A stunning backyard solution – a pool with a waterfall will make you freeze with delight

Today we will see some fantastic solutions for decorating your backyard – a pool combined with a waterfall!

The process of relaxation and rejuvenation has long been associated with such a phenomenon as a pool. This is the reason why the backyard pool with a waterfall is becoming more and more popular when building modern homes. Moreover, joining the pool with a small waterfall will transform the overall look of your backyard and will give you more inspiration.

The Feng Shui design philosophy says a lot about the soothing and healing properties of flowing water.

An exotic and relaxing getaway

Waterfalls are most commonly associated with tropical environments or the cold Mediterranean climate. Designers often use natural stone alongside artificial rocks in an attempt to create the most natural look possible.

In addition to the rock, you can also choose vegetation, which also plays a significant role in the backyard pool waterfall design.

You also have an excellent opportunity to create unique surroundings of the cave, exuding a mystical aura.

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Think out of the ordinary

A waterfall can flow not only from a huge rock but also can emerge in the most unexpected places, Be original!

You should never limit yourself to standard styles. Use small and dainty bowls or elegant taps to create the impression you want. You can add a lovely gazebo or fireplace next to the pool.

Sleek and modern backyard pool with a waterfall

Are you not a fan of the bold and extravagant? Then use a minimalist style! A waterfall can be stylish without any tweaks.

The use of waterfalls is generally costly. Therefore, those who do not want to pay a lot can build impromptu water fountains!

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