White, clean, but at the same time not dazzlingly bright, but as if dusted with golden pollen, which makes them softer.

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The color experts at Dulux have fallen in love with white for decades. Bright, clean, fresh, gentle, soft, cozy, soothing; the list would be long if they were to name all the advantages of such tones. Inspired by the multifaceted nature of white, they do not get tired of creating and focusing on all the new shades that invariably find themselves in the center of various fashionable palettes.

As with other manufacturers, we can distinguish between two large groups of white shades at Dulux – cold and warm. At the same time, one cannot fail to note a significant increase in the popularity of colors belonging to the second group. Today, when such features as warmth and the desire to create an atmosphere of security, harmony, and complete satisfaction around oneself become key values from the point of view of life philosophy in general and interior design in particular, such tones allow you to fully achieve what you want. Therefore, we are proud to present to you one of our favorite warm white shades – Jasmine White by Dulux.

Jasmine White paint color features

Hardly anyone could doubt that Jasmine White is exactly white. However, to realize that this white color is special, you don’t even have to look at it for too long. Thanks to the noticeable presence of yellow undertones, the shade from Dulux is surprisingly warm and natural. This is how the petals of the freshly blossoming flowers of spring jasmine look like – white, clean, but at the same time not dazzlingly bright, but as if dusted with golden pollen, which makes them softer.

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Jasmine White: is it warm or cold?

In this case, we cannot speak about two different opinions: Jasmine White is exactly a warm white shade. Of course, this enchanting warmth does not prevent it from being very light and airy, but this shade is completely devoid of any cold undertones and, thanks to this, is incredibly visually comfortable. This amazing property makes it an excellent solution for both children’s rooms and living rooms, where we spend a lot of time.

How does lighting affect Jasmine White?

As belonging to the group of white shades, Jasmine White is distinguished by a very high lightness and reflectivity, and the absence of complex and numerous undertones makes it quite neutral. However, all this does not mean that it behaves the same in any lighting – there are possible nuances that you should definitely know about.

So, in bright daylight and in a room flooded with sunlight, this shade turns into a flawless white, which, however, does not seem dazzling or cold. If the room is sufficiently lit, Jasmine White takes on the look you can see in the manufacturer’s sample. However, even with a lack of lighting, it looks by no means less impressive since the yellow undertones that reveal themselves offer it a classic touch of aristocracy.

Jasmine White LRV

Jasmine White has an impressively high LRV reflectivity. It reaches a value of 88, indicating once again that this shade belongs to the group of undoubted whites. Surfaces painted in this delightful light shade perfectly reflect light, creating a feeling of spaciousness and abundance of air. Still, thanks to the heat this color radiates, it does not seem unnecessarily dazzling and does not hurt the eyes.

Jasmine White undertones

Above, we have repeatedly mentioned the warm character of Jasmine White, which is achieved through the implicit, but still undeniable presence of yellow undertones. These undertones really dominate; however, at dusk and with a lack of artificial lighting, you can notice a greenish undertone, which makes it seem vintage and as if touched by time.

Similar colors

The contemporary palette of warm whites is impressively expansive. You can safely take the color palette of any manufacturer – and you will surely find at least several of these shades there. Of course, we will not list all the tones similar to Jasmine White – we will just name the well-known colors from major paint brands:

  • Natural Calico – the same calm and soft shade of white, but with lower light reflectance;
  • Elderflower Tea – an unusual and ambiguous shade, balancing between white and very light beige;
  • Whisper White – very soft and very light warm white, which is especially used in classic interiors;
  • Whisper White HDC-MD-08 by Behr – very calm, sophisticated, and warm white tone with high luminosity, remarkably similar to Jasmine White;
  • Night Blooming Jasmine YL-W10 by Behr – white with one hundred percent lightness, at the same time not devoid of warm undertones;
  • Peach Cooler 022 by Benjamin Moore – a light and warm white that appears more delicate and ambiguous due to the added pink undertones;
  • Shoji White SW 7042 by Sherwin-Williams – a warm and meditative white shade that seems as natural as possible thanks to the presence of creamy undertones ;
  • Oyster White SW 7637 by Sherwin-Williams – an airy, welcoming, and moderately warm white that promises calmness, comfort, and serenity.

Coordinating colors

White and warm Jasmine White can get along with almost any color – of course, provided that it does not turn out to be too cold, since, in this case, it risks acquiring yellowness that is uncomfortable for the eyes. However, it has nothing against bright and juicy shades, noble dark colors, irreplaceable neutrals, and, of course, light and cool tones:

  • Pale Citrus – invigorating and at the same time pleasing light yellow shade with light juicy notes;
  • Citrus Zing – a spectacular lemon-yellow color for interiors in which positivity and energy boil;
  • Ashen White – meditative, calm, and cool white with gray undertones;
  • Calming Meadow – balanced gray, especially welcoming and warm due to noticeable brown tones;
  • Raspberry Diva – a popular dark pink tone with cool and refined purple tones;
  • Pretty Pink – delightfully light and flirty pink with lilac highlights that looks refreshing.

The use of Jasmine White in interior

Even when looking at a sample or a can of Jasmine White paint, it is difficult not to feel the desire to use it even on a small surface. Indeed, this warm white shade has tremendous potential, and therefore designers have successfully used it in a wide variety of styles and solutions. Let’s consider some of them in more detail.

Modern classic

The warm yet sophisticated character of Jasmine White makes this base paint ideal for classic interiors. Walls painted in this color are often combined with colder snow-white finishes in the form of baseboards and stucco moldings. This solution is in perfect harmony with light and brown parquet flooring, massive cozy sofas and elegant decor made of metal, glass, and polished wood.

Coastal as it is

Compared to the nautical style, which is directed towards sharp and refreshing contrasts, the style of country houses of wealthy townspeople implies softer and more sophisticated combinations. This is why Dulux’s warm white shade is the perfect partner for the typical coastal blues, light blues, soft browns, sandy and pearl tones.

The new charm of minimalism

Even today, some continue to be wary of minimalism, considering it too cold and impersonal. However, the only question is the approach! Using Jasmine White as a base, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere even with a minimum of furniture and accessories. Calmness and harmony will be added by such details as tables, chairs, and armchairs made of minimally processed wood, natural textiles, and eco-friendly decor.


There is hardly anything better for decorating your relaxation area than a warm white shade. In the morning, in the bedroom dominated by Jasmine White, you will feel the real pleasure of waking up, and in the evening, it will be like falling asleep in a cozy soft cocoon. This shade of white perfectly adapts to luxurious bedroom interiors with their elegant furniture, rich fabrics, and luxury accessories, as well as to very simple, laconic settings with a minimum of elements peculiar to minimalism, Scandinavian and Japanese styles.


Is it possible to paint the bathroom walls in Jasmine White? Of course, you can! This warm white shade will be the perfect backdrop for both a sleek modern styling with shiny chrome fixtures and furniture and luxurious art deco furnishings of gold and chrome, elegant accessories, reflective mirrors, and exclusive fixtures.

Kitchen and dining room

While white is generally considered neutral, this warm tone can boost your appetite if you choose to use it in the kitchen or dining room. Combine it with enormous light and brown wood furniture, give chairs with soft upholstery in creamy shades a try, do not forget about a console or a sideboard in delicate light shades, and complement everything with pastel or bright dishes, depending on what effect you want to achieve.

Another option to organically integrate Jasmine White into the kitchen interior is to paint kitchen cabinets into it. This color will perfectly harmonize with a countertop of pear wood, beech, maple, or light oak, as well as floors in warm colors and a few black accents. Do not forget about the main thing: furniture fittings, in this case, should be of gold, brass, or copper to avoid an unexpected imbalance.

Use of Jasmine White for house exterior

Jasmine White by Dulux is a real find for those who want to see their home welcoming and promising comfort in any weather. Even during rainy days and gloomy winter twilight, the house painted in this warm white shade does not seem dull. It becomes elegant on sunny days, standing out favorably both against the background of white snowdrifts and bright summer greenery. Combine walls painted in this color with doors of dark or rich warm colors and similar roofs. Do not forget about contrasting frames and platbands to emphasize the house lines favorably.

The warm shade of Jasmine White offers a new perspective on the beauty of white for those who previously associated it with something sterile and emasculated. The softness, tranquility, and comfort that this fashionable shade from Dulux promises attracts the attention of both fans of classic chic and connoisseurs of laconic harmony.

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