A fantastic bluish-gray shade, harsh, but at the same time mysterious and radiating a special magnetism.

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The times when a neutral palette will be unclaimed in the interior is unlikely ever to come. Whatever style comes to the fore – luxurious classics, magnificent art deco, laconic minimalism, and cozy Scandi – neutral colors will always and everywhere will be in place. White, brown, gray, and black will stay with us forever, creating the perfect backdrop for bright accents or acting as accents on their own.

Today we would like to talk about a gray palette that deserves special attention. Do not think that gray is uninteresting or insanely boring. In fact, this color has so many gradations and shades that it will be tough for you to find two similar ones. The largest paint manufacturers reveal the variety and stunning personality of gray shades, and Sherwin-Williams is no exception. This time we will talk about the color SW 7665 called Wall Street – a fantastic bluish-gray shade, harsh, but at the same time mysterious and radiating a special magnetism.

Wall Street paint color features

Wall Street is a famous street in Manhattan, which is considered the historic center of the city’s financial district. The shade SW 7665 was not accidentally named after her: it reflects the reflections of the rain-polished gray stone buildings, and the reflection of the blue sky in the windows of high-rise buildings, behind which are busy offices, and even the color of the suits of elegant brokers and bank clerks.

This color was first introduced in the Sherwin-Williams Enthusiast palette several years ago. This color collection personified such values as the constant expansion of the range of interests, the ability to develop every undertaking to the end, and the openness of thinking to everything new and unknown. Wall Street matched this concept perfectly with its intense gray-blue tones that conjured raging oceans and a serene pre-dawn horizon that promises a good day.

Wall Street: is it warm or cold?

The shade value of 206 degrees clearly indicates the unconditional belonging of Wall Street to cold tones. Indeed, there can be no two opinions: when looking at it, associations arise with calm secular rocks, high-tech steel structures, and reflections of the sky in the cold, slightly dusty glass of office skyscrapers.

How does lighting affect Wall Street?

Wall Street is an incredibly complex color, and this is its beauty. At the same time, it is imperative to use it wisely and exceptionally carefully, focusing not only on the degree of illumination but also on the main directions of the light flux.

So, under the influence of bright daylight or sufficient artificial light, Wall Street very expressively manifests azure notes, becoming lighter and more serene. However, if there is not enough lighting, it goes into a deep and harsh dark gray, which is so good in the loft-style, surrounded by natural textures – brick and wood. If your goal is modern minimalism and cozy Scandinavian charm, try to let in as much light as possible into the room with Wall Street-colored elements so as not to feel overwhelmed or depressed.

Wall Street LRV

The LRV for Wall Street is 15. This reflective factor allows it to be classified as a medium-dark with a clear conscience, which in turn means that it reflects very little light. That is why be careful with its use in small and poorly lit rooms: this color from Sherwin-Williams is more point, zone, and accent than definitely basic.

Wall Street undertones

For Wall Street, the lightness is set at 46%, which in itself is not very high. However, the most important thing in it is the significant predominance of blue tones (slightly more than 45%), which makes this color so mysterious and complex. In contrast to warm textures, greenish tones can appear in it, but only a person with a very subtle color flair can discern this manifestation.

Similar colors

Wall Street captivates with its unconditional originality, but similar shades can be found both in the Sherwin-Williams palette and from other paint manufacturers:

  • Gibraltar SW 6257 – the same blue-gray, only darker and slightly colder;
  • Granite Peak SW 6250 – a somewhat colder blue-gray variation;
  • Slate Tile SW 7624 – softer blue-gray with the same lightness;
  • Smokey Slate by Dulux – a very dark gray with a bluish undertone;
  • Stormy Retreat by Dulux – a more delicate dark gray with blue and greenish notes;
  • Rocky Coast 1595 by Benjamin Moore – a slightly lighter and charming gray shade;
  • Kitty Gray 1589 by Benjamin Moore – dark, moderately soft, and smoky;
  • 445 U by Pantone – calm and moderately dark gray;
  • Sergeant Gray FF31-2 by Behr – blue-gray, almost entirely identical to Wall Street;
  • Gun Metal 852 by Behr – a very dark, steel gray. 

Coordinating colors

The most pleasing contrast to Wall Street will be created by the following soothing, moderately light, or warm shades:

  • Shell White SW 8917 – pleasant, warm, and light white with noticeable creamy notes;
  • Lanyard SW 7680 – very pleasant and soft shade of light brown leather;
  • Ice Cube SW 6252 – very light and light gray-blue;
  • Navajo White SW 6126 – charming and warm beige;
  • Studio Taupe PPU5-07 by Behr – a soft gray with warm brown notes.

The use of Wall Street paint color in interior and exterior

The choice in favor of Wall Street is most often characteristic of strong natures who gravitate towards strict and, at the same time, ambiguous decisions filled with deep meaning. If you are really interested in the possibilities of using it in the interior or exterior of your home, let’s take a look at a few ideas in more detail.

Primary color for the living room

Want to use Wall Street as background? Well, this is quite possible, but you will have to remember everything we talked about earlier – and most of all about sufficient lighting. However, you can perfectly match the walls painted in this dark azure gray color in combination with soft white or light cream ceilings, moldings, baseboards, and panels. Light gray wooden floors, furniture made from natural materials in light colors, and airy lamps made of wood and fabric will also be a great addition. You can also add some metallic accents to breathe life and shine into Wall Street if you like.

Teen boy’s room

If you think Wall Street is too harsh for a child’s room, we hasten to convince you: teenagers have a different opinion on this matter. In addition, you can make the interior very daring, but at the same time, moderately cozy and relaxed. Not only will blue-gray wall paint come in handy for this, but also a natural wood floor, a comfortable and stylish bed, a woven rug on the floor, lots of lamps, as well as wall decor that allows you to demonstrate your son’s character and hobbies fully.


Light cabinets against a background of walls painted in Wall Street or cabinets in Wall Street against a backdrop of light walls – both options can be considered quite relevant. However, if they seem overly straightforward to you, try using Sherwin-Williams Azure Gray as an accent. For example, if you paint a kitchen island with a stone countertop with this paint, then it will become a very expressive detail, and soft white cabinets will add even more depth and sound.


Painting the ceiling in the color of the sky is too straightforward, in your opinion? On the example of Wall Street, you can see that straightness has its own unconditional charm. Thanks to this color, the real sky will open up above you, and using light shades to decorate the room as a whole, you will create a surprisingly optimistic space in which you will never be cramped.


You might be surprised, but Wall Street is excellent for entrances. You should not be biased and accuse it of unfriendliness: the only question is introducing Wall Street paint color correctly. For example, combining azure gray walls with a white front door, an elegant console of the same color, and a beige rug on a warm, light brown floor will create an atmosphere of respectability and tranquility.

Workplace or office

As mentioned earlier, Wall Street is not for nothing that it got its name because it simply has no equal in creating a business and motivating atmosphere. Combine it with solid and easy-to-use wooden furniture, comfortable working chairs in retro, modern, or Scandinavian style, and add a little relaxation in the form of a couple of living plants in pots. You yourself will be surprised at how fruitful it is to work in such an environment.

House exterior

Do you find Wall Street very appealing but fear it could give your home a dark look? Don’t worry – with the right combination of shades and textures, nothing like this will happen. In addition, today, designers offer a very, very interesting solution – to complement the facades painted in blue-gray color with panels and shutters made of dark brown wood and white window frames and a door frame. Do you want to add discreet luxury and elegance? Do not forget about wrought metal lanterns and the same benches on the veranda.

If you don’t think so much globally and just want to repaint your front door in Wall Street color, just do it. It will look cozy and noble against the background of walls made of bleached bricks or plaster of a soft white shade.

Wall Street by Sherwin-Williams has so many reasons to fall in love with, that it’s impossible to ignore. And do not be fooled by its character, which seems harsh and cold at first glance: the union of calm gray and cheerful azure blue will inspire you to a considerable number of ideas for your interior.

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