Glass faucets: a luxury touch to the interior

The variety of bathroom and kitchen faucets can be breathtaking at times. Today, manufacturers offer a variety of solutions, from inexpensive and simple to incredibly extravagant. And this applies not only to design but also to materials. We see steel faucets already like something ordinary. Brass hardware is beautiful, but it does not seem to be something supernatural. And even ceramic models, which look extremely impressive, do not cause such stormy enthusiasm. Perhaps that is why the designers decided on such a move as glass faucets – a unique solution and, at the same time, practical in its way.

For some, glass faucets have become a real discovery only recently, while others have already seen them before – however, it is safe to say that none of them remained indifferent. Each such piece is like a work of art, providing the bathroom interior with true exclusivity. If you are interested in such plumbing, it is worth learning a little more about it – perhaps you missed just such a touch for a perfect design.

Glass faucets: features and benefits

Today, glass models are classified as premium items. And this is not surprising: unique materials and technologies are used in their production, which provides the faucets with unique characteristics and advantages:

  • Unusual appearance. Glass products look extraordinary and invariably attract attention. If you prefer original solutions, such a faucet will be a precious find for you.
  • New level materials. Glass for faucets must meet not only our aesthetics but also provide the necessary safety and hygiene requirements. That is why manufacturers are in constant search of new formulations and technologies. So Zero Gravity Creations offers handles and spouts made of lead-free crystal, which has antibacterial and dirt-repellent properties, and Magma Build has introduced a line of unique Tapology shockproof faucets that can withstand the pressure of a small truck. Durability, scratch resistance, hygiene – according to these criteria, glass for sanitary ware is no longer inferior to metals.
  • Variety of solutions. During the sculpting process, glass has fantastic flexibility and the ability to take any shape. This property is used by designers, offering models for every taste – from traditional to incredibly creative. This applies equally to color: you can choose from a transparent material or from glass, the shade of which fits perfectly into the palette of your bathroom.
  • Individuality. Glass faucets are often made to order, complete with a bend and handles, which allows you to turn plumbing into a unique design ensemble for an interior unlike any other.

It is the above features that affect the price of such products. It is really quite high, but it must be admitted: faucets that combine beauty, practicality, and originality are worth it.

Types of glass faucets

As mentioned above, the material properties allow you to create a wide variety of spouts and handles. In modern interiors, the following are mostly in demand:

  • Traditional. The high curved spout and the classic handles of this design take on a whole new sound and look more impressive – mainly when used with colored glass.
  • With an open spout. Streams of water flowing in the “glass banks” are an incredibly modern and stylish solution. The jet flowing freely along the transparent groove seems to revitalize the hardware itself – and has a kind of calming effect.
  • Wide spout. The water flowing out of the transparent rectangular faucet creates a lasting association with a spring gushing out of the rock, which looks mesmerizing – and such products are effortless to use. This also includes single-lever faucets with a spout in the form of a round disc – their design is unconditionally futuristic.
  • Sculptural faucets. The material allows you to create the most bizarre shapes, and plumbing designers are happy to use such opportunities. Intricately curved hinges and seashells combined with a double spout, sea inhabitants and bouquets of flowers, wild plants, and amazing weaving – their imagination seems inexhaustible.

However, glass faucets’ design is not limited solely to the form and fittings, and their creators also use such a stunning technique in this case as lighting. Thanks to her, the plumbing looks truly fabulous.

Glass faucets: in which interior to use?

Plumbing made of glass – the equipment is a specific product, and therefore requires an appropriate environment. You should not spend money on such products if you are doing cheap renovations or prefer strict classics or minimalism – in all these cases, they will look alien and lose their bewitching attractiveness. At the same time, the glass faucet and handles will be an excellent solution for bathrooms decorated in the following styles:

  • Contemporary. Having chosen the necessary form and functionality, you can make the room’s interior memorable and not too pretentious.
  • Art Deco. A traditional spout and beautifully curved handles add the luxury you need. Faucets made of black glass and transparent material with a gold patina are trendy.
  • Modern and eclectic. Colored glass and extravagant shapes are what you need to create a practical and bright accent.
  • High tech. A faucet with a wide rectangular or open spout made of transparent glass, combined with lighting and a sensor, is a real must-have for high-tech style.

Besides, you need to take care of such a faucet’s compatibility with the finishing materials and sinks and the correct selection of bathroom accessories. Only in this case, the decorative potential of glass products will be fully revealed – and the interior will invariably delight you.

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