An almost white paint color with visible greige scents that cannot help but offer an inspiring softening effect that warms up the space and adds a sense of familiarity

LRV 70.15
Hackrea, Visualizer

If you have been reading our color reviews lately, you have probably noticed that more and more shades of greige are tackled. No wonder why when the fascinating mix of gray and beige is exceptionally popular. The unique variation of the kind from Benjamin Moore – Fog Mist is no exception. To our surprise, OC-31, also known as Olympic Mountains 971, is part of the Off White collection. Therefore, Fog Mist is an off-white shade with striking yet balanced greige notes.

In this context, we would like to draw your attention to another shade of the kind, which should not be mistaken with Fog Mist since they are quite similar so that even their names do not differ much. Gray Mist is just another fabulous shade of greige with a slightly more clear base, while Fog Mist is more of a foggy variation, which offers it a slightly more soothing effect. Back to our pearl! There is something special about this haze effect that even the name was inspired by. Let’s find out what hides in the mist!

Fog Mist paint color features

As already stated, Fog Mist is an almost white paint color with visible greige scents that cannot help but offer an inspiring softening effect that warms up the space and adds a sense of familiarity. So much to consider for an off-white shade: its gray-beige base, the foggy effect, soothing notes, subtle refreshing feel, and not least, the appealing sense of comfort. It seems like a perfect paint color to integrate into any interior, which it actually is.

Fog Mist: is it warm or cold?

We do not have to look long for the answer when Fog Mist is clearly a warm shade. You may wonder where the freshness comes from. Well, a bit of gray is what a paint color like this needs for a balanced yet hidden sense of crispiness. Still, it much depends on lighting, which can make this shade feel relatively coolish, but more on this as follows.

How does lighting affect Fog Mist?

Let’s take it little by little! Fog Mist reveals its gray notes in the most visible way in north-facing spaces, offering this shade a quite coolish appearance, yet not devoid of softness, which is partially true about eastern exposure. On the other hand, when we speak about southern and even western exposure, OC-31 acquires its softest look with an inexplicable sense of warmth that spreads all over the space. The same goes with artificial lighting; the warmer the undertones, the warmer the color appears.

Fog Mist LRV

Whether you are a beginner in the colorful adventure or a real connoisseur, it would not spoil the intro by referring to the meaning of these letters. LRV stands for the Light Reflectance Value, which shows how light or dark a color is, on a scale from 0 to 100, where the latter stands for true shades of white. Fog Mist stands at the limit between light and medium shades as an off-white variation with an LRV of 70 (to be precise: 70.15, according to the official color brand site). In plain words, OC-31 is very skilled regarding the reflection of light within the room, making it look very spacious. 

Fog Mist undertones

Besides the perceived greige notes, Fog Mist is also diluted with an almost invisible green particle. There is more to it! In particular conditions, it may read tan, while it may reveal a slight creamy base in others. More factors than lighting can change the appearance of this paint color, such as neighboring colors or the outdoor view, particularly the greenery. 

Similar colors

Whether you like it or not, there are lots of alternatives to this off-white that show a similar greige base. Still, they are lighter or darker, more intense or soothing, warmer or cooler, and some are impressively identical to OC-31. Nevertheless, Fog Mist is one of a kind, and even its nearest alternative, Gray Mist, cannot change this, which, of course, does not make the other less unique. Let’s discover some of the most prominent representatives in this respect!

  • Gray Mist 962 – surprisingly identical to OC-31 so that you cannot spot a difference, and a thorough analysis only would point at its slightly less foggy effect;
  • Oyster White SW 7637 by Sherwin-Williams – impressively similar shade with an unnoticeably lighter base due to a bit higher LRV;
  • Confident White GR-W12 by Behr – a slightly lighter variation than the previous shade, which makes it very close to Fog Mist;
  • Off White 73 by Behr – an almost visible lighter alternative due to less intense greige notes;
  • Silver Coin 20-0083 TPM by Pantone – almost identical to Fog Mist, only the slightly lighter LRV would distinguish between them;
  • Cornforth White 228 by Farrow & Ball – slightly lighter and cooler shade yet very close to the inner beauty of Fog Mist.

Coordinating colors

If you opt for a monochromatic palette, lighter off-white shades are your true companions. On the other hand, if you fancy a contrast, we suggest considering darker paint colors yet not too daring but soothing ones, such as earthy or nature-inspired shades. Designers suggest combining Fog Mist with darker grays with blue-green undertones or warmer grays that feel deeper. Let’s get specific!

  • Swiss Coffee OC-45 – off white, much lighter than OC-31, with tiny particles of gray and slightly warm scents, yet not as warm as Fog Mist for perfect matching of notes;
  • Glacier White OC-37 – crispy white with visible gray scents for a slightly contrastive companion that does not go too far from the inner beauty of Fog Mist;
  • Whitall Brown HC-69 – dark shade of earthy brown with a tiny hint of gray that feels rather soothing than imposing for a standout contrast;
  • Dry Sage 2142-40 – a medium variation of gray-green with slight earthy notes and an impressively natural look.

Use of Fog Mist in interior

It is the warm greige notes that make this off-white a real find for any interior. We suggest you give it a try regardless of style. Any contemporary interior would benefit from a splash of warmth, particularly the one spread by a neutral. Still, a few solutions work best for this paint color, which will be revealed as follows, although we would like to give you an insight into how Fog Mist works within the interior from a general perspective.

Modern Farmhouse

This style seems quite promising, while such warm paint colors as OC-31 add even more uniqueness. Consider the light greige shade for the walls to preserve comfort, which is defining for this style, and go on with white or darker shades for the textiles, depending on what contrast you want to achieve. The irreplaceable natural wood is a must. Be it for the flooring, furniture, trim, or all at once. Add a few pots with greenery here and there, and don’t forget about texture. Fill the space with as many textiles as possible, while the trendy off-white will take the Farmhouse approach to the next level.

A new approach to Scandi

The cool Scandi shades that perfectly replicate the Nordic weather have been recently replaced with warmer variations, although kept neutral, for an additional sense of comfort, which seems to be one of the main purposes lately. Consider Fog Mist for the walls or kitchen cabinets; combine it with natural wood, a functional layout, and the comfiest textiles. Don’t hesitate to personalize the decor, which should not be overly visible. Not least, add a few indoor plants to balance the contrasts.

Living room

Fog Mist is versatile, and any color matching and style works for it. Still, we suggest sticking to a monochromatic palette for a start, adding other white variations, and letting the warm greige be the leading shade. No less impressive, OC-31 pairs with darker accents for the textiles, although experts suggest sticking to a limited number of bold elements. Not least and probably the most appropriate choice is to opt for a combination of greige and wood with light undertones for a soft contemporary look or dark for a classic interior that bears tiny particles of modern freshness.

Kitchen and dining room

The leading option is the traditional kitchen with cabinets painted in Fog Mist and metallic hardware. Be it brass, steel, or even black-painted metal. The warm notes of OC-31 would perfectly resonate with the familiar look of traditionally designed cabinets. You can also go with a Farmhouse approach by painting the walls and cabinets in the same greige shade and adding texture to it by considering a wood countertop. 

As for the dining, the most striking yet simple approach is to paint the walls in greige, opt for a functional layout, and consider nothing more but a wood table and chairs. Still, those who fancy a bit of sophistication will be impressed by the combination between OC-31, a large black table, and bold-colored chairs for a contemporary mix of contrasts. 


Unlike other spaces, Fog Mist is all about elegance in the bathroom. Add a bit of brass and a few black accents, and your interior will radiate nothing else but a refined sense of delicacy. Furthermore, with appropriate lighting undertones, you can make the greige walls take any direction that suits your preference, whether it is a cool splash of softness or a warm sparkle of comfort. 

Use of Fog Mist for house exterior

Although looking slightly lighter yet not losing its inviting feature, Fog Mist is a fantastic choice for the exterior walls. Designers suggest opting for this color, particularly if you are the lucky owner of a brick house, and offer it a contemporary look combined with black accents. Once applied to the front door, OC-31 acquires a whole new identity, particularly when paired with crisp white walls. It reveals its whole range of greige notes and replicates an unprecedented welcoming sense.

The Fog Mist OC-31 paint color from Benjamin Moore is the off-white you have probably been searching for; neutral, slightly warm, exceptionally soft, versatile, and most importantly, ready to adapt to your preferences. This paint color is one of a kind for an exquisite approach to interior and exterior.

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