12 Practical pieces of advice from those who always keep their room clean

12 Practical pieces of advice from those who always keep their room clean

Whether you work or not, from home or in the office, you probably like it when you go to bed at peace that everything is in its place. Who would enjoy waking up in a messy room? And the situation gets worse every day, particularly if you don’t have time for a deep clean. The secret is to do a little each day and follow a few easy rules that will instantly make a difference. 

Inspired by those who manage to always keep their room clean and do this time and effort-efficiently, we came up with a list of easy ways to make the most of this situation and stay on the safe side in the long run. The best from us to you: practical ways how to keep your room clean!

Make it a habit!

You wouldn’t believe how taking 10 minutes out of your time daily for an easy tidy-up can change the situation. You just make your bed every morning and ensure all your clothes find their way either in the closet or laundry space. The room instantly gets cleaner. Say you are tired to deal with clothes in the evening. A few seconds to make it work in the morning, and you keep pace.

Why it works: the bed is the main focus of the room, while the clothes are known to easily disturb the overall clean appearance. Take care of them daily, and half of the problem is resolved. 

No clutter!

A few items today, a few tomorrow, and it gets worse each day. Think this way: no unnecessary things on nightstands, desks, and side tables. Put every unit you use where you usually store it right after you use it. As easy as that, and the picture gets clearer.

What to do with so many things?

This is a natural question you may have after we told you “no clutter”. Indeed, we usually have lots of things in our personal space, and not all of them have a place to be stored. This is when storage containers come to the rescue. They mostly work for things you don’t use often, from office items to clothes, which you can easily put in a box of the kind and store under your bed or in the closet. In a few words, make it disappear from the picture.

Golden rule

No unnecessary things on the tops of nightstands, dressers, desks, end tables, or side tables. Remember – furniture tops are not meant for storage. You can place the most used items on them, such as a book you read or a glass of water on the nightstand, lotions or perfumes on the dresser, a laptop on the desk, and a decorative vase on the accent table. These are just examples, but you probably get the idea. The thing is that the cleaner the surfaces are, the more organized the space looks.

Effortless deep clean

Does it sound like too much work? It actually is, but luckily not for you. Refer to housekeeping services whenever you feel you don’t have time for a deep clean. Professionals will vacuum, mop the floors, wash the windows, dust the shelves, change the linens, and even do the laundry. It depends on what services you opt for, and the available options are ready to meet your expectations and guarantee you a 100% quality result. With a deep clean like this once a month, which doesn’t take your time or effort, you can enjoy the freshness of a clean room for a long time.

It is particularly easy today when you can order such services in one click, and in a short time, your room sparkles as never before. All you have to do next is preserve the result as long as possible. With the available housekeeping services, you can enjoy your weekend as you please, while your room gets clean all by itself (of course, professionals take care of it).

Easy clean once a week

They say people with clean rooms vacuum and dust once a week. It doesn’t sound hard. Once again – 10 mins on a Saturday and your room stays clean for a week. Do you want to know what makes it easier? If you keep your room decluttered, you can vacuum and dust it faster and effortlessly. 

No clothes on the floor!

We honestly understand you. After a long work day, all you want is to get to bed. Still, it doesn’t mean you have to throw your clothes on the floor. Purchase a storage box, keep it somewhere in your closet or under the bed, and throw all your clothes there. You make the same effort, yet the result feels different. 

Take care of the clean laundry

Don’t store the clean laundry on your bed or whatever space pile after pile. It will only get worse. If you have a few clean shirts, you should immediately put them in the closet, and the other clothes should follow suit. It really takes a few seconds, and you can effortlessly avoid loading your space with too many things.

New bedding each week

Nothing refreshes the room better than clean bedclothes. Make sure you always have clean linens by taking care of the used ones as soon as you take them off the bed. Consider as few bed items as possible to make the process go faster. Start with the pillows. They will definitely make it take less time when you decide to change the bedclothes. 

No food in your room!

Try to make this a habit, and don’t ever bring food into your room. This way, you ensure you will not end up with a collection of mugs, bowls, and everything you want on your nightstands. Keep the food in the kitchen, and you will never have to deal with such problems. 

Reorganization once in a while

Alright, this may take more time, yet you don’t have to do this regularly, just once in a while. Tidy up your space and offer it a new look. Throw out things you no longer use and reorganize your closet and room belongings. This way, you ensure even the things you usually use perfectly stand in their place, and everything looks tidy. 

Clean before you go

We are all familiar with situations when we leave the room messy in a hurry if it is the case. You can easily avoid that by putting everything you use back in its place as soon as you no longer need it. Say you use the hairbrush, you have to instantly put it back in the drawer. If you cannot decide between two shirts, you should instantly put back the one you don’t wear. Each item takes a few seconds, yet you end up with a clean room and don’t have to worry about this when you come home. 

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