A richly pigmented earthy brown emanating a solid chocolate fragrance diluted with subtle orange undertones; the "it" color of the season that pairs old aesthetic with new.

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Interior designers and homeowners have been inspired by natural and earthy colors for a few years now, and experts expect this trend to stay the same in 2023 and the following seasons. “Greens, blues, and browns make any space feel safe, calming, grounded, yet energized,” says Sue Wadden, color marketing director at Sherwin-Williams. 

In this context, we want to present the new-generation brown Rookwood Medium Brown from SW. At first sight, designers knew this was the “it” color of the season since it meets all standards. It is a nature-inspired color with earthy traces that restore comfort, connect to the outdoor world, and help you make an individualized statement. Are you ready to discover the mainstream color of the season? Let’s see what experts have to say!

Rookwood Medium Brown Paint Color Features

RMB from now on. Such a long name equals the tremendous personality of this fabulously beautiful brown shade. Despite the presence of “medium” in the name, RMB is a dark brown tone with organic, earthy notes. Interestingly, it is part of the Orange color family, probably due to its incredibly warm foundation. At SW, this paint color can be found in the Historic collection and, of course, the 2023 Colormix Forecast (Biome selection). 

RMB is an impressively stately and conservative brown tone. You can add so much finesse with a few touches of this paint color in your house. Additionally, you’ll feel surrounded by a unique sense of comfort that will redefine the sense of home. And last but not least, this sophisticated wood brown will make you feel safer at home, build a closer connection with your house and family, and boost your confidence while strengthening your personality.

Rookwood Medium Brown: Is It Warm or Cold?

SW 2807 feels pleasant, like hot chocolate, and frankly, it looks the same. Speaking of facts, in the RGB value, the amount of red, green, and blue mixed to create the color, the red value goes considerably higher than green and blue. RMB is a 100% warm paint color.

How Does Lighting Affect Rookwood Medium Brown?

Lighting always makes the final decision, even for dark and solid colors like this coffee brown from SW. Note that RMB will look more neutral in a room with northern exposure. The cold natural light makes it a muted brown shade; even a few gray undertones may resurface.

Try the same paint color in a room constantly sunkissed, and you will understand why RMB belongs to the Orange color family. A warm earthy brown will delight your eyes. You’ll experience a true fairytale if the sun rays directly access the space. Still, use this chocolate paint in relatively spacious rooms; otherwise, limit yourself to a brown accent.

Rookwood Medium Brown LRV

Always pay attention to the Light Reflectance Value of paint colors to ensure you choose the right shade. Note: 0 stands for black, and 100 for white. RMB has an LRV of 10. This shows in figures that the trendy brown paint is pretty dark and doesn’t reflect light almost at all. Use it in well-lit rooms, and you’ll always stay safe.

Rookwood Medium Brown Undertones

The chocolate paint color we already start to love has perceivable orange and gray undertones that wait for the perfect light conditions to come to the surface. And we have already told you how it works.

Similar Colors

You won’t have a problem finding alternatives to RMB since our favorite brands have a wide range of shades for trendy colors, such as brown. You can safely use the following similar colors as substitutes:

  • Brevity Brown SW 6068 by Sherwin-Williams – a less orange shade of brown, equally solid and warm;
  • Moose Trail N190-7 by Behr – a cooler earthy brown that would better work as an alternative for RMB in rooms with southern exposure;
  • Riding Boots CSP-300 by Benjamin Moore – you won’t notice a difference, the same orange-brown;
  • Brazilian Bean I21 by Dulux Australia – literally, the same chocolate brown, only the slightly lower LRV will help you distinguish;
  • Velvet Truffle 2 by Dulux – another great alternative through the lenses of the same delicious brown shade;
  • Chocolate Pudding 424-7 by PPG Paints – a delicious chocolate brown, the same as the earthy brown from SW;
  • Briar DEC 712 by Dunn-Edwards – a slightly lighter and warmer shade of brown; choose it as a substitute in rooms with cold natural lighting;
  • Soul Chocolate by Valspar – the closest brown shade so far; you won’t notice a difference if you put those two next to each other.

Coordinating Colors

We’ve written many brown color reviews and noticed that it works as a neutral, just like professionals claim. Consequently, it pairs with various bright shades, especially now that they are so popular. Oranges, pinks, purples, and yellow all work. Combine RMB with soothing blue, greige, or lighter brown for a conservative palette. You won’t be wrong with the following suggested paint colors from SW:

  • Mesa Tan SW 7695 – a medium creamy tan with thrilling peach undertones that bring a summertime fragrance;
  • Sierra Redwood SW 7598 – an intense reddish-brown with warm earthy undertones;
  • Tradewind SW 6218 – a pale silverish blue with an airy effect that would effortlessly refresh RMB;
  • Riverway SW 6222 – a dark blue-gray with a gorgeous navy feature that goes very well with brown shades;
  • Coconut Husk SW 6111 – a medium gray-brown, just like the coconut shell.

Use of Rookwood Medium Brown in Interior Design

Professionals first referred to Traditional, Classic, and Victorian styles when asked how they would use RMB in interior design. That is where this brown shade starts from, yet it firmly reaches Modern. Use this flexible paint in every room of the house with almost any design style. If you cannot decide how to use this coffee brown best, the following design ideas may spark your interest.

Embracing the Beauty of the Past

RMB is a historic color, and we cannot speak about it without mentioning the elegant Classic, delicate Victorian, or familiar Traditional design. Moreover, the SW 2807 looks impressively luxurious with wall molding, wooden furniture, and metallic accessories. If you’ve always loved the old-time aesthetic, now is the time to make your dream come true with this new brown paint.

Modern Chocolate Color

It’s amazing how the same brown shade feels so modern when you choose the right decor. RMB is a welcome guest in ultra-modern apartments with a moody ambiance decorated mainly with dark colors, such as black and gray, besides the brown tone. Generally, any modern design concept accepts this woody brown since it looks trendy and stylishly integrates into any color palette.

The Coziest Bedroom Color

According to professionals who have already worked with RMB, this inviting and supportive brown is one of the coziest paint colors they have ever met. Indeed, its intense wood resemblance scented with chocolate fragrance and enriched with earthy warmth is the perfect recipe for a cocoon effect that keeps you safe, comfortable, and far from what happens outside. Falling asleep in a bedroom painted brown can be faster than you thought.

Classic Dining Room

We wouldn’t recommend a brown shade for kitchen cabinets. You better go with naturally textured wood cabinets instead. As for the dining, green light to the gorgeous brown from SW. Many designers love the combination of RMB and the Classic style with beautifully decorated furniture. What’s more, this chocolate shade is appetite-awakening.


If you think dark brown is not a great choice for bathrooms, you haven’t probably seen how RMB steals the show in traditional and modern bathrooms. Designers like to pair brown walls with modern colorful tiles and let the fusion between old and new visually spruce up the interior. Or, you can consider an all-brown bathroom with white fixtures. It feels unusual and appealing.

Use of Rookwood Medium Brown for House Exterior

The new season neutral with deep earthy roots looks equally stylish and stately on traditional and modern exteriors. Paired with natural wood, stone, and white trim, it integrates into the outdoor surroundings up to the last detail. RMB won’t ever seem faded out under natural light. On the contrary, you’ll enjoy an appealing and confident color.

The new brown tone from our endeared Sherwin-Williams with the long name Rookwood Medium Brown is nothing like the browns you’ve seen so far. This richly pigmented earthy shade induces reliability, confidence, and security in the most unconventional design styles. Looking for ways to restore the sense of home in your house? This delightful brown is ready to collaborate.

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