases, as well as sofa cushions, rugs, lamps and picture frames, are used to include bright colors in the interior. The rich color accents inside make the room interesting, spectacular and certainly not boring.

The vases are good in that these light accents can be placed at different levels: for example, on the floor, a coffee table and a high hanging shelf.

How to choose the color of a vase to decorate the interior?

Choosing the color of the vase for the interior is a fascinating occupation, because there are no rules. We come with them ourselves. However, it is never superfluous to see examples. How do designers choose the color of a vase?

If the furniture is very beautiful, elegant, expensive, it is on its color, its material, its texture that you must focus. In this case, the vases are chosen according to the color of the furniture, whether it is wooden cabinet and furniture or upholstered chairs. The vases do not draw attention to themselves, but rather draw them to the furniture.

The vases located near the wall can be confused or contrasted. The contrast option is particularly useful if two colors dominate the interior, for example brown and beige. Brown vases, placed for example on a shelf, will darken the beige of the walls, and on a dark brown table, ivory-colored vases will give a touching appearance. Of course, this tip is suitable not only for a beige-brown interior, but also for many other two-tone plans.

Vases in the color of the walls – this solution seems less interesting, but it also makes sense. These decorative elements on the tone-on-tone background wall add volume and texture. The space does not seem flat.

If it is decided to introduce colored “splashes” inside, the vases can be selected according to the accent color. The combinations are also interesting: for example, two vases of the same shape are placed one next to the other, but one is accentuated and the other corresponds to the color of the furniture.

In general, by combining vases of different styles and colors, you can achieve amazing decorative effects. Do not be afraid to combine antique vases and high-tech vases in an interior. It is enough to distribute the mottled vases at different height levels.

Another option for the color palette of the vase is to give it a solo accent, that is, not to tie the vase to anything. But it should either be a very large luxury vase or a group of small vases. One accent should be impressive.

Combination of vases inside

The groups of vases are always spectacular and original. As a group, you show your rich imagination and good taste. You can group absolutely identical vases. It is not too original, but flawless, and above all, it attracts attention.

Mixed groups look fresher and more creative. Mix, for example, the same shape, but vases of different colors. Or the same in execution and color, but of different form. In addition, manufacturers often combine these products themselves in pairs and groups and immediately sell them in batches.

Decoration ideas with vases inside

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