A sparkling orange-yellow shade with a standout personality; one of the best bright paint colors with a Retro body and a Modern mind.

LRV 57

If we had told you a few years ago that bright yellows, reds, and oranges go hand in hand with the trendy whites, grays, and beiges, you would have probably thought we were kidding. Yet, here we are today, with revived bold shades inspired by the creative ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s. 

Don’t be afraid to try the most vibrant paint colors ever if you want to keep pace with the current color trends. The prominent authority on paint colors, the beloved brand Dulux, is ready to help you. In its new color collection, Revive, you can find the vivid summer-scented orange-yellow Golden Sand so you can share your inner color with the world. Find out if this gold-polished sandy tone resonates with your personality, and discover the newest design ideas with this paint color.

Golden Sand Paint Color Features

From now on, we will refer to it as GS. So, GS is a vivid mix of orange and yellow with a summertime name. In color psychology, such shades are associated with positive emotions. This gold-polished sunny color renders energy, hope, joy, and happiness. By the way, if you need a confidence boost and creativity encouragement, you know where to find them. Additionally, GS works better for impulsive personalities with creative minds who see the best in everything. And not least, an orange-yellow lover leans slightly perfectionist. Undoubtedly, GS is an attention stealer, yet it directly links to logical thinking by stimulating idea creation. Staying in a space painted with GS for more than a minute instantly boosts your mood and sets a positive energy for the rest of the day. Start the day right in your home with the right color!

Golden Sand: Is It Warm or Cold?

This self-expressive yellow hue, referred to often as the color of sunshine, is undoubtedly a warm paint color. For confirmation, let’s analyze its RGB value (Red, Green, Blue). With 237 for Red, 185 for Green, and 89 for Blue, GS is obviously warm.

How Does Lighting Affect Golden Sand?

We should disclose some information to you. GS looks slightly muted when put into practice, contrasting its appearance on the color sample. To your luck, it regains its bright golden effect when fully sunkissed. That usually happens in rooms with windows that face the southern side. 

Be ready for an entirely muted orange tone with a warm earthy effect in north-facing spaces. Consider that GS is a mid-tone paint color; it will be more than happy to welcome natural light in tremendous amounts. Since the color is unsurprisingly bright, we suggest you don’t underrate its bold effect and use it appropriately. A piece of expert advice won’t hurt.

Golden Sand LRV

GS has a Light Reflectance Value of 57. Does it tell you anything? Either way, you can quickly determine which category of colors it belongs to by using a scale from 0 (black) to 100 (white). We can safely state that GS is a medium paint color. It shows a lot of body yet is bright enough so that you can use this paint color even in smaller spaces if appropriate lighting conditions are ensured. 

Golden Sand Undertones

To be precise, GS is a yellow shade with stark orange undertones. Additionally, we can see a few drops of earthy color and a muted sandy fragrance. As for the rest, this color is pretty bright and stands confidently by itself without absorbing the surrounding colors.

Similar Colors

We don’t often review such bright colors, or at least, we haven’t done it so far. Still, we are impressed by Golden Sand, and so are the designers. Homeowners who have already tried it are simply in love. That’s why we decided to find other similar yellow tones that you can easily use for inspiration.

  • Butterblond S13H5 by Dulux Australia – a lighter substitute to GS with a slightly more neutral effect; flawless alternative if GS seems too bright to you;
  • Luminous Days 300 by Benjamin Moore – a middle-tone yellow with joyful sunny undertones, brighter than Golden Sand;
  • Corn Husk 307 by Benjamin Moore – an orange-biased sandy tone, more vivid than Golden Sand;
  • Lemon Twist 8607 by Behr – a significantly softer lemon orange; the perfect alternative to GS in south-facing rooms;
  • Bee SW 6683 by Sherwin-Williams – almost the same sparkling orange-yellow; one wouldn’t distinguish between them;
  • Butterfield SW 6676 by Sherwin-Williams – a buttery apricot yellow with a ripe orange tinge, bolder and lighter than GS;
  • Yellow Coneflower PPG1209-5 by PPG Paints – literally, the same flowerful orange-yellow;
  • Oro De Maya PPG17-19 by PPG Paints – a more intense golden yellow hue with a cheerful orange undertone.

Coordinating Colors

With such a dazzling yellow shade at hand, there is no need to worry about other accent colors. That’s why colorists suggest teaming GS with neutral tones, say crisp whites. If you cannot help but fancy more yellow in your interior, pair Golden Sand with lighter and pale yellow shades. Still, our favorite matching color, designers agree with us, is brown; it makes for a pleasing organic combination with this rich orange-yellow color. At Dulux, you can find the expert-choice paint colors to partner with GS:

  • Natural White SW1F4 – one of the best white shades available, the lightest warm white at Dulux, and an excellent companion for neutral and feature paint colors;
  • Snowy Mountains Half SW1F3 – a relatively neutral white and versatile paint color to use alongside various colors inside and out;
  • Brown Earth S12D9 – a dark shade of rich earthy brown with a welcoming organic effect that induces support, safety, and down-to-earth confidence.

Use of Golden Sand in Interior Design

Yellow is one of the best colors to bring positive energy to a home. It is a flawless accent color people use to customize a design style and a fantastic source of joy and happiness. Add warmth and hope to a north-facing room, or underline the retro character of your house with Golden Sand. These and many more design ideas with GS are as follows.

Retro through Modern Lenses

The Retro design style is inspired by the roaring ‘60s with bright colors and hypnotizing patterns, ‘70s with hippie motifs and bold colors, and ‘80s with the Memphis style (asymmetric shapes, striking colors, and elements inspired by Art Deco and Tropical). This design style made a huge comeback in 2019 and is here to sparkle among the top design pearls of the season. Choose the standout yellow tone from Dulux to set the right mood in your Retro interior. Mix colors, patterns, and textures to receive authentic Retro designs or virtual reality compositions. 

Golden Sand & Wood

As you have noticed in the Coordinating Colors section, GS perfectly pairs with brown. Considering the combination, experts advise opting for wood texture alongside the orange-yellow paint. The resulting palette gives off Rustic, Cottage, and Provence vibes mainly. Balance the color palette with a firm neutral or even a cold color to play down the warm undertone in GS and wood.

Productive Home Office

Don’t hesitate to add an energetic yellow accent to your workspace if you work from home. You’ll quickly notice a difference. The environment will instantly become more positive and work-inspiring. Yellow has an impressive effect on analytical thinking and increases your activity efficiency.

Kids Room

Almost every trendy bright color works for the kids’ room. Switch from neutral tones to more vivid hues to awaken your child’s interest in the beautiful natural colors. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a room fully painted in Golden Sand. Choose an accent instead. Note that GS is a gender-neutral color without a limit regarding age.

Inviting Hallway

Welcome and inviting are the prominent features of the sun-kissed orange from Dulux. Indeed, we all want to associate such characteristics with our entryways. Don’t overdo the concept by fully painting the walls orange-yellow. Try an accent and allow the space to breathe. 

Honey-Scented Kitchen

A delicious paint color for a stylish cooking space – try GS in the kitchen. It mainly works for Traditional kitchens with Cottage and Rustic features. Yet, we’ve found a few great projects with Modern yellow kitchens. This paint goes both on cabinets and walls. 

In this context, we want to remind you about a gorgeous combination that entered the trends a few seasons ago – yellow and gray. It still works. Think gray cabinets on yellow walls; you won’t regret it. Generally, GS is an appetite-awakening and inspiring color. It will encourage you to cook and create the perfect ambiance to take your meal. 


We wouldn’t recommend this paint in the bathroom as a base color. It is too much for small spaces. Yet, an accent or two wouldn’t hurt. Designers like this color, especially on freestanding clawfoot bathtubs or vanity cabinets.

Use of Golden Sand for House Exterior

Unlike in interior design, Golden Sand looks as bright as on the color sample when applied to the house exterior. We fell in love with this feature paint on the front door and trim paired with gray or blue walls – its two favorite friends. GS is also a great color solution for the exterior house walls if combined with white trim.

Dulux’s Golden Sand is one of the best feature paint colors in various design styles. Carrying the love for the magnifying Retro and mixing with the Modern hues, this honey-glazed yellow shade is a never-fail trendy color waiting to give your interior and exterior design the impetus to stand out in the Contemporary design world.

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