One of the truest versions of black, part of the most popular black paint colors, this shade is a no-fail option for an accent or background.


Irreplaceable, elegant, dramatic, and no less sophisticated: Tricorn Black SW 6258 from Sherwin-Williams. It is not so often that we refer to black paint colors, but this one could simply not go unnoticed. One of the truest versions of black, part of the most popular black paint colors, this shade is a no-fail option for an accent or background due to its lack of additional tones besides a neutral black base, although quite intense, showing impressive flexibility. 

As bold as it seems, Tricorn Black is the best color to start with if you consider a black hue for the first time since its pure nature will offer you a new perspective on dark paint colors. There is indeed a particular kind of charm about this shade and we are going to reveal what stands behind it. Stay with us, and discover the secrets for achieving a pure black shade!

Tricorn Black paint color features

The purest variation of its kind is a timeless shade of black that designers have fast fallen in love with. A true black is not that easy to find, but once you get a glimpse of it, you cannot simply forget it, and this is what happened with Tricorn Black. It became a classic within interior and exterior design that brings a contemporary breath yet can perfectly adapt to traditional and modern design solutions. Besides its go-to feature, one cannot deny the unique sense of drama that gracefully spreads all over the space. That’s right! We speak about charm, and not a simple one. The unforgettable complexity this black radiates cannot compare with any other color from the same category. If you wonder why – the answer is simple: Tricorn Black is a pure replication of what a classic black looks like – devoid of details, impartial, and simply true to its nature.

Tricorn Black: is it warm or cold?

Let’s put it this way: Tricorn Black is a neutral color. It means SW 6258 is neither warm nor cold. Furthermore, the lack of complementary notes does not refer to a particular direction in this sense either. How is it then? The black shade from SW is a balance of notes, and one cannot simply place it into a particular category, which is not a reason to doubt it. This proves that Tricorn Black is unique and stays true to its pure black nature.

How does lighting affect Tricorn Black?

We cannot simply refer in this respect, as usual, to north or south-facing spaces. It does not change the situation at all. Tricorn Black is poorly influenced by light, imposing its own rules. Still, one thing should be noted: SW 6258 requires substantial light since its very dark nature can easily darken a space to an unprecedented level, which should not be allowed. As unaffected by light as it is, Tricorn Black still cannot go without it.

Tricorn Black LRV

On a scale from 0 to 100, where the former stands for a true black, Tricorn Black reaches a Light Reflectance Value of 3. It proves our words about its belonging to the purest shades of the kind. Let’s translate this figure! An LRV of 3 stands behind a color that does not reflect light at all. It literally absorbs the light particles and prevails over the space in its full right. 

Tricorn Black undertones

Tricorn Black indeed does not have any undertones. Would it compromise its pure nature with a splash of other colors? Never. This is what makes this paint color so special. It has nothing else to show off than its natural black base, yet it does that in the most graceful way, which undoubtedly stands behind its classic appearance.

Similar colors

The scientific process behind a true black shade is not easy. Still, a few black versions meet the necessary standards or, at least, are close to the true nature of SW 6258. Luckily, we can refer to more than one color brand in this respect to offer you different perspectives on what a pure shade of black looks like. Less for the intro, more about clear examples!

  • Caviar SW 6990 – surprisingly identical to Tricorn Black with the same LRV, still, showing an almost invisible touch of brown;
  • Black Magic SW 6991 – no less identical to SW 6258, preserving the LRV, seeming inexplicably warmer;
  • Colorbond Night Sky 014 by Dulux Australia – identical shade of black, only a thorough analysis would spot a more intense base;
  • Black by Dulux – a black shade with an even more intense base, even when it seems that black cannot go any deeper;
  • Black HC-190 by Benjamin Moore – almost identical to Tricorn Black, only a slightly higher LRV distinguishes between those shades;
  • Black 8341 by Behr – a slightly lighter version of black, although not that far from the pure black variation at SW;
  • Black Watch C60-35 – a more noticeable lighter alternative due to a slightly visible hint of gray.

Coordinating colors

Let’s start with the classics! Tricorn Black works impressively well with its all-time favorites – white and gray, which can be chosen in different shades. Next comes its standout flexibility that makes this paint color an irreplaceable match for any type of shade. You can safely go with any other color, except a similarly dark variation. Designers suggest starting with your favorite color and adapt the classic splash of black to it. It will surely be collaborative. Let’s go through a few timeless coordinating colors for Tricorn Black!

  • Classic Light Buff SW – fascinating white with soft pinkish notes for a warm contrast;
  • Ice Cube SW 6252 – icy white with cool gray undertones for an unobtrusive contrastive match;
  • Oyster White SW 7637 – a mix of light beige and gray notes with a soft base, perfect for warming up the interior;
  • Alabaster SW 7008 – creamy white, not too close to a true white, still very proficient at reflecting the light;
  • Frostwork SW 0059 – light silvery gray with almost invisible notes of green, impressively soft and calming;
  • Blithe Blue SW 9052 – medium blue with a very pale surface and a tiny hint of gray for a soothing contrast;
  • Watery SW 6478 – green-blue shade with the latter undoubtedly prevailing and a relatively light and soothing surface;
  • Passive SW 7064 – cool gray with slight blue undertones and an impressive stormy appearance;
  • Camelback SW 6122 – medium tan, not too warm or cool but a perfect balance of notes;
  • Coral Clay SW 9005 – exquisitely charming coral shade slightly neutralized, resembling natural clay diluted with a drop of the boldest coral shade;
  • Rose Colored SW 6303 – dusty shades of a medium-to-light pink penetrated by slight scents of gray;
  • In the Tropics CSP-640 by Benjamin Moore – medium turquoise with a very soothing base that replicates the ocean breeze;
  • Kept Love Letters CSP-425 – as the name implies, a charming shade of medium-to-light pink with a tiny gray hint;
  • Gray Owl 2137-60 by Benjamin Moore – cool gray with slight blue and green undertones with a sophisticated contemporary air;
  • Mt. Rainier Gray 2129-60 by Benjamin Moore – soft shade of blue-gray replicating the glacial ice at its finest.

Use of Tricorn Black in interior

Unlike other bold colors, this classic opens a sea of possibilities when it comes to its integration in interior design. An all-black space, a black accent wall, a black accent piece of furniture, a balance between black and a vibrant shade, and the list goes on and on. The exciting part is that you can act as a designer and implement your wildest design ideas using a seemingly pretentious paint color. Let’s go through a few design solutions and notice how Tricorn Black works within the interior!

New Neoclassical

Can the Neoclassical get even more updated? It indeed can with Tricorn Black. Consider painting the walls decorated with molding entirely in black, accompany them with a white ceiling, a flamboyant chandelier, and a perfect mix between the classic and functional pieces. Does it seem too bold? Go with black accents on a crispy white background, such as any furniture unit, a built-in bookcase, or staircase. Such an approach to interior design will certainly show off your good taste.

Living room

An all-black living room for bold achievers. A black accent wall on a light background for those who want to get a touch of both extremities. A black-painted built-in bookcase or a vintage piece of furniture for those who want to show off their good taste. Not least, a mix of black and bright shades for creative minds who strive for originality. Tricorn Black seems to satisfy everybody, being the go-to black paint color, particularly in a space where you have a lot of freedom to experiment with design solutions.


Within this personal space, you are more than free. You are allowed to be the author of a piece of art, which will definitely be the result when using Tricorn Black. Consider it for the walls entirely or opt for an accent wall, pairing them mandatorily with white bedding and diluting them with bright-colored textiles. It is quite imposing for a sleeping space, but the scene makes an entirely different turn when the classic paint color is combined with appropriate contrasts. Besides, you can consider this color for the nightstands or dresser, which will look no less impressive on a light background. 

Home office

There is no need to think a lot about design solutions for this space when SW 6258 puts it clear: an all-black makeover or a black accent wall and a white background, although black bookcases should also be considered. Complete all with a wood table for a classic approach or a white one against the black wall for a modern breath. One should note that the black paint color serves as a perfect backdrop for light art pieces, which is a no less efficient way to decorate the home office exquisitely.

Kitchen and dining room

No other design solution would fit this place better than the classic combination of black and white. You can go with black lower cabinets and white upper ones on a crispy white background devoid of additional decorative details. No less stylish looks an all-white kitchen with a black island or black-painted window frames for a discrete yet exquisite accent.

As for the dining room, consider an all-black makeover or a black accent wall paired with its all-time favorite white. Additionally, you can opt for natural wood furniture since this texture works exceptionally well with black paint.


Stick to one rule, and you will undoubtedly be on the safe side: consider the classic black and white, and go any direction you want. Paint all walls in black and pair them with a white ceiling or go for white walls and black accents. Tricorn Black works well for the interior doors or furniture units peculiar to this space. The mix of black and wood with warm undertones for a Modern Farmhouse approach is no less impressive.


Black and white, again and again. The easiest way to integrate this combination is by opting for a black accent wall or black cabinets on a white background. Still, a more interesting approach is waiting for courageous souls – go for an all-black bathroom and consider one or two elements in white to balance the palette. Additionally, opt for bright textiles if the environment feels draining. Another stylish solution is combining white walls with a black accent wall, light wood cabinets, and brass hardware. 

Use of Tricorn Black for house exterior

Tricorn Black is definitely a paint color for modern approaches when it comes to the house exterior. Consider painting the house wall entirely in black, even the trim, leaving it as it is, or combining it with tiny splashes of wood or stone. As easy as that, your house will look like a magazine about modern exteriors that we all dream about but never dare implement. On a white background, particularly of brick, consider SW 6258 for the front door, window frames, and even the garage door, which will have a no less contemporary look.

The Tricorn Black SW 6258 paint color from Sherwin-Williams is this black paint color that designers dream of when it comes to a pure black devoid of undertones that stays true to its nature and offers the interior and exterior a timeless look; all this besides the fact that Tricorn Black is extremely flexible and adapts to every design solution in part.

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