A medium variation of gray with a rather cool base and soothing notes that strike with their finesse, softness, and calmness.

LRV 56

The list of gray paint color reviews goes on and, today, we would like to introduce another pearl of the kind to you. Regardless of how many shades of gray we have already discovered, paint manufacturers impress us with every new finding. This time, we will tackle a unique gray that Behr experts came up with – Silver Bullet.

For a start, one should note that Silver Bullet N520-2, a medium shade of gray with a slight lavender resemblance, entered the list of the most popular grays a long time ago, and not without reason, which we will try to discover in this article. Even the name of this color makes it clear from the start that we speak about a striking shade of gray that, besides other impressive features, is the proud owner of a silverish effect, which reflects sparkling notes of metal. This is just a tiny part of the grandeur of this color. Let’s find out what stands behind the intriguing appearance of a seemingly simple shade of gray!

Silver Bullet paint color features

The silver drop of gray from Behr is a medium variation of gray with a rather cool base and soothing notes that strike with their finesse, softness, and calmness. The part we are trying to get to is that Silver Bullet looks like a true gray on the sample while reading a light shade of lavender when applied to the walls. One cannot simply help but notice this refreshing and softening, at the same time, lavender scent, which makes this hue stand out. 

Silver Bullet: is it warm or cold?

Once again, Silver Bullet appears to be a rather coldish gray of the high intensity on the sample. When put into practice, it instantly shows an appealing range of soft lavender undertones that cannot simply allow us to call it cold. Yes, it is cool, but the pleasant lavender notes offer this color a delightful appearance, which brings us to the idea that the paint color N520-2 is a cool shade of gray with an exceptional hint of softness.

How does lighting affect Silver Bullet?

Silver Bullet reads a light gray in full daylight, still penetrated by soft purple particles and outstandingly refreshing. Nevertheless, it leans towards true grays in north-facing rooms, while in the south, east, and west-facing spaces, it reveals its entire range of soft lavender scents. Either way, the lavender notes do not cease to prevail over this shade under any circumstances. This is why you can play with artificial lighting, particularly its undertones, to bring the wanted notes to the surface, be they cool or warm, bearing in mind that lavender doesn’t go anywhere. 

Silver Bullet LRV

Regardless of how light this shade may seem to you, it doesn’t have such a high LRV, which reaches a value of 56 on a scale from 0 to 100. The latter stands for a true white, and you can probably notice by these figures what we mean when we say that Silver Bullet is not that light. The gray hue from Behr is part of the middle tones, although slightly directed towards the light side. Such a value stands for a color that can reflect a moderate amount of light, still high enough to brighten up the space. Although the soothing notes keep the borders unchanged, a subtle expanding effect is also to be noticed. 

Silver Bullet undertones

It is probably clear by now that Silver Bullet is diluted with a few particles of lavender at the level that it even looks like a lavender shade, although light and not that intense. This is why one should be careful when opting for this shade. Yes, it can look like a true gray in particular conditions. Still, it mostly reads a light pastel shade of lavender, which, by the way, is not bad at all since this variation of purple is up-to-date and offers an irreplaceable sense of softness and ease.

Similar colors

Do you think that there is a wide range of colors that seem pure grays but lean towards a lavender appearance once put into practice? It is not such a common feature that can be reached only with a thorough work with undertones, which experts from Behr managed to, although there is an exception met at another manufacturer. Still, the list of grays that bear particular lavender scents and can show off their soothing effect is quite large. Let’s refer to some of the most prominent ones!

  • Pumice MQ6-23 – a darker shade of gray with clearly perceived lavender notes and a standout soothing effect;
  • Arid Plains PPU25-07 – an even darker alternative with more intense lavender scents and soothing notes;
  • Eternity AF-695 by Benjamin Moore – a darker gray with an almost similar intensity with less pronounced lavender undertones and a cooler appearance;
  • Potters Clay 2 by Dulux –  another darker variation with more intense soft lavender notes;
  • Silver Grey G24 by Dulux Australia – identical to Silver Bullet, the difference being noticed when referring to its slightly lower LRV;
  • Aloof Gray SW 6197 by Sherwin-Williams – a slightly lighter shade with a lower intensity.

Coordinating colors

The impressive lavender scents make Silver Bullet a standout partner for neutrals, particularly crispy white or darker gray variations. To our surprise, it goes no less impressive with actual lavender shades, which leads to a rather harmonious result. The list also includes bold accents, be they light or dark, and pastels that keep pace with the soothing effect of the soft lavender-gray from Behr. Luckily, all these options can be found at Behr. Let’s take a closer look!

  • Bit of Sugar PR-W14 – a pure white with slight grayish particles that offer this shade a rather coolish effect, although there is a delightful scent of yellow deeply penetrated into the base;
  • Dusty Olive PPU8-20 – it resembles a ripe olive covered by a thick layer of dust which leads to a foggy green-gray shade;
  • Mulberry Stain N110-2 – soothing variation of warm lavender with an intense purple base and exceptionally soft notes;
  • Poseidon S480-6 – very dark blue, resembling naval blue, although penetrated by a soothing note of green;
  • Blueberry Whip S550-1 – exceptionally light blue, resembling a very light lavender shade, which goes in harmony with the undertones of Silver Bullet;
  • Ecological S380-6 – dark green with a rather foggy effect due to a limited amount of gray undertones;
  • Dune Grass N340-2 – muted shade of gray diluted with a few particles of green that looks rather dusty;
  • Plum Royale S110-6 – dusty variation of a bright grape-like purple shade, which seems cool and soothing at the same time;
  • Gentle Sea S470-2 – soothing shade of light blue reminiscent of the calm blue surface of the Mediterranean Sea;
  • Extreme S530-6 – deep shade of dark blue, resembling perfectly naval blue;
  • Ottertail N220-5 – a soothing brown penetrated by a limited amount of gray particles with a rather cold appearance.

Use of Silver Bullet in interior

A neutral that serves as a perfect background for bold accents and works as an accent itself due to its lavender scents will definitely fit any space of your interior. Furthermore, its versatility opens a wide range of possibilities and allows you to show off your design abilities. Nevertheless, there are a few design solutions that work best for this paint color. Let’s dive deep into their essence!

New Neoclassical

Grays are known to be a go-to option for neoclassical settings. Designers and homeowners have switched over the years from true grays to blue-grays and beige-grays, also known as greiges, reaching now a pairing between gray and lavender, and there is no other shade to interpret this mix better than Silver Bullet. The other elements peculiar to this style stay the same, preserving their elegance and outstanding combination with contemporary pieces of furniture. At the same time, the walls that are painted with this variation of gray fill the space with softness and redefine the style, making it look less formal and more approachable. 

Updated Scandi

The cold Scandinavian weather is perfectly replicated within the Scandi style through gray shades. The commonly known cool grays have been replaced lately with softer variations to enrich the space with softness. The functional arrangement, natural textures, and comfy textiles don’t cease to prevail, preserving the integrity of the style, while the newly introduced shade, which, in this case, is Silver Bullet, serves as a perfect touch of additional comfort. That’s right! The once-popular cold grays that dominated particular styles are being replaced with softer alternatives since homeowners are looking for a safe sense of comfort within their interiors.

Living room

As already stated, you can use Silver Bullet as a background for any design solution of yours. Still, experts suggest sticking to a rather neutral pairing to preserve contemporary functionality. If you feel that an accent would make you feel happier with your interior, consider a bold color and spread it slightly through the room, be it the cushions, curtains, or photo frames, to dilute the monochromatic palette a bit.


Despite how contemporary Silver Bullet looks in other rooms, it is an irreplaceable partner for rather classical bedrooms with enormous wood pieces of furniture. No less impressive look elegant chandeliers and vintage units on such a backdrop. Still, there is one approach that we have fallen in love with: silverish gray for the walls and soft beige textiles, such as the bedding, curtains, and armchairs upholstery. The combination is fascinating due to the double softening effect. It is a real pleasure to fall asleep surrounded by such a great amount of softness.

Kitchen and dining room

This versatile shade works both for the walls and cabinets, accompanied by a crisp white. One should consider an aspect in particular – silver hardware is the only option to consider for a combination with the silverish gray. Don’t worry! The space will not look invaded by silver particles but rather radiate a harmonious pairing that looks pleasant to the eyes and feels appealing to the soul. 

A similar approach to the bedroom goes for the dining space. The cool yet soft shade of gray serves as a perfect background for a classical dining room, making the formal setting feel comfortable. 


Why not give this unusual gray a try in the bathroom? If you are looking for a shade of gray for this space, and originality is a priority, Silver Bullet is this paint color that will surely not disappoint you when it comes to individuality. Once again, you are free to use this background for any colors and textures, although a rather neutral approach and natural surfaces are welcome. 

Use of Silver Bullet for house exterior

Silver Bullet for the house walls, white for the trim, and dark wood for the roof and front door – this is where traditional meets modern. You can definitely adapt your traditional exterior to contemporary values with a splash of authentic gray, whose lavender scents will simply make you fall in love with the entire look of the house at first glance. If you think of repainting the front door, and your house walls are white, don’t hesitate to opt for Silver Bullet, which will go in perfect harmony with the outdoor background. 

The Silver Bullet N520-2 paint color from Behr is another pearl on the list of popular grays. Besides being a trendy neutral, it adds individuality to any space due to the fabulous lavender hint. The most important fact is that it works exceptionally well within traditional, modern, or transitional settings, which offers you a wide range of design possibilities.

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